Hey, remember when I said this was a oneshot? I lied.


"Kida sat in class with fingernails that had been bitten away from deep thought tapping seriously on his chin. His mind, as usual, was far away from whatever nonsense the teacher was droning on about and, instead, was off wandering around a fantastical world of romance, something he fancied himself a god of.

For once, though, he couldn't picture himself confidently in a romantic fantasy, finding that he was, contrastingly, feeling quite unsure of his current emotions, something very unusual to him. Before, his line of thought relating to romance was simple - see a hot girl, take interest in said hot girl, flirt with hot girl. It never went farther, and it never - never - involved anyone besides a girl. But that was to be expected, of course, because that's how most teenage guys, Kida included, were. They liked boobs, asses, and everything in between and around. They had wet dreams and got boners for girls they knew - and certainly never ever for their best guy friends. Sure, some dudes did, but that definitely wasn't how Kida felt.

At least, he's thought so, but now he couldn't help doubting that as he gazed at the back of a mop of black hair sitting in front of him, wondering why on earth he felt this way.

He sighed audibly, drawing a couple looks from classmates who were puzzled at the boy's uncharacteristic gloominess.

Childhood friend.

Best buddy.



Guess which one didn't belong?

Kida buried his bleached blonde head of hair into crossed arms, ignoring the annoyed glare the teacher lay on him due to his blatant lack of concentration in class. Who cared if the teacher was pissed? Not only did Kida have better things to be thinking about, but the bell determining the end of class was about to-.

He grabbed his shoulder bag off the hook on the side of his desk as he wearily trudged from the room, hand gently tracing along the desktops he passed by.

Walking out the doorway, he stretched both his arms above his head with an inelegant yarn, getting back into his normal frame of mind. His carefully constructed outer facade nearly crumbled as the one person he didn't want to interact with - though he was bound to - greeted him.

'Hey,' said Mikado, eyes closed in a small, polite smile. Kida's heart, embarrassingly, skipped a beat.

He turned his face away casually in order to hide the slightest remnants of a blush. 'Hey,' he responded and added, recovering the last of his normal persona: 'Class was hoooorid today!'

'How would you know? You never pay attention,' Mikado replied, a sly grin gracing his lips. God, it suited his cute face so well; Kida wanted to die.

He chuckled nonchalantly, though. 'True, true. Can't argue with that.' He switched his bag to the other arm, wishing anything would occupy his thoughts beside the adorable face of his best friend whose eyes he was trying painfully to avoid looking at. It was wrong; he ought to be a casanova with women, not suffering from a schoolgirl crush on his best friend. Best guy friend.

'I suppose you'll want to go hit on girls, huh?' Mikado asked with amusement toward Kida's usual choice of after school activity.

His friend looked up slightly startled by the fact that his terribly innocent Mikado was the one suggesting it. Of course he wanted to flirt with girls - he always did. Recently, though, the fun had been drained from it by Mikado's frequent presence in his mind: whichever lucky lady he had chosen's face always seemed to pale in comparison to his moe best friend, whose facial features always replaced the girls' in his subconscious.

'I want you,' he thought, 'not some bitch off the street.'

'Nah, I don't feel like it,' he said casually, as if he turned down the offer to hit on sexy ladies all the time.

Mikado, though, was not fooled, and he gaped wide-eyed at his friend in response. 'Do not look at his blue eyes, do not look at his blue, blue eyes.'

'What?' he asked in feigned innocence. 'Is it that unusual? I kind of just want to chill at your apartment, I guess. Play some games or something?'

Gulping, Mikado replied as politely as possible through his obvious concern. 'Yeah, sure, we can do that.'

He looked like he wanted to check Kida for a fever.

Following their awkward conversation, the walk to Mikado's apartment should have been filled with an equally-awkward silence, had Kida not felt the need to break it with a constant, one-sided discussion. He went on and on about everything he usually would, commenting on every single hot girl who walked by - often to the girl herself - as though reassuring Mikado of his health and himself of his sexuality. Oogling every female passerby was a splendid distraction from the captivating boy beside him. Thank god for summertime; the shorts and spaghetti straps were so, so gloriously distracting.

