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Shelby continued to laugh as we fled from the swarm of corrupted digimon. At first, we thought we may have been able to defeat them, but the few Tsukaimon suddenly turned into more than two dozen of them. I may have screamed a little, while Shelby gave me a small look as she laughed at my, uhm, screech of terror. Renamon digivolved to his Champion level, Sorcerymon, and was a little ways behind us with NeoVeemon. They were fending off the corrupted digimon so we could make our escape. Shelby continued to laugh at our predicament, but we were gaining speed ahead of the Tsukaimon.

"Um… Where exactly are we going?" I asked Shelby as we fled in terror. She gave a small start, and then pulled out her digivice.

"Oh, it looks like Primary Village was in the other direction. Whoops." She stopped abruptly and with a small chuckle.

"Why are you stopping?" I screamed at her, as the digimon swarm grew closer, giving her a look like she was insane. She just smirked.

"I said our destination is the other way, didn't I? Sorcerymon, it's time to digivolve!" Her digivice and crest both lit up, and Sorcerymon was engulfed in a bright light. Coming out of the light was Wisemon, the Ultimate level of Shelby's partner. He pulled out the giant book that come with his evolution, and cried out his attack.

"Eternal Nirvana!" The book glowed, and sucked up all the corrupted Tsukaimon. NeoVeemon struggled against the force, but Wisemon ended his attack as soon as the last Tsukaimon was gone. Wisemon reverted to Renamon, and helped Neo get up. They walked over to us as I gave Shelby another look.

"And why didn't you just do that in the beginning, before we ran off! I mean, we've been running for like, 10 minutes," I say to her. She just shrugs and smiles again.

"I forgot. Whoops," she says to me, with a completely innocent look on her face.

"Hey!" an unknown voice cries out at us. A small red digimon charges out at us, and looks ready to attack us. He has feather like protrusions on his back, charged with sparks of electricity. "Wait, humans? It's been a long time since I've seen any humans. Are you digidestined?" He cautiously lowers his fighting stance when we nod. I look at the small red digimon, and recognize him as Elecmon. He quickly introduced himself. "My name is Elecmon!" I kinda rolled my eyes at that, but wondered how exactly I was able to identify digimon like that. "I am the guardian of Primary Village." I turned to Shelby with a start.

"I thought you said we were going the wrong way!" I glared at her. She shrugged again, and pulled out her digivice. She looked at it a few seconds, then flipped it 180 degrees.

"I had it upside down. Whoops," she says with a small chuckle, and looked very embarrassed.

"You're saying whoops way too many times," I sighed and turned back to Elecmon.

"Is Primary Village close by? We heard it was safe from these corrupted digimon," I ask him, hopefully. I really didn't want to have to keep fighting digimon, though I knew it was only the beginning. This was similar to how it started at that city we were in. Small and weak digimon to start with, but then they started growing in strength and size. I glanced at NeoVeemon, and wondered what his mega form might be like. Elecmon nodded his head, but also gave us a curious look.

"Are you here to help us with these evil digimon? We've had so many troubles with them lately," Elecmon looks at us hopefully. We nod our heads and he grins. "Great! Follow me!" He heads off back into the forest, and we follow him. We didn't have to travel far. Coming out of the woods, there was a clearing and in it was a large village. The best way to describe it really was somewhere along the lines of a child's paradise. The village itself looked like it was made up of large play blocks, and the ground seemed to be made up of the same material. The most prominent feature however, was the large amount of small digimon, and the cradles scattered throughout the village as well. As we approached the border, a swarm of the child digimon came up to great Elecmon. He laughed and ran up to meet them. Shelby got this insane grin on her face and ran as well, almost crashing into the crowd of child digimon, who immediately began playing with her. I smirked a little bit and proceeded forward as well. However, I stopped at what was clearly the boundary of the village (it was where the dirt ground stopped and whatever made up the village ground started) and looked down. There was a very faint light surrounding the border of the village, and it seemed to be glowing up, like some kind of field of light. I ran my hand through the particles and felt a tingle in response. Shelby came over to me.

"What are you looking at," she questioned me, looking confused. I looked up at her.

"There's this weird light, can't you see it?" She gave me another confused look, and shook her head.
"Alex, there isn't anything there." She walked back towards the center of the village. NeoVeemon came up next to me.

"I can see it Alex. I don't know what it is though…" he said, with an apologetic look on his face. I give him a smile and a pat on the head, which cheers him up instantly.

"It's not a big deal, Neo. I'm sure there are a lot of things here that we will never understand. The digital world is so amazing so far," I say to him and get back up. Shelby, however, interrupts our moment with a scream.

"Alex! Look out," she yells in fear. I whip around in surprise at the look at her face and see another swarm of digimon, this time however it was about four Gazimon. They had red eyes and mottled fur from the corruption. I fall back as Neo jumps in front to protect me. However, as the Gazimon leap forward, a flash of light comes from below me as I land on the border of the city, right on the light. As soon as I touched it, my crest glowed and the light burst forward from below me and spread farther out, hitting the Gazimon and continuing out into the forest. The light is blinding and everyone in the area has to cover their eyes. The next thing I know, I am squished under a pile of Gazimon, hugging me and screaming gratitude in my face. I had no clue what was happening, but suddenly felt light headed, like I had just run a long distance. The Gazimon keep thanking me for whatever it is I seem to have done until Shelby, Neo and Renamon pry them off from me. I sit up confused as the all wave and run off into the forest. I rub my eyes and look out in the direction they ran. I notice now the same faint light that was previously surrounding the village now covered the forest and a ways beyond that now, and was a lot brighter. I realize that somehow, that light is what prevented the corruption from reaching the village, and now I expanded it. Turning towards Shelby with what I was sure was a goofy look on my face, I asked her a question.

"Do you see the light now?"