Disclaimer: I don't own anyone you recognize, just playing with them for awhile.

I was once told that writing was cathartic. It helps you get out the grief and bad stuff in life and helps you remember the good.

Six weeks ago, my brother brought my husband's body home for burial. I always knew that it would happen this way, that he would die helping my brother fight the injustices of this world. I just thought we'd have more time when it did.

I've spent the last 6 weeks in bed crying. I cried for him, cried for myself, cried for our children who will grow up without really knowing him, cried for the adventures we had, and finally I cried for what we would never have now.

Last night, I decided enough was enough. I have babies to raise, a house to keep and a farm to tend and winter coming on fast. Grief is a luxury I can ill afford right now. I just can't spend any more time crying. So I decided to write this all down and get everything out, then maybe I can move on with my life. I hope that someday our children will read this and know who he was and who I was, and our love came to be.

I'm not a virgin hunter like Atalanta, or a goddess like Aphrodite. I'm not a king or a demi-god like my brothers are. I'm just an ordinary woman, and while he wasn't any of those things either, he was far from just an ordinary man.

He was Iolaus and I am Melina. Melina of Thebes and this is our story.