Synopsis: Benjamin Sisko receives a history lesson, and learns something stunning about Earth's past in the process...

Benjamin Sisko's hands ran carefully over the ancient metallic tile in his hands. His fingers caressed the crevices of the simple yet elegant glyph etched into it . Fingers ran along straight lines and a perfect circle. Ben knew that what he held was both important and precious.

"Centuries ago, this symbol was most important. It carried significant weight and it was worshipped by billions," his Prophet guide explained.

"What does it symbolise?" Ben asked.

"it has many layers of meaning, many levels of understanding," the illusionary boy responded quixotically. "It's lines represent a journey. The very first journey. The circle represents a sun. The whole glyph shows a destination as seen from one location. But this glyph's most important meaning is that of home."

"Home," Ben mused, "your home, my home. Whose home?"

"Ours," the guide responded, a hint of humour on his features.

"The glyph is called the Milky Way then? Or the Alpha Quadrant?"

At this, the guide chuckled, "You have a lot to learn young one. The symbol is called At."

And with that, Ben's guide, known only as Skaara, left him alone in the template to contemplate the mysterious glyph he held in his hands...

If you like, I will continue, though it may contain characters from SG1, SGA, TNG, DS9 and Voyager :)