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Chapter 1

Humphrey's POV

I slowly started to wake up from my sleep. I lifted my head up and looked around my den, noticing that Kate wasn't there.

'Hmm, I wonder if Kate had some alpha duties to do this morning.' I thought to myself.

Just then I heard a loud crash outside and decided to check it out. Outside I saw my friends Salty, Shakey, and Mooch all piled on top of each other and a shattered log by a rock. I started walking over to them to see what happened.

"Hey guys." I called as I walked over to them. "What happened?"
"We were doing some log sledding and we crashed into another rock." Replied Salty.
"Ya we broke another sled." Said Mooch.
"You guys went log sledding without me?" I asked.
"Well we didn't want to bother you while you were sleeping" Salty said.
"Oh, well you better include me the next time you go log sledding." I said.
"Sure thing, Oh and by the way I think Winston wants to have a word with you." Shakey said.
"Ok, thanks for the update." I said as I walked away to Winston and Eve's den.

'Oh no I hope Winston didn't find out what me and Kate did last night.' I thought to myself. 'Hopefully Eve doesn't kill me.' I kept walking trying to shake the thought out of my head.

I made my way to the entrance of Winston and Eve's den.

"Winston Sir, you wanted to see me?" I called in
"Ah yes Humphrey I did, have a seat." he said as he patted a spot in the dirt with his paw.
"So what did you want see me about?" I asked as I sat down.
"Well I saw that Kate's fur was a little messy and dirty, and she had your sent all over her. I was just wondering if what I think happened, happened."
A chill when down my spine "Y-Yes Sir me and Kate did mate last night, but she is my mate after all." I managed to say, hoping he wouldn't get mad at me.
"I understand that Humphrey, to be honest I knew it would happen." he said.
"So you're not mad?" I asked making sure.
"No I am not mad." He replied. "The main reason I called you over here is because I wanted to know if you're ready if Kate got pregnant."
"Don't worry Sir I'll stand by Kate 100% and take care of her, besides they are my puppies too after all." I said imagining what it would be like to be a father.
"Good, I believe you would be a great father." he said.
"Thank you sir." I said. "Can I go now?"
"Yes you can, I believe Kate and her hunting party just got back from her hunt too." he said.
"Ok see you later Sir." I said as I walked out of the den.

I started heading to where some of the pack had gathered to greet the hunting party as they returned. I started looking around for Kate but I didn't see her anywhere. Then I saw Hutch.

"Hey Hutch have you seen Kate anywhere?" I asked
"Yes I have, she's on her way here. She's hasn't been feeling to good today and has been walking slowly." He replied. "You will find her if you head that way." He pointed with his paw down the trail.
"Ok, thanks." I said then I started walking fast down the trail. 'I hope Kate is ok.' I thought to myself.

After a little while I found Kate slowly walking up the trail.

"Hi Kate, are you ok?" I asked. I was really concerned because she for sure looked nauseous.
"Hi Humphrey, to be honest, I-" She stopped and threw up.
"Eww, I think we should go see your mom. She should know what's wrong with you." I said
"Ok Humphrey, but can you please help me; I'm having trouble walking." she replied.
"Of course, you can lean against me as we walk." I said walking up beside her.

We started walking to Winston and Eve's den, Kate leaning against my shoulders. We stopped a few times because Kate had to throw up.

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