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Chapter 1

When it all began...

"Happy birthday to you..." I clapped cheerfully. I have always been a rather 'excited' person, but today was special, it was my best friend's birthday and I had the biggest surprise she had been begging of me for the past 4 months, a Louboutin bag, with matching shoes.

"Hurry up, open it!" I shoved the boxes into Bella's hands, ready to explode with excitement. I had bought her gifts last month when shopping in Paris with Franco, my boss. I had to hide her presents in numerous places to prevent her from seeing them. She always decided to have a 'treasure hunt' when visiting my apartment, I'm glad she never found them.

"Oh Alice you didn't!" She squealed as she un-wrapped the paper from each box, exposing the scripted 'Christian Louboutin' on each one. Bella started to cry and wrapped her hands around my neck, holding me in what would normally be called a hug, I was going for choke hold.

She released me and thanked me immensely. She knew I was going to get her them, but I suppose having the actual items in her hands was a reassurance. After another round of cocktails and a load of gossip on what Rosalie Hale was up to last weekend we decided to head back to mine.

We called a cab as I was far too drunk to drive my true love, my 911, back home. Bella was fawning over her new handbag when the driver pulled up beside my flat. I paid the driver and helped Bella out of the cab, I was in no much more fit state than her, but I didn't have 2 'precious items' in my hands to keep me preoccupied.

I jammed the key in the lock, fiddling it around until it finally turned and we both fell to the floor giggling. Bella's arms were stretched out, protecting her bag and shoes from her fall. I have trained her well. I tried to pick myself up, but half of Bella was splayed on top of me, I tried to shove her off but she was too heavy. Just then, I felt two strong arms lift me up and place me firmly and gently on the ground. It was Jasper Whitlock. He was tall, blonde, had amazing brown eyes and a dashing smile. Yes, I have the biggest crush on Jasper Whitlock. Always have since the fourth grade, there was just one little problem...

"Jasper!" Bella exclaimed jumping into his arms.

Jasper married my best friend instead.

"Hello Jasper," I said frostily, placing my keys on the table sat next to the door. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh Alice! Why do you hate my Jasper?" Bella whined, pouting her impressive bottom lip at me. Jasper tensed waiting for my answer, he never understood why I was so cold around him after we left college. We were best friends, used to do everything together. Then I introduced him to Bella, and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

Pass. Me. The bucket.

"I don't," his shoulders relaxed as I spoke the words, "who said I did?" I replied, playing the innocent.

"You just do! I can see it!" She said exasperated. Bella asking me why I hated her husband and my former best friend was an occurring question and I always answered the same, that "I don't."

I didn't hate Jasper. I was just angry that he chose her over me. Couldn't he see that we were soul mates? That we were made for each other and that I am the one for him? Bella doesn't know jack-shit when it comes to Jasper, I'm the one that knows all his secrets.

But here I am, alone, watching my best friend snuggle into her husband's chest, swaying and trying not to fall over. God she is pissed!

"You here for any particular reason Jasper? Today was my day with Bella, you had her all day yesterday." I crossed my arms, we had an agreement, and this was my day with my best friend. I hadn't seen her in forever because she was always with Jasper, and here he is again, taking her away.

Yes I may be sounding a little petulant, but I am a very tipsy girl, and the man I love and loathe is pissing me off. Again.

"Well, here's the thing. Bella's cousins came over to visit while you two were out, I promised I'd bring her home so they could say 'happy birthday'. They're only in town for the night, then they're heading back to Seattle."

Oh joy, McCarthy and Hale. Last thing I need is Emmett and his loud mouth with his bitch troll of a wife, Rosalie. I involuntary shuddered. Bella giggled.

"Oh Alice please come with us! I don't want to be left with Rose all by myself!" Jasper struggled to keep Bella up as she shook her head violently at the thought of entertaining her cousin-in-law. Bella hated Rosalie, she never knew when or why her hatred of the woman started, but she never let it drop. Bella loved hating her cousin, almost as much as she loved shopping.

