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The next few days followed monotonously. We went to school, got home, did homework, ate, and slept. We had to talk, although I only did as much as required and only then it was done begrudgingly. It was simply idle chatter anyways. I, at least was making a valiant, albeit vain, attempt to forget the events that had conspired between Ichigo and I earlier in the week.

It was not as easy as I make it sound. That hungry look of Ichigo's was seemingly seared into my brain. Whenever my eyes would close it appeared behind my lids. Every now and then when I inevitably snuck a glance at his handsome face I would find that look blatantly present on his face. As much as I wanted to deny it seeing that look did something to me. It drew me to him, making resistance almost painful. Making me want to stop fighting this feeling.

I couldn't not fight it though. So I was glad about the minimal interaction. Well, part of me was, the other part was despising it. I was unsure which feeling was stronger. The urge to stop fighting it was strong though so I walked home with Ivy and her cousin, Avery. She was a grade below us with brown hair and brown eyes. She was tall and had a slim figure like her cousin. They also shared the same milky white skin. Avery's boyfriend, Greyson, would join us. Watching the two of them together, however, was hard. I would find myself fantasizing about Ichigo and I holding hands, and kissing, and everything else Avery and Greyson would do while together. Other than that however, the atmosphere was calming. It was my escape from the headiness that engulfed me while spending any amount of time with Ichigo.

I blushed, thinking this and cursed my revealing cheeks whilst ducking my head. This was not one of the days I was walking home Ivy, Avery, and Greyson. I was instead walking with Ichigo. I felt his gaze burning into the back of my head which only made me blush more. I quickened my pace. He easily kept up with me though which annoyed me. Frikkin' giant I thought.

We continued walking home quietly. Ichigo seemed relaxed which lifted my mood for some reason. I suddenly collided with something. I stopped and started backing away, but arms came around me. I tensed up, preparing to attack when a deep voice rumbled from above, "Calm down it's just me,"

Recognizing the voice as Ichigo's I stayed tensed up, only now for a different reason. All the blood rushed to my face. I wobbled and felt as I begin to fall. I heard a "Shit!" from above me and felt strong arms catch me before it all went black. Again.

When I woke up I felt a cold presence on my forehead and I warm one on my stomach. I slowly opened my eyes. I looked first at the window and noted the fading light. I judged it to be around five in the evening. With a probing hand going to my forehead I was able to identify that object as an ice pack. I looked down to identify the warm pressure on my stomach. It took a second for me to register it, and when I did, I sucked in a quick breath. Ichigo had fallen asleep with his head on my stomach. I stared my eyes huge, mouth partially open. He stirred slightly, causing me too shut my mouth with a clack and my eyes to return to almost their normal size. I watched him, his face looking so innocent and boyish in sleep. A small, slightly self-mocking smile came to my lips as I suddenly had a desire to run my fingers through his bright orange hair. I decided that since he was sleeping, he would never know and there for it wouldn't matter. I leaned forward and reached my hand out, running it through his hair. It was softer than I had anticipated. It tickled my hand making me chuckle softly.

"You find my hair funny or something Toadstool?" Ichigo said

I froze.

"W-W-Wh…I-I –I w….T-Toadstool…?" was my, oh so intelligent response as my face went pale.

"Well yeah Toadstools are short, you're short. I needed something other than midget to call you," He explained, "Now, what is so funny about my hair?"

I stayed frozen other than my mouth which kept opening and closing until I managed to get a response out.

"N-nothing, I-it just tickled was all…," I trailed off unsure off how to conclude this statement. He looked mildly surprised but he said nothing. I had been focused on him this entire time, my hand still in his hair, so I saw the exact moment where his eyes changed to that hungry expression. I could swear the man was oozing pheromones considering the effect he had on me. I leaned in eyelids closing partially as I brought my lips to his. I put my hands on both sides of his face and in turn he put his around my waist as he kissed me back. A small noise escaped me. This felt like…completion. Like part of me had been missing and I was now being reunited with it. I smiled into the kiss breaking it off as we drew in a much needed breath simultaneously. Then without warning I was drawn into a hug. I felt Ichigo's chin atop my head as he sighed contentedly.

"You have no idea how long I have waited for that midget," he said quietly, pressing his face into my hair.

"And nor you I," I said smiling into his chest as his warmth lolled me back into sleep.

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