And so they arrived at the apartment after a not-silent-but-still-awkward walk through the city streets. The second they walked into the cheap building, it was apparent that the AC system wasn't doing anything as the summer heat miraculously turned into Kida's enemy.

Of course, his first reaction upon entering was to strip himself of outer layers, something he did instantly and instinctively. It never occurred to him, though, that his companion would want to do the same.

So when he turned around after shedding down into only his school pants and white hoodie with the sleeves rolled up, he was faced with an innocently stripping Mikado, which automatically put his mind in the gutter - until he realized Mikado was merely cooling off.

Still, even as PG as the scene was, Kida was entranced. As Mikado released himself from the binds of his jacket, his arms went up to pull it off, showing just the tiniest sliver of pale flesh underneath where his white button-down wasn't tucked in, directly above his waistband. Kida felt like a perverted little girl watching him remove his tie (a movement that had never seemed quite so sexy before) and imagined he must be close to having some explosively cartoonish nose bleed. And for once, he blessed Mikado's robotic obedience of dress code, for the black-haired boy quickly began undoing the top buttons on his pristine shirt, revealing a taunting, white collar bone. He imagined himself doing all sorts of things to that pale skin - before knocking himself out of it.

Mikado stared at him questioningly, causing Kida to realize that he must've been creepily gaping at his friend's body and its every curve for the past few minutes. 'What is it?'

'Nothing, nothing,' Kida replied, leaning back onto his arms, moving his eyes all around the room on everything excepting the boy in front of him, which turned out to be a bad decision when his golden eyes met a stray pair of boxers laying on the floor. He could feel his face heat up as he tried to act nonchalant.

He hated this, and he hated how Mikado made him feel. He hated hated hated feeling so damn unsure of himself. Since when had he been so timid? His romantic interests were more like prey than crushes, and he was a predator on the hunt. Why should friendship and gender matter? He was being stupid.

Mikado had his back toward Kida, thankfully missing his obvious blush as he sorted through computer games, and was suggesting something about doing homework that Kida didn't quite catch, probably due to the fact that Mikado's butt was facing him. His throat had never felt so dry.

Silently, he pep talked himself into doing who-knows-what-because-he-sure-didn't. Whatever it was, he would certainly need a pep talk if he could hardly look his friend in the eyes without dying of too much blood rushing to his head - and often times, somewhere lower.

He wanted to embrace him from behind, whisper in his ear, kiss his jaw, feel everywhere, touch everything that he had never wanted to touch on a guy before. He didn't want to go through all the explanations in his mind, finding a label for what he felt; he wanted, like most teenage guys, to jump headfirst into the issue and deal with the business afterwards.

So with all rational thought left behind and a whole lot of spontaneous action, he leaned forward as Mikado turned around and pressed his cool, needing lips into his friends'.

Mikado reacted with surprise which he could sense through the hesitation - an expected response - until he seemed to fully understand and accept the situation and began to kiss back - an unexpected response.

Something else Kida hadn't planned for: Mikado was a good kisser.

'Strike that,' he thought as Mikado slid his lips from Kida's top lip to the bottom one, his mouth becoming fiercer as it pressed forward passionately much to Kida's surprise, 'a great kisser.'

He, the one who had initiated the movement, suddenly sat in shock, alarmed by the fact that he was kissing his best friend. He was kissing his best friend! And his innocent friend who he had suffered from a crush on for months was kissing him back! It was enough to leave him dumbfounded, his lips moving numbly on their own until he realized his own lack of enthusiasm and attempted to compensate for his moment of shock.

His energetic kisses and soft lip bites were met with a cold smirk pressing against his mouth, a facial feature that Mikado hardly ever wore. Kida nearly pulled back.

