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No... No more he couldn't take it. The heat danced across his skin licking his face. Nothing but the horrid nightmare stood before him, embracing him in its cold center. He screamed out, screamed for his friends, screamed for his family, Screamed in till his throat was sore, raw, burning. The wind picked up moving the black hairs from his sweaty face to reveal a terrified expression. He just let it happen. He could have saved them. He could have. His dulled ice blue, bloodshot eyes, showing all of the raw emotions that escaped his grasp. river flowed from his eyes and onto the slowly warming ground. Mixing with puddles of the dark red blood that belonged to his friends, his was too lost to hear someone walk up to him. He didn't feel the icy chill that came out of his mouth in a puff of blue smoke. He barely noticed a hand resting on his shoulders, or the dark aurora surrounding the evil figure. A dark voice rung in his ears.
"Daniel you belong to me, our future is set, you will become me."

This brought the teen out of his stupor. Turning around to face his evil future. 'No it can't... it couldn't... he promised.' He glared at the blue skinned version of himself. He found his voice. "I promised I would never become you." His future self seemed to be excited about that. Red eyes filled with insanity found their way into his blue ones. The white flames in his hair seemed to glow more and more excited for the challenge. Danny rose up to fight, but what he saw left him scared again. He couldn't move.

The man with wild white flaming hair held a malice smile on his face, his ruby red eyes looked at the teen with confusion. "All that build up for nothing. I thought you would do better than that." A black light found its way through Dan. Dan turned to look at the figure behind him. His ruby eyes went wide.

Danny looked at the figure in front of him. When the figure turned its head to Danny all he saw was two pure white eyes, his vision went black.

Danny floated in the black abyss. Pain washed through his body drowning it in agony. 'It hurts, it hurts.' It felt like something was cutting into his face. it was unbearable. Like you where being stabbed with hundreds of needles. Danny screamed one more time into the night. Then it stopped. It finally stopped.

While young Daniel was on the ground, a cloaked figure floated down next to him. This figure had blue skin cladded with purple. His features forever changing. The figure whispered, "Danny it is not your time. I'm sorry I cant help your family. "

The cloaked figure looked down at the teen and gasped. He placed a gloved hand on the teens face to clean off the blood. There on his pale face right under his eye was an unfinished message in an unique language, the language of the Lamia, and this one had their sights on Danny.

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