Prologue: The Ice Bears [7:35p.m.; Blizzard: Unknown Location]

"A cub without a parent is like a cub without a pelt. A cub must have parenthood to live. If not, a cub must have self-control. You must learn to control this. You must learn to control yourself..."

-Zoran the Noble

The young, polar cub stumbled through the raging blizzard surrounding him. He had been stuck in this blizzard for at least an hour, but he couldn't remember where he was or how he got there. One minute he was with his mother learning how to catch fish, the next he had frost all over his white, silky pelt. Had he taken a wrong turn? Where was his mother now?

"Ma?" the cub found himself repeating every five minutes. He would try to find his way out of the blizzard, but each time he tried to, the cub had been walking in circles the entire time. The blizzard seemed never ending.

The cub stopped for a minute to catch his breath. The icy blizzard was causing his lungs to breathe slower and slower. The bear felt as if he might pass out, but if he did then he could die.

The cub sniffled as green snot began to soak down his black snout and to the ground where it then became frozen solid. His mother would have whooped him if she had found out that he was letting his nose run. She would always say 'Wipe those boogers off your face, son! Don't use your pelt, find a stick or ice crystal to wipe it on! A male bear should never let his snout run; it is very impolite and will cause you to not find a beautiful, female bear.'

The bear shivered and blinked. If the blizzard didn't kill him, then the wolves surely would. If he were a strong, older bear like he had always desired, he could easily kill the White Wolves, but alas, he wasn't.

A howling echoed through out the icy blizzard. A sign of wolves, maybe? Or maybe they were coming from passing polar bears howling at the night air. Whatever the case, the cub had to try to find help, or he would be turned into a bear popsicle stick.

The cub listened for the sound. North. It had to be close. The cub rushed through the raging storm, stumbled a few times, and stopped. The howling had stopped.

Shadows of bears walked throughout the wall of ice. The cub rubbed his blue eyes. Were his eyes playing tricks on him? "Hey, wait!" he cried as he rushed at the frosty wall and broke the barrier.

The cub gasped. Instead of seeing clear, white snow, the blizzard continued to surround him. He looked around in shock. No sign of any polar bears or wolves. Maybe he was lost in a never ending storm? Maybe this was a curse for disobeying his mother a few times in the past. His mom had always told him never to disobey your parents, or bad things would happen to you. The cub was beginning to believe this.

A large wall of snow rushed at the cub, covering his pelt and causing the dripping snot to freeze to his face almost instantaneously. The cub sneezed downward, getting the snot all over his fuzzy paws. The cub's temperature was rising; he was getting a fever. If he didn't get out of here soon, then he would die from unhealthiness.

The cub fell to the ground in pain. He shriveled up like an armadillo and clutched his growling stomach. Being cold was one thing; he was starving. The cub had planned to eat fish with his mother and still hadn't eaten.

Suddenly, five, shadowy figures began to approach from the darkness of the blizzard. They had four paws, short, stubby tails, and small, fuzzy, bear ears. They were polar bears. The bears were all wearing armor, but all but one were wearing purple armor. The lead bear was wearing black armor and had a large, red scar across his right brow to the tip of his snout. All of the bears had red eyes.

The cub lifted his head in happiness and stood up on his small paws, "Thank goodness, you've come to save me! Please, I've lost my mother!"

The lead bear crept over to the cub followed by the purple-armored bears. He looked at the young one in front of him as if he could see through his soul. He said in a menacing voice, "You are a very foolish cub. We are here to kill you."

The cub gasped and began to slowly walk away from the bears. He turned his head around to run when he saw that more purple-armored bears had come up behind him and surrounded him. He was doomed. "Why? Why do you want to kill me? I thought all polar bears were supposed to be friendly!" cried the cub, almost sobbing.

"Not us, boy. Not us," said the bear. He turned his head to look at his comrades behind him, "Fighters!"

"Yes, sir?" asked the bears at the same time. They looked at their leader with anxiety.

"Grab him. Take him away to our fortress where he will be ripped limb from limb and banished of his silky pelt where it will then be given to those that need pelts!" ordered the bear.

"Yes, sir!" cried the bears. The enclosed around the cub.

The leader roared into the night air. He looked down at the cub, "Time to die, son!"

The cub screamed and tried to dove between the bear's paws. He rushed to his feet and ran for his life.

"Foolish cub! Get him!" growled the bear.

The purple bears roared and rushed off after the cub. "First one to catch him gets his heart!" growled one.

The cub screamed as he rushed across the snowy ice as the storm raged around him. He gasped as he slid to a stop at a cliff.

"No where to go now, cub!" growled the leader as he rushed at the cub.

The cub ducked. He needed a guardian angel to save him from these terrible monsters. Someone... Anyone...

Suddenly, a large golden-armored bear roared and collided with the bear in the air. It grabbed at the bear and began to claw at him.

The leader roared and pushed him to the ground, "Zoran! You shall pay for stopping us from claiming this cub as ours!"

The mysterious bear pushed the leader into the cliff and clawed at his face.

The cub gasped. What was happening around him? He glimpsed the area. Several golden-armored bears had joined the fight and were attacking the purple ones.

The leader roared and smashed the bear's head into the ice. He smacked him in the face.

The bear roared and threw a dagger at his opponent's head, but he missed. He tripped the bear with his paw.

The leader growled and stepped back. He looked at his surrounding comrades only to realize that more than half of them had been killed. "Haul back!" he roared to the bears.

The purple bears stopped fighting the golden bears and rushed off behind their master, who was already halfway across the icy storm.

The golden bear who had bravely defended the cub against the leader looked him in the eye. He had blue eyes as well. How coincidental. The bear opened his mouth, "Don't get into any more trouble, you hear? We don't like rescuing someone more than once."

"I won't. Thank you for saving me," said the cub as he wiped his snout of snot and wiped it in the snow.

The bear picked up the dagger he had tossed earlier. He wiped it clean of blood stains from other bears and placed it in his armor. "You won't get hurt where we're going," he said.

"Wait," said the cub, "Are you abducting me?"

"Let's say that we're taking you to an orphanage at Zaluna where you will be trained to fight," said the bear.

"Orphanage? I'm not an orphan! I have a mother!" exclaimed the cub.

"If your mother isn't with you, then you are classified as an orphan. Your mother is miles away from here," explained the bear.

"Then take me to her," ordered the cub.

"She's dead. At the bottom of the ocean. Drowned," said the bear.

The cub gasped. His eyes began to drip of tears, but they soon froze to his face. His mother, dead? Really? "She's... dead?"

The bear nodded. He gestured for the cub to follow, "Don't you worry. Here at the Zaluna we will supply you with everything you need. We'll make it work. Now come on, we're leaving now."

The cub wiped away his tears and began to sob within his throat. He looked at the bear's sparkling, blue eyes in a trustworthy way. He trusted this bear. After all, he had saved his life.

"Good," said the bear, "It's up North."

The golden bears behind them began to follow. They grew closer to the cub.

The cub shivered, still cold. He wished there was a wool coat around here somewhere.

As if he had read his mind, the blue-eyed bear pulled out a gray blanket from deep within his armor and placed it on the cub's back, "Here."

The cub looked up at the bear. Who was this bear? Why did he seem so familiar? "Thanks," he said.

And so the bear set off into the cold night air to exit the blizzard and head North to the mysterious place called Zaluna where the cub would become an orphan.