Drakes Pokemon on team-

1. Charizard (m) lv.77 Abi: Blaze- Aerial Ace, Dragon Pulse, Flare Blitz, Fire Spin, *Solarbeam, *Heat Wave

2. Gyarados (f) lv. 72 Abi: Intimidate-Hydro Pump, Twister, Hyper Beam, Ice Fang, *Stone Edge

3. Aerodactyl (f) lv. 60 Abi: Rock Head- Ice Fang, Ancient Power, Wing Attack, Dragonbreath, *Sky Drop

4. Electivire (m) lv.75 Abi: Vital Spirit- Protect, Psychic, Thunder, Fire Punch, *Focus Blast, *Giga Impact

5. *Dodrio (m) lv. 71 Abi: Early Bird-Aerial Ace, Drill Peck, Agility, Tri Attack, *Thrash

6. Scizor (m) lv. 69 Abi: Swarm-Double Team, Night Slash, Iron Defense, X-scissor *Iron Head

7. Kangaskhan (f) lv. 66 Abi: Scrappy-Endure, Crunch, Outrage, Hyper Beam, *Reversal

8 Victreebel (f) lv. 70 Abi: Chlorophyll-Power Whip, Razor Leaf, Synthesis, Solarbeam, *Venoshock

9. Primeape (m) lv. 68 Abi: Anger Point-Seismic Toss, Cross Chop, Close Combat, Karate Chop, *Thunderpunch

10. Kadabra (m) lv. 70 Abi: Inner Focus-Recover, Psycho Cut, Psybeam, Future Sight, *Shadow Ball

Chapter 81

"Why hello," Verde greeted as he and Azul walked out of the gym doors. Drake and Montana smiled upon seeing there friends.

"We heard you and your group did amazing against Team Rocket," Azul commented.

"Yeah, we had to stay here. They had every city shut down," Verde said.

"It was all good. Veronica finally stopped whining and battled. Mewtwo has disappeared though," Drake sighed.

"No biggie," Verde laughed. "Victini said that it is sporadic with its attitude."

"I can tell," Drake laughed as well.

"Well, we called you here for a reason." The men looked at each other. "I want to have a full battle with you, and Azul wants to watch.

"Really?" Drake asked. He seemed unenthusiastic.

"Yes, what's the matter?"

"Nothing. Just tired I guess. When do you want to battle?" Drake asked. Verde looked at Azul and then back at Drake.

"You know what," he said, "don't worry about. We have a three month break ahead of us, and you still need some time to train to face the Pokemon I was going to put you against." He started to laugh.

"I'll take that advice. My mom asked us to be home by today anyways, so it was probably going to be a no," Drake replied.

"Well, we will let you go." Azul said. "I am proud of you, Drake. That battle in Lavender showed me so much, but you are really impressing me now. Hopefully we can finally battle when you beat the Champion League. I'll my Elite Four ready by then."

"Get home safe, and don't get lost," Verde winked. Drake and Montana took off on Aerodactyl and Charizard. They raced back to Pallet.

"Let's go see Gary," Drake suggested. "My mom might need more time preparing for me." They swooped into the back valley of the Oak Lab.

"Hello?" Drake said as he walked in through the back.

"Hi," Gary said. A familiar man walked beside him.

"Felix Strong?" Drake asked. He gave the man a firm handshake and greeted him.

"Hello, Drake. I'm sure you're wondering what I am doing here," he said.

"Not really. Two scientists in a lab are very common," Drake laughed.

"Well, I am here to ask a favor of you. I need your Aerodactyl to come back to the lab to maybe influence the other extinct Pokemon to learn how to battle in the wild," he proposed.

"Well, Aerodactyl has just came out of her shell," Drake sighed. He pulled out her Pokeball.

"Well, you are off for a while, and I still need some time setting things up on the island. So, how about you spend as much time with her as possible and then send her over when you leave for your next region," the scientist suggested.

"That sounds like an excellent plan," Gary commented.

"I'll do it," Drake smiled. "Will she be able to battle with me when I need her?"

"Of course, just call me," Felix answered cheerfully. "I saw you battle, and I'm glad Aerodactyl went to such a great trainer."

"Thank you," Drake said, shaking the man's hand.

"I'm going to get out of here," Felix waved. He released a Fearow and took off into the sky.

"He is a nice guy," Gary smiled. "Oh, I meant to tell you, Mason arrived home last night. He told Mary that he would live with her!"

"Awesome," Montana commented.

"We are going to go home and see my mom," Drake said. They walked out of the house, and made their way to Drake's house.

"Did you miss it here?" Montana asked him.

"Yeah," Drake breathed deeply, soaking up the fresh, wild air. A Rattata ran across their path and into a nearby bush. Flocks of Pidgey were grazing in a park with a huge Lapras fountain in the middle. A Poliwag jumped in the water, splashing around and having fun. Drake was glad to be home. A man with white balding hair and a mustache ran up from behind the trainers.

"Are you Drake Smith?" He huffed. Drake turned around to see the old man with a karate outfit on with a long black belt wrapped around his waste.

"Yes sir," Drake greeted.

