ATWH: Hello loyal peons. This is a parody of the Guitar Hero series. If you don't want to read your favourite character die then I suggest you press the back button now. Also I am sorry if I offend any Runescape players. Oh, and another thing. This contains spoilers for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King so if you don't want the end spoiled then don't read it.

Guitar Zeroes

A Guitar Hero Parody/fanfic by ATWH

What happened to the stars of Guitar Hero?

Johnny Napalm: Ran into Megaman and was arrested for murder. Was given the death sentence.

Echo Tesla: Attempted to drown herself. She failed but died anyway as electricity doesn't react well with water.

Judy Nails: Was caught scaring little kids with her face. Was sent back to hell where she belongs.

Austin Tejas: Attempted to light someone's cigar for them and ignited the gas that comes out of his neck.

Pandora: Got a job in Runescape as a quest boss. Was slain over and over again by nerds playing in their bedrooms

Lars Umlaut: Was shot at point blanc range by a hunter.

Casey Lynch: Transformed permanently into a snake, changed name to Nagini and was killed by Neville Longbottom.

Axel Steel: Jumped into a bonfire.

Demi-God of Rock: Attempted to kill Activision and was crushed to death by The Beast.

The Beast: Fell into a car compactor.

Minotaur: Went back to his dungeon and resumed his old hobby. Stamp collecting. He was down to his last stamp when he was finally slain by Theseus.

Midori: Was dragged screaming from Activision and beaten to death with her guitar by Nicky Overdrive from Rock Band.

Arthas Menethil: Went back to World of Warcraft and was killed by Trion Fording

Xavier Stone: Died of a heart attack.

Grim Ripper: Met up with a pack of dogs. All that is left is his robe and scythe.

Everyone Else: Attempted to get jobs in Rock Band but were beaten to death by Sir Thomas and Penny Twilight.

ATWH: There you have it. As I said before I am sorry if I have offended any Runescape players.