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Lucius couldn't wait. The ball he had promised Ginerva was happening tonight. He had done nothing to her recently except have her perform the odd lap dance for him and groping her occasionally. He had been busy at the Ministry recently due to Ginny's 'resignation' his work load had suddenly escalated. The head of Department was refusing to fire another member of staff to help out, meaning that Lucius had ended up with more to do. He hated it; at home was a beautiful woman just waiting for him to fuck her and he was too tired to do anything about it.

He swirled the firewhiskey in his glass absently; he had picked out the most perfect outfit for her to wear. This event was going to be drastically important for his career and he needed to make a good impression, with Ginny on his arm, and under his complete control, he would be climbing higher up the ladder to success. No one else from the office would be in attendance so no one else would know who Ginny was. He smirked darkly: Draco had spotted Ginny wandering around the Manor on his last visit and had interrogated him about it. Lucius had simply told his son exactly what was happening; the way Draco's eyes had lit up had not escaped his notice. He would have to be careful with Ginny around Draco: it infuriated him to have Draco lusting after his whore. Ginny was his and his alone! Sure he had teased her about inviting someone else into their 'relationship' but he would never do such a thing. Lucius Malfoy did not share. He just liked to see the fear and anger flare in her beautifully expressive eyes.

Lucius slammed the glass down and stretched as he stood and made his way up the stairs. He opened the door to his room and leaned against it, a smirk forming on his lips at the sight that greeted him. Ginerva, spread out on his bed, her red curls tumbling over her shoulders and spread over his pillows. The sheet did very little to cover her. A groan left him as he vanished his clothing and made his way towards the sleeping girl. Lucius crawled into bed behind her and her body, under his command, instantly curled in just the right position for him to spoon himself around her and bury his face in her hair, he inhaled deeply and a hand travelled down her stomach to grasp at her sex. He held her flush against him as he bit down on her neck and lavished attention on that one spot. Lucius pulled his mouth away and smiled at the bruise that was beginning to form there, he gave her cunt one last squeeze before ending his assault on the sleeping beauty in his arms and letting himself sleep.

Ginny groaned as she woke up and froze as she felt herself trapped, once again, in Lucius' harsh embrace. This was becoming a regular occurrence in the mornings and to tell the truth she was sick of it. She smiled as she realised that Lucius was asleep and wriggled in his arms until she freed herself, he was asleep: she wasn't under his control. She nearly laughed as she looked at the bedside table, where was his wand? She frowned as she headed to the wardrobe and threw open the doors, so many clothes, all in emerald and black and silver. Ginny scoffed as she began to dig in pockets.

Lucius cracked open an eye as the sound of rustling reached his ears; cautiously he turned over to be greeted by the sight of a very naked Ginny searching his clothes. Circe! Her arse! A growl formed in his throat as she bent over and he got out of bed.

Ginny frowned as her arms suddenly stopped moving and instead clutched at the sides of the wardrobe. A pair of hands grasping her hips caused her to gasp in surprise: Lucius was awake. She snarled as she struggled against the magic once again. Failing, again. Lucius caressed her arse cheeks lustily as he pressed his erection against her opening. A hand crept around and he flicked her clit once as he bent and trailed kisses down her back.

"You know Ginerva, you have a very delectable arse" he murmured as he pressed his erection against her and pinched her clit. A groan left him as she thrust her hips backwards and ground her arse against him.

"Fuck off" she snapped at him as she closed her eyes tightly. How she hated this, the lack of control she had.

"Still such fire in you" he sighed, he traced a finger over her spine and smirked "I'm going to give you a choice Ginny"

Ginny gulped, that didn't sound good "What?" she asked hoarsely

"I could penetrate you here..." he told her as he inserted a finger into her wet entrance and began to pump, her moans did not escape his notice and he removed his finger. He raised his hand and licked her juices from his digit.