"Well, I had a meeting with Gary to talk to you, but I arrived late. He said if I hurried I could catch you before you got home," the old man said. He looked up to the trainers, and grinned. "Where are my manners? I am Rufus Howard, the Fighting Dojo Master of Saffron City. I am here to offer your Primeape a chance to become stronger than ever, and still get to battle for you when needed." Drake's eyes widened.

"Yes, I know, it's a great offer, but I saw Primeape battle and he has the potential to go far as a powerhouse Pokemon," Rufus explained.

"Sounds like a good plan, but I'm not sure," Drake thought deeply. His Primeape's Pokeball rumbled and shook roughly, opening itself up. Primeape jumped around in front of Drake, pointing at Rufus.

"You want to go?" Drake asked, tearing up.

"Ape!" Primeape gave Drake a huge hug. He bowed to the Karate Master.

"Do you have to take him now?" Drake asked the man.

"I have five new recruits and they need to begin training," he answered.

"That's fine," Drake smiled. He bent down to Primeape's eye level. "I know you can take care of yourself, so I'm not worried. Train hard so we can get a Championship next year." Primeape hugged him again with a stream of tears down his fur and a glob of boogers making him sniffle.

"I'll miss you buddy," Drake sobbed. He recalled Primeape and gave the Pokeball over to Rufus.

"Thank you, son. Your Primeape will be stronger than ever next time you see him," the Master smiled. "Braviary, let's go!" An intimidating Flying type popped out of the Pokeball, and it stared Drake down.

"That's an awesome Pokemon," Drake awed. He reached for the Pokemon's neck to pet it, but Braviary pecked at him.

"Don't worry about him. He is grouchy because we just got here an hour ago and we have to leave," Rufus laughed. He jumped on Braviary and waved at Drake and Montana as he flew off.

"Im surprised you let him go that easy," Montana said.

"Well, he has always wanted to become stronger and stronger, so I didn't want to hold him back," Drake sighed. He stopped crying, but Montana could tell he was hurting. She gave him a hug. They continued walking to Drake's house.

"Well, we are here," Drake said. They stood in front of Drake's front door. "You get to meet the rest of my family."

"I'm excited!" Montana cheered. She opened the door and balloons floated everywhere and a bucketful of confetti dropped on her head. "Awesome." She wiped her head off, seeing a tall man, approximately 6'5, with brown hair and hazel color eyes. He wore jeans with a nicely prepared orange button up collared shirt. He wore cowboy boots that finished his image of a cowboy.

"I'm Seth Smith, Drake's father," he greeted her. His voice was deep and powerful, but Montana detected a bit of harshness in it.

"I'm Montana Sanders, Bill's daughter and your son's best friend," she smiled. They shook hands gently and grinned at each other. Montana gave Kambry and Jaime a hug before coming to a new face. She recognized him from the many pictures in the house, but he was much cuter in person.

Cole stood over her, at a near 6'3, and smiled. His blue eyes sparkled, and Montana could tell he had experienced much in his short life. His blond hair was trimmed from the pictures and made formally. He wore sweats with a red Under Armor pullover on, and black running shoes.

"I'm Cole," he smiled. Montana drooled a little before Drake bumped into her as he hugged his brother. "God, you're taller than ever! What are you 5'11 now?" He messed up Drake's hair and put him in a head lock, giving him a noogie. Drake wiggled out of it, and walked to his dad. They shook hands, but Drake stepped back before his dad could hug him.

"How about we have some lunch, and then we can go in the backyard for some fun," Kambry suggested. She opened the kitchen doors to reveal a table full of food. The boys rushed in, but Kambry stopped them.

"Ladies first," she ordered. She and Montana filled their plates gracefully before the men of the house demolished the food.

"This is amazing, babe," Seth cooed as he stuffed his face. The rest of the family commenced to give Kambry compliments.

"So who wants to do dishes?" Kambry asked as everyone finished their meals.

"Drake and I will do them," Seth proposed. Drake agreed and followed his dad into the kitchen as the rest of them went outside.

"Drake, I have changed," his dad said. "In Unova, I underwent training with a guru there. I never imagined myself like I do now. I apologize for everything. I know I ruined you and Cole's childhood, but I admit that I was living through y'all."

"Dad, you have damaged me in more ways than one, but you are my father and I will work on forgiving you. We can't choose our family and we sometimes have to work through things," Drake said.

"I can't blame you for saying that, but I'm telling you here and now that I'm not the same man as I left. I'll be better," he stated. He scrubbed the dishes as Drake dried them off.

"Do it for Jaime," Drake ordered. He looked at his dad in the eyes. They had the same eyes and Drake felt as if he was staring into his own.

"I promise," Seth promised. "Now let's get outside." The two boys left the kitchen and ran through the backdoor, racing each other. Tauros, Jolteon, Quagsire, and Swalot greeted him cheerfully.

"Hey," he laughed. Jolteon jumped at him, looking for attention, but Swalot stopped him from stabbing their trainer with his sharp fur.

"Let's show off the new additions to the family," Kambry suggested. She held a Pokeball in her hands, releasing Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff rested in Kambry's crossed arms.