And then his hoodie was being pulled off, and he almost panicked, thinking that had merely lost himself in another fantasy. Oh, but it was real. He struggled to assist in the removal of his hoodie, something quickly followed by Mikado leaning back onto his knees in order to strip himself of his own shirt which, instead of unbuttoning slowly, he pulled straight off over his head. It disheveled his hair a bit, making Kida lick his freshly-kissed lips before staring in awe at the pale, gorgeous skin before him, bordered by a tiny band of oh-so-sexy underwear peeking out from above his school pants. He leaned back to Kida, meeting his lips hard as his fingers touched everywhere, tickling around his shoulder blades and tracing up and down his spine.

His thumbs made hasty work to reach under the waistband of Kida's pants and boxers, much to the blonde's surprise. Even though he had started the kiss, Mikado was taking complete control in such an uncharacteristic way - not that Kida was complaining.

As the graceful fingers played in his pants, he gasped deeply, much to his embarrassment. For just a second, he managed the self-control to break the kiss in order to start asking a question - 'A-are you-' - before giving up entirely to the temptation of the pink lips hovering before his.

Mikado moved his lips, kissing down his jaw line to his ear and hissed into it as his fingers continued to stroke in an unexpectedly experienced way. 'Masaomi...'

Kida sucked in a breathe, tightening his fists at his friend's shocking display of sudden intimacy. How far did the seemingly innocent boy plan to go so quickly? A deep moan escaped his throat, interrupting his thoughts. Mikado's hand movements were becoming faster and - "

"Stop! Stop right there!" Mikado cried, staring incredulously at his otaku friend in front of him.

She looked up with a look of total purity - completely feigned. "What is it?" Erika asked sweetly, tilting her head to the side and lowering the sheet of paper in her hands that she had been reading from.

"Yeah," added Kida. "Why'd you stop her? It was just getting to the good part!" He stared pleadingly at his best friend, a childish pout gracing his lips.

"How can this bother you? You two got farther in the back of our van!" Erika protested energetically.

The trio was positioned at the very back of an alleyway turning off of an unpopulated street. The alley's entrance was almost completely blocked by the parked van - locked, hence why they were all outside. Erika was standing up, her back almost touching a brick wall as she made wild gesticulations to accompany her story. Kida sat on the filthy city ground with his legs criss-crossed, for all the life of him looking like an obedient kindergartener at story time. He had watched the entire story being told as though he were in a trance, even seeming a tad emotional during any touching bits. It was all a bit too much for Mikado, who was doing his best to avoid touching the dirty concrete as he crouched on the pavement on top of his hoodie, praying it wouldn't get ruined. All he could do was stare incredulously at the two.

"What about you, huh?" he asked in a final attempt to avoid hearing anymore of the uncomfortable tale. "Didn't you despise the idea of being on the bottom or whatever?" He addressed Kida, who merely shrugged in response.

"What can I say? It wasn't that bad, being on bottom."

Why did he suddenly sound as though that had actually happened?

Mikado sighed into his palm, covering his eyes at the two's ridiculous actions. "Fine, fine, do whatever you please," he said passively, giving them consent to continue in their story-telling activity. Even still, he couldn't keep the prominent blush from covering his face as he just imagined what might be written next.

Erika and Kida beamed at the minor approval, and the otaku picked her paper back up like a royal announcer in some sort of medieval castle. She cleared her throat, continuing to fit the image perfectly, as she mumbled, "Now, now, where was I?" A mischievous glint was already visible in her eye. "Ah." Dammit, she found her place again.

With another gruff clearing of her throat, she began reading the story again, leaving Mikado trapped in the alley until the embarrassing tale was done being read - enthusiastically and loudly, just to make matters worse. He buried his delicate face into his hands, wishing with all his might that he were anywhere besides the grand showing of him losing his virginity to his best friend - an entirely fictional happening, of course! Although there was that one awfully close time at his apartment after Kida had kissed him in the van...

He cut off his thoughts and hid his entire head even deeper into his crossed arms, praying for the red hot heat enveloping his face to disappear.

"A deep moan escaped his throat, interrupting his thoughts. Mikado's hand movements were becoming faster and deeper, delving farther than the blonde imagined the shy boy would ever dream of..."

It was going to be a loooooooong day.

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