I was trying to protect you.

Chapter two.

Rating : R

Pairings : Dean/Sam!Weechester's

Italic's : Sam or Dean's thought's/Nightmares/Dream's

Bold : Flashback's

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Use of rape and incest.

" I'm in love with you Sam.. I'm in love with you, I'm in love with you.. "

That nightmare,or dream so to speak was in Sam's head since. He can't wrap it around his big head. One : it's the most sickest thing that have happened to him, Two: he is sick for thinking that maybe he might love his brother more then a brother. Sam, at the time was not seeing Dean like that. Then again, what about was normal? His life? Pfft. Thing is he can't keep his feelings bottled up because it will just get ugly. Really ugly.. I mean yeah sure he told him when he was little he loved him but Sam was little at the time. He didn't know any better. This dreams, nightmare's or whatever it is is fucked up. Big time.

Dean was in the shower while Sam was watching some doggy cartoon. Itchy and Scratchy? Sorta like Tom and Jerry beside's the whole killing spree's and coming back to life thing.

" Spare me "

Sam said and clicked off the T.V. Instead he he snuggled up to Mr Snuggles, his teddy since he was born. Dad got it him but thought they lost it in the fire. He thought wrong.. The bathroom door opened with Dean nothing but a towel on around his waist. Sam could not help but blush.

" Hey Sam, you seen my- "

" On the floor next to the door "

He snapped. Dean just gave him the whatever look and claimed his t-shirt. Sam did not look at him, but Dean was glaring the fuck at of him. He knew he was acting strange recently but did not know if he was upset about something. Dean knew that he was not right since he woke up like a girl that night when he came in from the job. One way or another he will talk to him about this tonight. Or tomorrow, Dean's feelings a little lonely right now.

" Where.. where am I.. "

Sam had woken up from a deep slumber. He was tied up by his wrist's witch were tied up on the headboard. His ankles weren't witch was very odd. The room he was in was dark. Like a very dark which room. He has to be somewhere..

" Your awake then. Thought you died on me.. "

It was Dean. Dean? Oh no.. was Sam having these dreams again.

" Looks like it don't it Sammy. But I promise, this time I will be rough on you "

Dean straddled on top of Sam. It was hard because Sam was small and skinny. He was struggling. Tugging on his wrist trying to escape but it use. But he kept on struggling even thou Dean was half his size.

" Dean get off me! Your hurting me! "

" It will hurt all right.. "

To get Dean's sure pleasure he gagged Sam. He was sexy when he couldn't talk and was begging for mercy. Sam kneed him but Dean found that, in some way kinky. He trailed his finger down Sam's cheek then to his collar bond, around his nipple and down to his trouser zippier. Sam was Mmmm-ing while Dean was pulling down his zippier. Sam's eye's rolled back into his head. This can't be happening. Last time he tried to fucking kill me, now his trying to get on me? Fucked up, This is fucked up.

" Shh Sam it's okay, i'm going to make you feel good. I promise.. "

With that Dean's hand crept into his briefs and touched him. Sam arched his back up, he's never had anyone touch him there before and does not want... wait. It was, good. It felt good.

" You like that? "

Sam looked away and Dean smirked.

" I know your ashamed of me right now. I like you a lot, so just enjoy it "

" How can I enjoy it? Your tying me up at my will, Dean. I don't want this. "

Sam stopped touching him and Sam opened one eye to see what he would do next. he popped his head down and lick the tip on his cock. Sam tensed his body and was feeling pleasure as he kept licking the base and started to suck down. Oh my god, his big brother was sucking him off. This is to weird. In the middle of it Dean reached up and took the gag off him and straight away Sam said

" Dean please.. I'm feeling strange. Hot, I'm getting hot.. "

Sam felt him smile and starting humming on his cock. Dean.. Dean I love you..with one more suck Sam screamed a little and felt something come out of him.

" Ahhh, Deana... ahhh "

He lifted his up and brought his body up to his. His brushed his hair away from his face, kissing his forehead. Sam was still dazed from what just happened.

" I love you Sam. I want you to say it back, even if it's just this once.. "

" I.. "

Sam looked into Dean's eye's. Wow, they were beautiful. Sam leaned in, hesitated at first but Dean broke it and kissed him passionately like they were lover's. Sam half-smile but was still confushed.

" I love you, Dean "

Sam woke up with a start. He sat upright. He must of fell asleep after he talked to Dean. Oh my.. this dream's.. I the sound of his brother saying 'Sam' and the click of the light made him on high alert.

" Sam it's the middle of the night. What's wrong? "

" Nothing. Go back to sleep.. "

Dean looked at him and was going back to sleep but he was not going down without the truth once and for all.

" I've had it with you. Tell me what's going on with you Sam. It's been two night's now that you have done this. I want to help you man.. "


" Sam? You still with me? "

Sam bit his lip and gazed up at his brother. This is just so insane. Sam made himself comfy and sat so he was facing his brother.

" Whatever you do to me I don't care, okay? You can punch, throw me out, spit at me but please dont hate me when I say this.. "

Dean frowned at him and knew something was up and he was right from the start. Dean felt this was his turn to help so he grabbed his brother's hand and gave him a hug.

" I how no idea what your talking about, but I will never do those things to you Sam. What makes you think that? "

Sam pulled him away.

" I'm having these dream's, and it's scaring me Dean. It's about.. us "

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