"I'll go next," Montana said. "Come on out everyone!" Her team made their appearance and they looked around, seeing they were home. Vulpix jumped on her shoulder and yawned. Parasect looked around, seeing new people. Poliwrath crossed his arms, and stood beside Tana. Persian and Jolteon ran into the huge backyard, playing tag. Clefable waved at everyone, and blew a kiss to Cole. Her Butterfree rested on her head, flapping her wings. The last of her Pokemon, Espeon, nestled her leg, but ran up a tree and took a nap on a branch. Jolteon sniffed the air, and started clawing at the tree. Persian growled and stood beside Montana.

"That's an impressive team, Montana," Seth complimented.

"I'll go next," Drake said. He released his team. His dad's and brother's eyes widened. His Charizard blew flames as he spread his wings. His Gyarados appeared in the huge pond near the family, screeching loudly. His Aerodactyl flew circles around them, sticking out her tongue. His Electivire crossed his arms and huffed, looking away from Seth and Cole. Dodrio pecked at the ground. Scizor stood beside Drake faithfully, joined by Kangaskhan. Victreebel wrapped Drake in her long vine and lifted him off the ground, which made him laugh. Lastly, his Kadabra twirled his spoon magically and glared at Seth.

"I also just gave my Primeape to Master Rufus of the Karate Dojo in Saffron," Drake said.

"Oh really," Cole said with an impressed tone. "I have a Hitmonlee there, and Dad has his Machamp there."

"We will make a visit in a week or two," Seth smiled. "Drake, this team is amazing. I can tell they could whoop anybody if they set their mind to it.

"I'll go," Cole prompted. He threw six Pokeballs and pointed his PokeDex in front of him. A Swampert stood on his hind legs and scouted the new people. A Tropius roared loudly as she swung her neck around viciously. A shadow like Pokemon with ruby eyes chuckled as it hid behind Cole. He identified him as a Sableye. A Torkoal sniffed the air, blowing smoke as she was afraid from the new people. A Nosepass stood still with his eyes closed. A Grumpig grunted and crossed his arms. Finally, the PokeDex flashed a Porygon-Z out of it, and it floated next to Cole.

"Wow," Montana sighed.

"That's an awesome team!" Drake cheered. His Electivire huffed.

"Well, we got Top Four this year, so Sinnoh better be ready," Cole laughed. "If my fiancé will let me."

"Fiancé?" Kambry yelled. "What the heck are you talking about? You just turned eighteen!"

"Mom, she is pregnant and she wants me to move to Hoenn in June when Drake leaves for his next journey. It was a one night thing, then she started traveling with me, and then we started dating, and then this happened about two months ago. She is nineteen and y'all will love her when she comes next month. She participated in the Double Battle League of Hoenn and won the Regional Championship," Cole explained. Kambry started to cry.

"Honey, we can't be mad. You had him when you were nineteen," Seth defended. "He is going to take care of her and the baby wherever he lives."

"What do her parents do for a living?" Kambry asked, calming down.

"Her dad is a Power Plant operator at the Mauville Generator and her Mom runs the daycare right outside the city," Cole explained.

"Well, we can talk more about this when she arrives," Seth suggested. "It's my turn!" He tossed out six Pokeballs and released his team with a huge white flash. A green monkey-like Pokemon appeared first. "This is Simisage, and he has a temper so beware." Simisage huffed before he disappeared into a tree.

The next Pokemon looked like a powerful mole with sharp claws that make a drill when combined. It glared at everyone, but drilled underground almost instantly. "That was Excadrill. He is shy, but my most powerful Pokemon from the Unova region," Seth said.

A purple cat-like Pokemon turned away from Persian like she was better than her and huffed as she walked behind Seth. Persian growled again, but remained motionless. "Liepard can be stuck up and rude, but she has a reason to be. She is an excellent battler."

A flame colored ape-like Pokemon rampaged around, punching trees and rocks. "That is Darmanitan. He is nearly uncontrollable to an extent. Give him food, and he will calm down." Seth pulled out a candy bar wrapped in a red wrapper. Darmanitan calmed down, running to his trainer. He snatched the bar, relaxing almost instantly.

"And this is Sawk," Seth explained. "He is probably the calmest Pokemon I have ever owned." A blue humanoid Pokemon dressed in a karate outfit saluted Seth and began to meditate.

And lastly, Basculin," Seth shouted. His fish type Pokemon jumped out of the water, did a flip, and returned to the water. Gyarados dove underwater with him. The Basculin had a red stripe and spiked fins.

"Well looks like we have a farm going on," Jaime laughed.

"Yeah, how bout a battle," Seth said. He looked straight at Drake.

"Charizard!" Drake shouted. Charizard stepped in front of him.

"Darmanitan!" Darmanitan jumped in front of Seth.

"I want in on this too," Cole said. "Torkoal!" His Torkoal cried as he ran in front of him. The three fire types made a triangle and they all glared at each other.

"Let's do this," Drake said. Charizard breathed flames, readying himself for a battle.

"Oh my," Kambry sighed. "This is going to be a long break." Montana laughed and she pulled out three lawn chairs for herself, Kambry, and Jaime.

The End

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