"Alice please tell her you'll come, Bella is becoming a dead weight" Jasper grimaced as Bella refused to keep any of her weight up herself. I laughed.

"Fine, but you have to drop me off home anytime I want to leave."

"Deal" Jasper nodded his head and lifted Bella into his arms so that she was elevated from the ground. She wrapped her arms around his neck and started to hum.

"I'll quickly go change first, no need for heels and short skirts. It's not like there is anyone to impress..." Lies, Jasper is always there to impress.

"I don't know about that, Emmett's friend Edward is over too" Jasper winked at me. I shook my head. Emmett and Jasper have always said that Edward has had a crush on me, but I know his secret. Edward is in love with Bella, not me. I once thought that Jasper knew, but that theory was short lived. He would have asked him or said something right?

I quickly changed into a pair of jeans and flats, changing my top for a light jumper instead. I was going for comfort, not glamour. Bella is near enough passed out, Jasper will be taking her to bed and making sure she is alright soon, no time for me.

"Ready?" I asked Jasper as I picked up my handbag, placing the keys back in them.

"Sure, let's go" Jasper lead the way as I picked up Bella's presents and walked to Jasper's car. I placed her bag and shoes in the boot, she can get them later.

The drive was short. I only lived a few miles from Bella and Jasper's home, which was quite convenient as it allowed Bella and I continue our Thursday night 'book club' sessions. I swear, Jasper had never seen Bella so 'rat-arsed' before in his life when she left my apartment after every session.

We exited the car, Bella walking on her own as she woke up on our way over. They opened the door and I wiped my feet on the rug. Bella gets a little OCD when it comes to cleaning, so it wasn't the best of ideas to trail dirt into her house.

I could hear cheers down the hall when Bella entered the living area, followed by a few laughs when they discovered she was drunk. I headed straight to the kitchen where the trusted vodka lay.

"Ah, you shall be my friend for this evening" I said to the bottle as I lifted it down from the cupboard. I poured a measure and added orange juice. Soda was not my drink of choice when added with alcohol, I was usually hyper as it was.

"Talking to yourself again Alice?" I heard Edward say as he entered the kitchen.

"As always..." I retorted. I wasn't in the mood for Edward just now, he wasn't the man I wanted to be speaking with.

"What crawled up your ass?" He laughed.

"A little bug called 'piss off'" I smiled, turning to face him.

"There is the Alice we all know and love. How are you doing kiddo?" He smiled his crooked smile. Many pants have been dropped due to that smile, but not mine.

"Can't complain. Just the same old, same old. Work is good, life is good, kinda. How are you?" I was making pleasantries with the man, it was odd. I never usually went out of my way to be nice with Edward, but tonight, for some reason, it didn't seem so difficult.

"Yeah everything is alright. Tanya left me, again. Who didn't see that one coming?" He laughed.

"Probably the blind whore that was sucking you off, when Tanya caught you, walking through your apartment door, after you shouted 'come in'"

"I thought it was 'back-up'!" He laughed.

No-one ever really liked Tanya, not even Edward, we never really understood why he was in a relationship with her, it was just an unsolved mystery.

The laughter died down and an awkward silence filled the air.

"I'm just going to wish Bella a 'happy birthday'. I'll talk to you later Alice..."

"Yeah sure, was nice talking to you Edward" He left the kitchen leaving me once again alone in the kitchen with my drink.

I wasn't really in the mood for socialising, so I just stayed in the kitchen. I don't know how long I was there for, but it was long enough for the bottle to be finally talking back to me.

"Alright Pixie, lets take you home" Jasper hoisted me over my shoulder and started carrying me out the door, apparently the other guests had already left and Bella was all tuckered up in her bed. What time is it?

"Japer Whitlock, never call me 'Pixie', we have had this discussion over and over again!" I hated it when he called me Pixie. Pixie was the nick-name he used to give me when we were ten. It just hurt when he used it, it always reminded me of what we once were, that we aren't best friends anymore...

