I was trying to protect you.

Rating : R.

Pairings : Dean/Sam!Weechester's.

Italics : Sam or Dean's thought's/Nightmare's/Dreams.

Bold : Flashblack's.

My first story! -SQEEULS- okay,okay calm down not that that big of deal. I've had this idea in my head, well I dreamt it really. :L kinda like twilight minus the worldwide fan dome. :/ :L

NOTE ! I don't own any the characters or supernatural. I just like playing with them cos im'a fan girl. :3

Enjoy. 33

Sam was cradling his head in his hands, sobbing like a girl. He just found out that monsters are real. I repeat, really. Dean was the one who told him. How could he do that? Sam thought. Why, in the right mind of his head say that monster's are real and dad hunts them? All he could think about was that Dean would come in one day and say he is dead. He was awakened by the motel door slamming open.

" Dean, what the- "

Dean threw a duffel bag at him and made him fall of the bed. Just FYI, it was a heavy bag. Sam poked his head from the bed side also blowing away his hair from his face.

" Thanks.."

Dean smirked at him and carrying doing what he was doing. Sam frowned at him wondering what he was doing. Oh right, putting everything in gear. Pistol and some other mumbo jumbo. They were moving again. Sam knew it straight away from the bags. He wished they just stayed in a place for at least a week. God..

" Come on Sam. We've got a job "

A job? What the hell.. he was confused. They don't have a job. Unless Dean has got a porn job then Sam is not following in his footstep's. Sam is not stupid, he knows what Dean gets up to at night when he goes to bed. With the heaving breathing moving of the bed hitting on the wall Errgh get out of my head! Sam was hitting himself over the head, until he felt eye's on him.

" I had something.. in my hair "

He could tell Dean was not buying it so he just sighed and walk over to him. He's getting taller.. Dean thought. It's true. Soon he will be looking up then down. Okay but for now he's still under his chin so nothing to worry about. Yet.

" Here. Take it I'm taking you on your first hunt because im a nice big brother "

Sam was not amused with that joke. It was poor and just lame.. Lame. Being a nice brother gives you a doughnut. He's first action man. Not a fucking pistol! He nodded his head and snatched it out of his hand. It went flying over to the, breaking anything that was breakable. Dean wide eyed him and gave him what-the-fuck look.

" Sam, what are y- "

" Dean, I have had enough. You don't just give you little brother a pistol. It's not normal.."

Dean shook his head frustrated. What the hell was he saying? He has never acted like this before. Then again he did not know what was out there. Still getting pissed for no such reason.. Actually there was a reason. He just didn't want to admit to itself. Feelings are not the way to go down swigging for him. Dean likes keeping it to himself. Dad man, dad was the one that should be here not me. But no he's somewhere else doing what he's got to do. Hey for all they know he could be dead! No, Dean take that back, take that back..

" What is normal, Sam? Us? Are whole life? You've got the face up to who you are, man "

" I don't care. I'm not stepping out that door I'm staying right here "

Dean held his breath for second and covered his mouth with his hand. Sam was looking him awkward. Dean was, what was he doing.. it like he need to go to the bathroom. But it's just there..

" What? "

Sam bellowed. As Dean moved his hand he was not wanting to go the bath room, he was laughing. This was not a laughing matter. Sam hit him on the arm trying to stop him from laughing.

" Sorry man but, did you just stomped your foot like they do in the movie's? "

Sam rolled his eyes and scoffed at him. He made his way to his bed, cradling the quilt cover very close to him. Dean stopped laughing for a second and thought about that this was affecting Sam. Big time. But he was not having any of it. Dad had got him a job to do so he is going to do, With or without Sam.

" Fine be a big girl. Don't except to me in like, well when I decide to come back "

He grabbed the duffel bag and slammed the door behind him. Sam didn't notice but a small tear had ran down his nose.

Five hours later and Dean still had not come back. Where is he. I'm getting scared.. To buy some time he called Bobby. One of Dad's friends.

" Bobby? "

" Hey kiddo. What you up to? "

Sam bit his nails, bad habit to get into but he only did it when he was nervous or scared.

" Nothing just, Dean's gone out but I dont know where he's gone so..

" You the igit left you all by yourself?

" Yeah, but honestly I'm fine. Doors and windows are locked just you know wanted someone to talk to.

He could hear Bobby sigh down the phone. Calling Bobby was not the right thing to do to be honest.

" Look kid, I have got a lot of work to do so, call someone else. Oh ! But do call when that igit of a brother gets back, I want to talk to him "

" Yes sir. B- "

He hunged before he got to finish the word. He shut his phone and sat there thinking about he and Dean said to each 's was perfectic argument. It's wasn't even a argument. Just a silly misunderstanding. Not everyone he going to do what the your families wants to do but if your a Winchester then you don't get a happy ending. All Sam could was lie down and dream. So thats what he did. So much for a dream..

" Dean.. Dean where are you? "

Sam was in a, church? I was not a normal church. Instead of Jesus on the cross it had John on the cross. A marble statue of him.

" Dad? "

" Sammy.. "

He bolted his head around to see Dean standing before him. Wow, in this light he never that he was, handsome. Not he knows what all the ladies go for him.

" Dean! "

He ran straight into his arms not letting go. Dean patted his head, stroking his back.

" It's okay Sam, I'm here, I'm here shh "

" Dean, im so scared.. "

Dean had a evil smirk on his face. Little did Sam know , Dean and knife his hand.

" So you should be "

Sam looked up at him confused and dazed. Until a sharp shooting pain entered his back. He fell to his knees with Dean laughing at him and spitting. Sam didn't know why this was happing.. Dean grabbed his face witch was very close to his.

" See, I never loved you Sam. Not ever.. "

Sam was crying his face mumbling " Stop, please " or " Don't do this ". All Dean would do was smile and laugh.

" See, I never told you this because I knew you would like this. Sam I don't love you.. "

Dean pressed firmly on his chin, pulling Sam towards him. Sam knew he was going to die there and then. When something touched his lip's. He opened to see that it was Dean who was kissing him. He struggled to get him off him but he was to strong and he was in pain. Finally he stoped and there was lust Deans eyes. Sam knew..

" I'm In love with you, Sam.. "

" Sam! Hey, Sammy wake up! "

Sam woke up with Dean manhandling him. His breathing was weasey and sweating like there was tomorrow.

" Dean.. "

" Yeah, man you should of seen your self. It's you were having a fit. A very fit but you know.. it's okay now im here !

He held his little brother against him. This was just like the dream. Sam sneaks a peak to see if he had a knife but know he didn't. It's just.. That dream, it felt so real..he can't love me like that I mean, not until I never about him that way. Now that I think about it, I'm starting to think I have some feeling's...

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