"Or..." he continued as he moved the same finger to her arse and pressed his finger into her up to his first knuckle "here" he told her

Ginny sucked in a breath. Not there. "No" she whispered

"No what?" he asked her lazily as he moved his finger around inside her arse

"Not there" she said quietly and Lucius sighed heavily. He removed his finger from her arse and plunged himself into her hot, wetness. Another throaty groan left him and he pinched her clit as he began to thrust, hard and deep into her. Ginny moved with him, thrusting her hips back onto him. Lucius bent over her back so that his lips were near her ear

"I will fuck you up your gorgeous arse my little whore" he promised and Ginny whimpered "No" she whispered

"Yes" Lucius drawled "There is nothing you can do to stop me" he added as his thrusts got more and more aggressive: the wardrobe beginning to bash the wall with every thrust that he made into her. A hand crept around her from to grope at her breast as his lips found the mark he had made the previous night and he latched onto it. A long moan left Ginny as she came and the tightening of her slick passage around him triggered his own orgasm.

Ginny screeched in pain as Lucius finally stilled his hips but kept himself buried inside her. He had bitten her! The sadistic bastard. Lucius pulled his lips from her neck, his teeth stained with her blood that was now dripping from the neat bite mark he had just made. He licked his lips and teeth to clean them and then traced his tongue over the bite, Ginny gasped in pain

"Get off me" she told him angrily and Lucius let out a bark of laughter "I'm not done with you yet" he told her as he thrust forwards again to draw her attention to his hard cock. The taste of her blood had fuelled his lust and he was ready to go once more. Lucius pulled out of her and watched as she straightened up and turned to face him. His eyes went immediately to her chest and the sight of her full breasts captivated him. A snort of disgust caught his attention and his gaze travelled to her face. He glared at her angrily

"If you want to keep the use of your voice I suggest you keep opinions to yourself" he growled at her

"Like you'd take it away, you love when I insult you" she snapped at him. Lucius glared at her and reached under his pillow for his wand

"You forget Ginny, with me in control of your voice I still get those insults" he murmured as he flicked his wand at her.

Her eyes widened in panic and he noticed the anger and fear in her eyes at her sudden inability to talk.

"Now, what to make my little slut say" he mused out-loud as he went and sat on the bed.

Ginny moved towards him and straddled him, positioning herself and rocking against him wantonly. He smirked at the fury in her eyes

"Yes Ginerva" he said nonchalantly

Her head moved to his ear and her hand went down and grasped his cock eagerly as she trailed kisses up his neck

"Fuck me Lucius, fuck me hard, fuck me like the slut that I am" she told him as she impaled herself onto his cock and rocked her hips, grinding her pelvis into his.

Lucius let loose a lust fuelled snarl as he rolled and pinned her on her back. He thrust against her, taking what he could while he had her writhe and moan wantonly beneath him, words of encouragement leaving her lips, at the sound of her continuingly telling him what she wanted him to do to her, he lost control. Lucius fucked her wildly, his hands gripping her hips bruisingly, his nails cutting deep into her flesh. Her blood staining the sheets as he continued to ride her savagely.

Inside Ginny was crying. She didn't want this, she had pushed him too far and now he was in complete control of her, her voice, her body: Everything except her mind. There was nothing she could do about it. Part of her marvelled at the effect her body could have on a man, seeing Lucius calm and composed one moment, but after a few dirty words he was reduced to a beast.

She stayed perfectly still as he collapsed on top of her, she felt him press a kiss to her neck before climbing off her

"Now, I have work to attend to. The ball is tonight, I suggest you start thinking about getting yourself ready for that" he told her. He smirked as Ginny grabbed his head and pressed her lips to his hungrily

"Don't go" she whispered against his lips

"But I must my little slut" he said as he pushed her down and was suddenly impeccably dressed. "Good day" he said, a dark smirk crossing his face as he left the room

As soon as his hold over her had vanished, Ginny curled into a ball and began to cry.


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