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For the kink meme~
And title comes from the movie, 5 CM Per Second (Byousoku 5 CM)
I wouldn't say it's really based on the movie, but I'm definitely borrowing the catchline and the exchanging of letters.

Suggested Song: Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls


Shizuo has a deadly disease which he recently found out about. He doesn't have much time left to live [a year? a few months? you choose bro].

Izaya keeps annoying Shizuo and getting on his nerves because he doesn't know about the illness, only Kasuka does.

Izaya somehow finds out about it and feels VERY guilty for hurting Shizuo, so he wants to make it up to him by helping Shizuo do all the things that he's ever wanted. They bond and eventually Izaya falls in love with Shizuo [and maybe Shizuo falls in love with Izaya too? you decide] and doesn't want him t'die. He's trying everything to keep Shizuo alive. Paying for surgeries, medicines, anythng. (Shizuo'll decline everything at first, but Izaya (maaaybee?) will just cry and tell him that he can't lose him)

Shizuo dies at the end. Leaving Izaya all alone and sad.

I want sweet sweet angst. I wanna see how it effects Izaya's life and job.

and I want Shiki to notice and comfort Izaya

Something seemed to be wrong.

Shizuo knew it the moment he had violently ripped a vending machine from the ground and tendrils of discomfort took hold of his arms and snaked rapidly down his body. For a moment, Shizuo thought his body was going to break and give into the weight of the vending machine, but just as quick as the discomfort had appeared, the pain vanished and he was able to take aim and throw it at the stupid flea. Shizuo stood rooted in his spot as the informant made his escape, staring into the palm of his hand in deep concentration. Carefully, he checked himself over, feeling for any painful places that might have caused his sudden hitch in strength. However, since everything appeared to be fine, Shizuo regarded it as a fluke and headed home, convincing himself that he was worrying over nothing.

Something must have been wrong.

But it happened again two weeks later. Shizuo knew it the moment he had retreated home to examine himself of the collateral damage he had received from fighting those thugs and saw the bruises on his arms. He had been using a lamp post to beat off some thugs Izaya sent after him. There was that lack of strength for a brief moment, the tendrils of discomfort taking a painful hold deep into his arms, and all of a sudden the lamp post seemed much too heavy for him to hold. He dropped it as it had seared him and resorted to using his fists instead. When he returned home, there were bruises on his arms where the blood vessels had broke beneath his skin and spread like a blossoming flower.

He tried to convince himself Izaya was the cause of his bruises and he really wasn't all that invincible and it was just a fluke. But Shizuo knew better than that.

Something really was wrong.

Kasuka knew it the moment he saw the bruises all over Shizuo's body in shades of blues, yellows, greens, and purples when his brother had taken off his shirt.

Two more weeks after the second incident, Kasuka came into Ikebukuro to film a commercial. He stayed with Shizuo during this shoot. Being observant, Kasuka noticed something about his brother had changed, from the way he carried himself to the way he acted. Shizuo developed a slouch as if it was painful for him to keep standing up straight for so long. He was exhausted as if he had been working long hours into the late night. He tried to the best of his abilities to help around, but Shizuo had kept shooing him away, insisting that it was the older brother's job to take care of everything.

It was one late evening when Shizuo came home from work, clearly burned out. All the fight seemed to have been drained out of him and Kasuka had to wonder if he had been chasing Izaya around all day again. Numbly, Shizuo reached to undo his shirt buttons slowly and undressed into something more comfortable. It was then, when his back was exposed, that Kasuka saw the colorful array of bruises.

"Brother, what happened?" Kasuka asked with concern.

Shizuo looked over his shoulder at him with dead eyes and realized his brother was asking about the bruises. The blond merely shrugged and continued undressing.

"Brother, this looks serious," Kasuka said persistently.

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it," Shizuo answered, trying to get his brother to drop it. He was feeling hot and his body ached all over. He just wanted to crash into bed and sleep forever and ever. Seeing Kasuka's genuinely concerned face, Shizuo forced a smile. "Seriously, it's okay. Fighting with the flea again. Don't worry about it. Just need some sleep." Bidding his brother good night, Shizuo turned in for the night.

Kasuka was woken in the late hours of night, feeling a sudden awareness and worry come over him when he heard Shizuo tumbling around and blindly trying to find his way around the small apartment. A light came on from the bathroom and he heard Shizuo's dry heaves as he tried to expel whatever was in his stomach. Tiredly, Kasuka approached his brother, sitting down onto the cold bathroom tiles next to him and pet his back comfortingly. It was then he noticed that Shizuo had spiked a fever and his eyes looked glassy and distant.

Shizuo's gut felt swollen and his throat burned from the stomach acid. Kasuka offered him a glass of water to rinse out his mouth which he gratefully accepted. After getting the acrid taste out of his mouth, Shizuo tried to drink some to prevent dehydration, but he couldn't even seem to hold the water down and he puked it back out into the toilet. Along with the water and the remnants of dinner, up came blood. It stained the white porcelain of the toilet and Shizuo fell back, looking utterly defeated.

After coughing up more blood into his hand, he looked to Kasuka and with lips and teeth stained red, and moaned hoarsely, "Call Shinra."

The doctor arrived half an hour later, rushing as soon as he received the call. Kasuka let him in and led him to the bathroom where Shizuo was practically curled in a fetal position on the cold bathroom tiles. His gut was in pain, no, his whole body was in pain. It felt like a thousand needles stabbing into him, all over his body.

"What happened?" Shinra gasped, dropping to Shizuo's side to check his temperature and pulse. Softly, Kasuka relayed the story to him, including the part about Shizuo covered in bruises, to which the doctor immediately pulled off the blond's shirt. "This is bad," Shinra stated austerely. Digging through his medical supplies, he pulled out some painkiller pills and literally forced them down Shizuo's throat. It was no use though because seconds after swallowing, Shizuo had spit up the chalky substance, practically choking on his own bile. "Shizuo, I'm going to put you to sleep, alright?" Shinra said reaching for a syringe in his bag. "You're going to be okay."

Shizuo nodded, barely understanding what Shinra was saying to him. It was all muffled to him and he closed his eyes as he felt the tip of the syringe pierce skin and the injection of some sort of liquid painkiller. Within moments, Shizuo felt dizzy and woozy, like he was drunk, and then everything faded to black.

When the anesthetics wore off and Shizuo awoke, the first thing he felt was the relief of the white-hot pain in his gut being gone and the first thing he saw was his brother at his side and the doctor adjusting the IV. Both of them looked exhausted and bleak. Shizuo coughed, getting both of their attentions and Kasuka dutifully helped his older brother sit up. "How bad is it?" he rasped, seeing a hint of honest fear in his brother's eyes.

"That strength of yours has been giving you small internal injuries every time you push yourself to use it. Slowly, but surely, your body will fall apart," Shinra answered.

"So how much longer do I have?" the blond inquired. The doctor made a sound of protest as he looked at him grimly, all the while shaking his head and trying to delay the answer. "Damn it, Shinra! Just fucking tell me how much longer I have!" Shizuo snarled, sick of being sheltered.

"Brother," Kasuka interrupted, trying to put off the news. "Maybe you should-"

"One year," Shinra said, caving in. "One year at the most, Shizuo-kun, if you take precautions. Maybe there'll be a miracle if you stop pushing yourself, but at this time, I can't be sure. Your internal injuries are severe. If you keep using your strength recklessly, you won't even last a year. You'll collapse in no time."

"When I was younger, you told me nothing could ever hurt me," the blond stated, changing the subject completely. "Don't you think it's kind of poetic that my strength is my own undoing?"

Shizuo couldn't help but to laugh at his situation.