In the beginning of the Digital World, there existed three separate powers: Order, Balance, and Origin. These powers each played a role in the make and maintenance of the Digital World. Origin used its powers of Creation and Destruction to create and form the dimension and all that lies within it. Creation then brought Life to the world. Knowing that Life should not be all powerful, Destruction brought Death. With these two powers, digital life began to grow, age and die, and then repeat this process. Not wanting the world to be dominated by the powers of Origin, Order and Balance introduced their own vassals. Balance brought Virtue and Sin, with their respective elements, and gave individual personalities and meaning to each Digimon. Balance then distributed each of the different Virtues and Sins, to help Balance and maintain the Digital World. Origin then allowed the other powers that Creation and Destruction controlled to also be allowed to help the world they existed in. Creation brought about Memories and Dreams, as well as Power and Unity, allowing the Virtues to better exists with each other. Destruction balanced these with Corruption and Chaos, War and Darkness. But it also brought Peace and Miracles to show that even a power that seems so Dark, can still bring about Light. Order, knowing that the other powers may eventually fall, introduced powers that would be able to replace the powers if anything would occur to them, as well as final powers to allow the world to maintain its own Balance, and Created beings who would maintain the Digital World. With these powers supporting the world, it began to grow and thrive. Eventually the Evil that was brought about to Balance the Light grew tired of the Peace the world enjoyed, and began to spread their influences. So began the fight between all things Light and Dark in the Digital World.

There were many things I had done that I wasn't proud of. 'Destroyed buildings. People crying. A boy with white hair and silver eyes. Stolen data floating away after being ripped from it's owner.' And so many more things that others respected me for. 'More crying, but tears of joy this time. Golden eyes flashing in the darkness. Laughter. A city coming forth from data.' This is my story. The story of Alex Dowski, the Child of Life.

NeoFlamedramon just stood there and stared at the spot where Alex had just fallen. Neo thought it was finally over, the last contamination deleted. But just as he and Alex relaxed, one last monster jumped out and struck Alex down. Neo turned and deleted it right away, but he was too late.

'Alex…' Neo thought. He couldn't believe after all they did, Alex could just be… gone. He picked up Alex's digivice off the ground, next to where Alex had dissolved into a golden light that had long since faded. The small device showed nothing but static on the screen. It then burst into data, showing that Alex's bond between the two was severed.

"No! Alex you can't be gone!" Neo cried.

"Well, he doesn't have to be," an unknown voice told him.

"Wha…. Fanglongmon, what do you mean?" Neo cried out to the massive sovereign. Fanglongmon had suddenly appeared in the now purified Core. Neo stared at the huge form, surprised at his appearance.

"You and Alex both protected the Digital World and the Core as well, and I believe the Light Sprits will agree that we owe you both much," Fanglongmon replied. "However, there is still a price to bring him back."

"What is it?" Neo frantically replied. He would normally be so calm, but without Alex here, he didn't know what to do.

"Very well then, to revive him I will need the power of your Mega form. As you know, it is very powerful, and its data has Alex's power and data within it as well. This will let me bring him back here, and return his body."

"But, how will I protect him if I can't digivolve to my strongest form?"

"Your current form is strong enough now, and Alex's power will be more than enough to allow you to protect him, as well as give you powers you currently don't have," Fanglongmon replied. "I will also give you the power to stay in your current forme, if you wish, so you can better protect your partner. However, that also has a price - your Champion form. Do you agree to this? I will be able to revive Alex, but the Light Spirits also have a task for you both when he is revived."

Neo didn't even hesitate with his answer. "Of course I will! The power of his crest is the only reason I can still remain in this world without him. But even then, I don't want to be without my partner."

"Very well," Fanglongmon said. The giant sovereign then shut his eyes in concentration. The massive digimon began to have a glowing aura surround him, and the 8 DigiCores on his back began to glow. NeoFlamedramon also began to glow a golden color, and a golden sphere of light then began to form between the two. The sphere of light then floated toward the floor, and began to take form. Neo opened his eyes and fell to his knees, having lost a significant amount of his own data. He sat up and stared at the form that began to appear in the sphere of energy.

All around me was nothingness. I floated in it, not moving except for the faint movement of my chest as I breathed in and out.

'Huh… Well I am still breathing. Am I alive?' I thought to myself. I struggled to remember what had happened. I was in the Core room in the center of the Digital World, separated from my friends who came with to help. Neo had fought off the corrupted digimon, those who had changed by the powers of the Dark World, from where the Dark Ocean connected the DigiWorld to itself. I had believed that we had deleted them all, and sent the Dark Powers back, but I was attacked from behind. My friends had created barriers to protect the world as well. 'Wait, shouldn't I be dead then?'

"No Alex, your power and ours are keeping you alive in this place." A familiar voice answered.

"Where are you?" I yelled out to the voice.

"Right here, Child of Life," it answered, as a small orb of light appeared in front of me. "As you know, as the Child of Life, you have powers stemming from those of Creation. We cannot allow you to fall to the powers of Evil yet. The Children of Virtue will be in need of your powers."

"What powers?" I retorted in fury. "All of this supposed 'Powers of Life and Creation' that I am meant to help and save don't seem to really exist! All it brings is nothing but trouble to me and Neo! I mean, ever since you sent me here with Neo as NeoVeemon, we've been constantly fighting and destroying these corrupted digimon! I'm sick of causing so much death and destruction! I grew up in world by myself, and with a few friends who began to disappear. All I wanted was my digimon partner, and Neo is an amazing friend. I've already altered the DigiWorld more than I should have. And now, it seems I'm DEAD!"

"Alex, we are very sorry that you are forced to suffer so much. It goes against your very nature, and the nature of your crest. But you know the digimon you destroyed are reborn without the corruption of the true Darkness that threatens our world. We know that not all the Darkness is evil however, as seen by your friend Logan, and so we give all the choice of new life. And now, we offer that to you as well."

"You can bring me back?" I questioned hesitantly.

"Yes, however, we need your help as well. When we bring you back, we hope you will guard the Core of the Digital World. Our last guardian became corrupted, and allowed power and the Darkness to overcome him. You are, we hope, our greatest bet at returning peace and balance to the world for now."

"You mean that massive digimon Neo deleted in the Core, that strange Gallantmon…"

"Yes. He used to be a MedievalGallantmon, but was corrupted and began to follow the evil of the Darkness. He spread the corruption through the Digital World by use of the world's Core, and in the process became nothing more than a mutated pawn. Now Alex, we hope that you will become the new guardian. We will let you stay with Neo and allow you to monitor the Core from a distance, but you will be in charge of keeping it safe. Will you agree? In the process of reviving you, you will become a digital being. You will not age, and cannot remain in the human world for long when you are weak."

I thought about it for only a split second. "Very well, I agree, as long as I can stay with Neo."

"Wonderful," the voice replied. The dark void I was in suddenly gained a golden glow, and I could feel something tugging on my consciousness.

'Don't worry everyone, I'll be back soon. And then maybe I can bring them back as well' I thought as I slowly faded.

I know that not much has changed in this chapter, but trust me, next one is starts almost completely from scrap.