"Sorry short stuff, it's just a bad habit. Hey you remember that time you made me dress up as Peter Pan 'cause you wanted to go as Tinkerbell that one Hallowe'en?"

"No." Liar, I did remember that Hallowe'en. I have a picture of us side by side at the house party we attended in my purse.

"Sure you do. You begged me to dress up as Peter for four months solid because you found the 'perfect outfit', eventually I gave in."

He remembers all this?

"Still can't remember what you're talking about Jasper..." I folded my arms, I was starting to get a headache from being upside down. "Jasper put me down, my head hurts"

He placed me gently on the ground looking into my eyes.

"How can you not remember? I got laughed at for a month solid after that party!"

"No wonder! What seventeen-year-old boy dresses up as Peter Pan. I had you in tights Jasper, TIGHTS!" It was rather funny...poor Jasper.

"See, you do remember" He beamed, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear. It tickled, but I didn't dare move.

"Of course I remember Jasper. How can I ever forget any moment spent with you? You're my so-mate. You're my mate, friend, buddy, chum, companion, amigo!" Holy shit. I nearly said soul mate. Fuck. My. Life. My cheeks started to turn a shade of red, crap. I hate blushing!

"I never forget any memories that include you either Alice. You're my oldest friend. I hope that you always will be"

Oh why am I not with this man? Keep it together Brandon. Bella's husband, Bella's husband, Bella's husband.

"I'm going to go in the car now..." Smooth Alice, smooth.

Jasper smiled. "Let's get you home Tink" He winked at me.

"Sure" I said breathlessly.

We drove in silence, but it wasn't uncomfortable. Jasper was humming as he drove down the road. I just fought to keep my eyes open.

Jasper eventually pulled up beside my car at my apartment. "You need some help there Alice?" He asked opening his car door.

"Nah, I'm good jasper, I'll be fine." I opened the door, but I don't think my feet registered that I wanted to move, so, face? Meet ground. "Ouch."

"Alice!" I heard Jasper's door slam and feet shuffling until Jasper was towered over me. For the umpteenth time this evening Jasper helped me to my feet.

I smiled at him. God how clumsy can one girl be?

"Alice, you're bleeding. Come on, let's get you in so I can check your head" Jasper pulled on my arm and told me to get out my keys. I handed them over without arguing.

He opened the door and walked me to my sofa. I sat down as he went looking for my non-existent first aid kit.

"I don't have one, Jasper!" I said in a sing-song voice.

"I can see that, I'll just have to improvise..." He got a cloth and ran it under the tap in the kitchen. He came back over to my side and started to gently pat my wound with the cloth.

"OW!" I shouted. Okay it wasn't that sore, but I'm dunk, I can't control my noise levels...

"Sorry Ali, just stay still for another wee while please" He pleaded with me. I nodded my head gently in agreement and let him finish cleaning my face.

"You're head is fine, it's just a small scrape." He smiled at his handy work. I just smiled at his smile...

"Thank you Jasper, my knight in shining armour..." I sighed.

His smile grew. "I'll always be here for you Ali, all you need to do is ask."

Oh God Jasper. I can't keep this in anymore!

"Jasper. I-" I had to stop myself, I couldn't do this. I can't tell him.

"What is it Ali, you can tell me anything..."

Oh boy, it's coming. Breathe in and out Alice. In and out. "Jasper? I love you."

See that wasn't so hard now was it?

Jasper smiled widely at me. "Aw, thanks Ali. I love you too"

Oh god, he doesn't think I'm being serious.

"No Jasper, you don't understand. I love you. I have loved you since I first laid eyes on you in the fourth grade. I loved you when you sat next to me in class because no-one else would. I loved you when you swapped our biology papers during Mr. Banner's class because I hadn't studied the night before and was going to get kicked out if I didn't pass. I loved you when you stuck on that ridiculous Peter Pan costume because you did it for me. I loved you when you asked me to go to prom with you. I loved you when you told me we were going to the same college as me 'cause you couldn't bare us being apart." I stopped and took a breath, Jasper's face was still and emotionless.

