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"Imagine seeing that happen to someone you…"

"Someone you what?"

"Never mind."

Did he almost say love? Was that just wishful thinking or did he actually almost admit to loving me? Sometimes I think he does but I can never get proof. I mean, why would he? I'm Rose Tyler. I used to work in a shop and eat chips. I'm not exactly special standing next to him, am I? And Sarah-Jane, she said he just dropped her back home and never came back. I bet he loved her too. Maybe I'm just the latest in a long line of people that he claims to love. One day when he gets tired of me, he'll drop me back home and I'll never be able to tell anyone about what I've seen…what's really out there.

On the other hand, he did say that he would never just drop me off. It's really not fair. I love him more than anything in the universe…and I've seen how big the universe is. He never sees it though. I'll hint that I want to be more than friends and he'll look at me with that completely ignorant look plastered to his face. Totally oblivious. I really would like to yell at him for that.

Oh, look at him now, playing with that stupid tin dog.

"Rose?" My head shot up and I threw him a nasty glare.


"What's wrong?" I felt bad. He sounded upset, like he knew that he was the reason I was mad.


"Rose, you can't pull that on me. Really, what's wrong?" He reached out to hold my hand. I didn't pull away.

"It's just…I...love you."

Nothing. Total silence. Great. Now you've done it. Now he is going to drop you home.

Then out of nowhere he was kissing me. I kissed him back and felt him smile against my lips. He pulled me closer so that there was no space between us. I opened my mouth to breath, but breathing was not on his agenda and he took full advantage of my need for air. That was fine by me. Breathing could wait. I suddenly realized that my hands were tangled in his hair, making it messier than it usually was.

Suddenly the door burst open.

"I found the-" Sarah-Jane had just walked in. "Oh-"

We jumped apart and started fiddling with our clothes, failing to look busy.

She bit her lip and looked like she was about to cry. It suddenly occurred to me that she must have felt this way about him at one point. She ran out of the TARDIS looking very upset.

"I uh…ought to go talk to her, shouldn't I?" He asked.

"Yeah…" He started to walk out but turned around at the door.

"Oh and Rose?"

"Yes, Doctor?"

"I love you too."

Finally! He finally gets it! I couldn't stop the smile that spread across my face.

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