Okay, This is my first fan fiction ever. Well, actually this is my first real story that wasn't for school...

Well anyways this is an IchiRuki story. I personally cannot stand Orihime so I am going to probably limit her appearances in thestory. Random fact is I was watching Spongebob while writing this story and note. I will appreciate any reviews. Some of this story might be a bit OOC but I wil try to keep thm as in character as possible. The story is from Rukia's POV. I have absolutely no idea where this story will go but I will rate it M just in case. Please enjoy and review.

When I woke up that morning I was acutely aware of someone watching me. I didn't scream or become paranoid. Quite the opposite actually. I relaxed into my pillow with a small, sleepy smile gracing my lips.

"Good morning," Ichigo murmured. He was not fully awake either it seemed. I partially opened my eyes giving him an amused look that quickly morphed into a blush. He was shirtless, clad in only gray, baggy sweatpants. I was glad that my 'room' which doubled as Ichigo's empty closet. I was grateful to the darkness for hiding my steaming face.

"You okay?" Ichigo asked, a bit more awake now, "You're a little red, do you have a fever?" Well, mostly. "Yeah I'm fine," I replied as I tried to avoid looking at his still pillow marked, worried face more than necessary, "Now out of my way Strawberry, we're going to be late," I said pushing him out of my way.

The worry disappeared, his normal scowl replacing it in an instant at the nickname.

"Yeah only because you wouldn't wake up, Midget" He threw back. My shoulders tensed in an annoyed manner at the nickname.

"First off," I said heatedly, whipping around to glare daggers at him. The action lost some of its edge when I realized I was about eye level with his chest at the moment. I glared harder moving up from daggers to swords at having to tilt my head back. I bent back my head all the while glaring holes into him. I continued. "I am not a midget and second," I said turning back around to gather my books and uniform, "If you would wake me up first thing instead of watching me sleep for five minutes every morning…"

I trailed off turning once more to show him I was teasing, but stopped, surprised. Ichigo's expression had morphed once more. This time to embarrassed shock.

"Wha-wha…H-how…How did you…?" He stammered face turning fire truck red. I looked at him, a confused expression on my face.

"What are you talking about?" I asked him. He looked away, face still burning beet red. He looked all around the room except for at me, where I wanted his gaze at the most.

"N-nothing, never mind, go get dressed. Hurry and we might be able to make it to school in time," He practically pushed me out of the room.

"W-wait!" I called out turning around. Not fast enough. The door slammed shut missing my ace by mere millimeters. "Asshole. What the hell was that about?' I grumbled to myself as I turned and walked to the bathroom so I could change into my uniform. I thought back to his reaction when I had teasingly accused him of watching me sleep. 'Had he been…No way…Ichigo wouldn't…He couldn't possibly fell the same way…'

Yes I liked Ichigo, not that I would admit it to anyone. I had just recently admitted it to myself. I don't know when it started. It was a gradual process. It built up over time not that he noticed. He was good at fighting and book work, but he was a dumbass about basically everything and anything else. I sighed heavily to myself.

"What's wrong?" A deep voice sounded from the other side of the door. I jumped and squealing. "Rukia I have to get ready to you know, hurry your little ass up, Munchkin!" I started undressing hurriedly. "You've been in there for 10 minutes! Get moving!" he ordered harshly sounding annoyed. I went faster. I was fully undressed when I saw the doorknob turning in my peripheral vision. It's fine the door is lock…

I stopped mid-thought, my eyes widening. No. No it wasn't! The knob continued to turn. I dove for the lock nut it was to late. The door was open, Ichigo was in the doorway, and I was glued to the spot in all my glory.

I just stared at him like an idiot, and he stared back. His gaze was different from mine though. His was odd, unfamiliar emotions swimming through is lovely amber pools. They were emotions I never expected to see on his face while looking at me. While usually his expressions when he looked at me were either happy, annoyed, or somewhere in between these expressions were on the other side of the spectrum.

"I-Ichigo…?" I stammered quietly, taken aback from the almost hungry expression inhis eyes. He slowly looked up, expression still dark and strangely sensual drawing me to him. I fought the urge. His breathing was heavy, his pupils were dilated, his pants looked…tighter…than normal.

I averted that thought from my head and drew my eyes back up to his face. He had continued to watch me, never taking his eyes from me. He shut the door and locked it. Still his eyes never left mine. I looked around the cramped room avoiding his probing eyes. I was suddenly aware again that I was naked but it was a little too late to be embarrassed. 'Oh god, what is about to happen?' I knew what I wanted to happen and it seemed as though Ichigo wanted the same thing.

Then all of a sudden it stopped. Ichigo looked away, his breathing slightly heavy.

"Get dressed," he whispered, his voice low," We already missed school. We should go do some shopping," He turned and walked out of the room shutting the door behind him. I didn't hear him walk away. I fell to the ground shaking with adrenaline. I heard a muffled 'thud' and realized that Ichigo had probably done the same thing. 'What. The hell. Was that?'

Maybe, just maybe, my belief that Ichigo didn't feel the same way I did, that belief I had accepted for so long, wasn't true after all.

'This is going to be complicated' I thought

Sorry if you thought this was going to be a oneshot PWP story. I think I will continue it for about 5 chapters but if I get enough support I will continue it beyond that. I am dedicating this Chapter to Katie and Lauren Chenault (They are sisters and two of my best friends) they encouraged me to write this story. I am also dedicating this to Chappy-Is-Mine for inspiring me to write this.