"I loved you when I introduced you to my best friend Bella," I choked, this was hard. Tears started to slowly pour down my face.

"I loved you when you told me you wanted to ask Bella out on a date. I loved you when you told me you wanted to marry my best friend. I loved you when youwhen you said 'I do' at your wedding and cried. I cried because it was her and not me. I have loved you for fifteen years Jasper. Fifteen years I've been hoping and wishing that one day I will get to call you mine." I wiped the tears from my eyes and tried to gain some composure. Jasper still hadn't moved, nor had his face change. He sat still, emotionless on the sofa.

Is that it? I poured my heart and soul to this man and he just sits there?

I stood up. This was probably the worst day ever. The day I finally tell Jasper that I love him and he just sits there and does...nothing. I tried to storm off to my room, but Jasper caught my arm and forced me to turn and face him.

He stood from the sofa and stared at me in the eyes, breathing heavily. "Wha-" He coughed and cleared his throat. "What did you say?"

What did I Say? Are you for real? Did you not listen?

"Say it again Alice, tell me again" He pleaded.

"I love you Jas-" I was cut off with Jasper's lips on mine, my eyes widened. This is not happening!

I pushed Jasper off me. "Whoa, Jasper stop!" Jasper pulled away confused. "What are you doing? You're married, to my best friend...oh my god Bella!" Jasper covered my mouth with his hand.

"Shhh! Yes, I am married to Bella, but what you said Alice...you're not the only who feels that way." He removed his hand and turned away from me. He walked to the opposite end of the sofa and stared at the wall.

"I sat beside you that first day because I laid eyes on the most beautiful girl in the world and I wanted to know her name. I swapped our biology papers because I couldn't risk losing those fifty minutes a day where I just sat and talked with you, it was just our time, without our other friends there. I wore that Peter Pan outfit because you asked me to. You wanted to have a Peter and it felt amazing that you asked me to be it. I asked you to prom because I wanted to go with the girl that took my breath away every day. I picked the same college as you because I couldn't bare a day without you in my life. They say college is life changing, but I still wanted you in my new one."

He finally turned to face me, "I'm not going to lie, when you introduced me to Bella, I was happy to meet her, but not because of the reason everyone believes. I saw it as a sure way I'd be in your life forever. She was your best friend, every time you two met I'd get to see you. I didn't marry Bella because I loved her Alice. I married Bella because I decided to settle for second best. You were with Jacob...we all thought you two were going to get married and have kids. It broke my heart when you two got this flat together..." He waved his arms indicating to the room we were in.

Typical Jasper Whitlock, only doing and saying things I want to hear.

"I don't believe you Jasper" I shook my head. This can't be real, it just couldn't be real.

"No?" He moved closer to me, taking two steps and our bodies were touching. His breathing was heaving, his shoulders moving up and down. Oh, those shoulders... I could see his pulse beating in his neck, that glorious neck...

"No," I whispered, "I don't believe you..." How could I? I don't want to believe, I don't want to break my already torn heart.

He moved his head towards mine, lips almost toughing, I could feel the radiating heat.

"I think you do Ali, I know you believe me, you just won't let yourself..." He spoke, his lips lightly brushing mine when he spoke. "I love you Alice Brandon. I loved you fifteen years ago, I still do today and always will."

Oh Jasper... say it again!

"Say it again," I ask. "Tell me that you love me"

"I love you Alice Brandon" He spoke with conviction.

"I believe you." And my lips were on his.

Our lips moulded, crushed together in a sort of dance. My tongue slipped into his mouth and found his. I have wanted this for so long. I am actually kissing Jasper Whitlock!

His hand grazed down my side as the other was firmly locked into my hair. I wrapped my arms around his neck, standing on my tip-toes to stay at his height. His hand reached my hip and grabbed me, pulling me into him. I could feel his erection through his jeans, oh Jasper. I moved my hand slowly down his torso until my hand was resting over the bulge in his pants. I gently rubbed his penis and he let out a groan of satisfaction, breaking our kiss.

