Davina Conveigh sighed looking out the window of her parents' car as they pulled up to Davina's new school. Davina and her twin brother Antony were to be joining Madison Prepetory School a fact neither of them were excited about until Davina spotted a group of kids in army greens, she sat up, excitedly, and the sudden movement caught her father's attention. He looked out, the passenger's side window and also spotted the boys.

"Ah yes, I forgot Madison has a JROTC program." Samuel Conveigh commented and glanced at his daughter as they got out of the car. All her life Davina had wanted to be in s military program, she had even begged her parents to let her join military school, but Davina had also always been very delicate and so her parents didn't feel military school was a good fit.

"Is this some kind of punishment, Dad?" Davina asked staring at the boys.

"No, and I've already arranged your schedule, for you so don't even think about joining." Davina sighed and looked at Antony who looked ready to blow up on their mother.

"Come on, Antony; let's see if we can find the counselor's office." Davina said grabbing her bags. Her twin sighed and followed suit, and watched as she stared at the boys dressed in camouflage catching their breath.

"Forget it, Sis you know Mom would never go for it." They stepped inside the large building.

"I don't see why not. I played softball –"

"And broke your finger."


"Sprained your wrist."


"Twisted your ankle."


"Dislocated your shoulder, that one still has me confused."

"Go-kart racing,"

"Slipped a disk in your back."

"And volleyball."

"In which you broke your nose, dislocated your thumb and re-sprained your wrist. Just face it Davina, you're not cut out for physical activity." Davina sighed. "Here it is."

"Hi, I'm Mrs. Payne." Greeted the counselor when the twins stepped inside her well organized office. "You must be Antony and Davina Conveigh."