"I want you now" His voice was husky and raw, his eyes showing the same hunger.

"I can see that," I replied smirking. "You're wearing too many clothes..." I tugged at his shirt. "Take it off, now"

He pulled off his shirt, exposing his lean torso and toned arms. I let out an involuntary groan. I wanted to lick him.

"Ali, can we go to your room now?" He asked playfully.

"You don't have to ask twice Jasper" I turned and headed for my room, stripping off my clothes as I went, I could here Jasper moving behind me taking of his jeans, his belt was clanking.

When I turned to face Jasper again he was completely naked. His penis standing at attention, mouth was set to a toothy grin. "Like what you see?"

"Love it." I replied.

He lifted me up bridal style and placed me down on my bed, drinking my naked form in. "Like what you see?" I asked his question back at him.

He shook his head smiling in wonder. "Love it".

He started to slowly kiss my neck, nibbling slightly, the slight jolt pain adding to the overall pleasure. His lips moved south, kissing my collar bone until he reached my left nipple, taking it into his mouth, sucking gently until he bit down. I yelled out, the tingling feeling travelling down... I wanted him now. I reached down his torso and grasped his penis in my hand, stroking it slowly at first, then building up speed. It jolted slightly in my hand.

"That feels amazing..." He groaned out.

"Ditto" Ditto? What the fuck Alice?

Jasper laughed. "That good, huh?"

He moved and I loosened my grip so that I was no longer holding him. He wrapped my legs loosely around his torso and positioned himself at my entrance, moving up and down, teasing me.

"You sure about this Alice?" He asked one last time. I nodded my head. "Good."

And with that, he thrust into me, filling me until I called out. Never had I felt pleasure like this before. Jasper was fucking huge, and I loved every inch of it.

"Sweet Jesus Jasper, I can feel you at my fucking tonsils!"I rasped, as he continued to thrust. Wave after wave of pleasure built up in me. He moved my legs so that they were behind his neck, causing him to go deeper, I continued to groan.

I heard the faint calling of Jasper's phone ringing in the hall but both him and I ignored it, I was enjoying this too much to care about the outside world.

Jasper removed himself from me causing an involuntary pout from me, it just wasn't fair.

"On top Pixie" He winked at me.

Hmm, wouldn't mind riding a cowboy...

"Sure thing darlin'" I drawled, straddling his waist, he stopped me as I lowered myself, shook his head and signalled for me to turn around.

"Reverse. You'll understand..." he said with a smirk.

I didn't say anything, I just did as I was told. Once I was ready I lowered myself onto him, this time, without an interruption.

This position was so much better, I could go deeper, and I was in control. I rode him hard.

Jasper grunted and cursed behind me as I moved on top of him, having a firm grip on my hips, trying to control my speed, I could tell he was close, he kept moving my hips faster, I wasn't that far behind.

"You close Ali?" His voice was full of lust and desperation.

"Yes..." I near enough whispered, I could feel the knot tightening in my stomach, I griped at his hand, pulling it to my mouth to suck on his fingers. "Come for me Jasper..." And with that, Jasper exploded inside of me as I pulsed around him. My body slumped as the feeling of euphoria took over, it was magic. I lifted myself off of him and lay down beside him panting.

I could see his chest moving up and down as he breathed, he pulled me into his arms as we tried to catch our breath.

"That was amazing Ali..." He spoke first, still breathless.

"I've wanted that for so long Jasper" It was true, I have always wanted to be with Jasper this way, it just sucked that I had to wait this long for it.

I let my eyes close as Jasper began to hum to himself. Never had I felt so relaxed with someone before. I could feel him move as he pulled my bed sheets over us, making sure that my toes were covered.

"Goodnight Ali" He whispered, "I'll see you in the morning."

I tried to say 'goodnight' back, but I was overtaken by a yawn, nuzzling into his side instead. I let the blackness take me over as I faintly heard him speak the words, 'I love you' once again.

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