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Jinx ran up to where Danny was last seen. She heard him crying. She bent down lower to his level. Danny just looked at her. "Go away, bad things happen everywhere I go. Theres no need to get you involved. Jinx just lightly punched him on top of his head.

"This coming from the same kid who saved me, took me in when I had no where else to go." Danny looked a way. A white ring appeared and split in half traveling up and down his body. Turning him back into Fenton. Jinx made him look at her. "I have bad luck too maybe we could help each other out huh?" Jinx said with a smirk getting up and holding out her hand for him to grab. Danny had a light smile on his face. He took her hand and she pulled him up.

"Thanks Jinx" He hugged her. Jinx blushed a tad bit. She pulled away as soon as the titans got to them. The traffic light colored leader stepped forward.

"You know, you have a lot of explaining to do." He looked at Danny then he looked at Jinx. "Both of you."

Danny looked up at the Titans. He looked at the green one who held awe in his eyes. To the alien girl with the fire red hair who held a similar reaction from the green with purple spandex wearing one, to the half robotic team member who was calculating if his was possible or not then saw Raven step forward. Her hood up so the shadows covered her upper half of her face. Her eyes seemed to glow. "What made you make a deal with that?" She asked in a monotone voice. He sighed frankly he didn't remember asking for any type of help. He looked down at the ground trying to word this right. Jinx put her other hand on the one she was holding, urging him to go on. Her pink cat like eyes softening a bit but still holding the look of, Your such a baby I'll be here if you need me look. If he didn't just go through what he did then he would have laughed. Danny took a deep breath out, rubbing the back of his head with his hand. "It all started when I was going to take a test."


Naku walked through the halls of her home. The dark abyss that she belonged too. Her eyes scanned over her dolls of the ones she collected in the past. A bitter sweet smile spread across her face looking at the trophies she collected. She never wanted to take after her mother, but she did. Ever since they took away her sister. The only one left who was a family to her. She swore to bring her back. She took one of her dolls and sat it up in a chair. She took another one and sat it in another chair. She smiled as she brushed the long red hair. She hummed. "That brother of yours is really pesky wouldn't you say?" She told the unmoving doll. "His fear tastes good you know. Like Ice cream. Well I wouldn't know. Does Ice cream taste sweet? I never had any how about you?" She starred at the doll forgetting that it couldn't talk. "Dang i'm talking to a doll I made out of memories of the half ghost child." She shook her head. "I need to get out more. It was fun to see the outside world. I never been there unless I had a soul to get. I wonder how all the fear of every pathetic human taste like. I would've found out myself if mother would let me. I'm just suppose to follow her like a good daughter that I'm suppose to be." She stopped brushing the dolls hair. She smacked the doll in the face. Its head moving to the side. "But you wouldn't know what that is like do you. You don't feel like a replacement for a brother. You never had someone better than you. Someone you hate get the better of you." She kicked the dolls chair. It fell down and the doll fell to the floor cracking the doll's face around the eye. "I don't know why I'm talking to a doll I made as your body for your lost spirit, but It seems like talking to you is normal. Your soul is mine forever and I know you probably hate me." Naku closed her eyes, then opened them looking at the large crack in the dolls face. "Through the memories he has of you I'm not shocked that he loves you and trusts you a lot." She paused smirking "I'm sorry I hate to this, but then again as an older sister you know why I have too." She hit the doll again. "I have to break that trust. Now you must feel week not being able to protect your little brother, just like how it hurt me" She stepped on the dolls face, cracking it some more. "Your brother will be just like you, his soul will be mine, his eyes dull and ready to do my bidding." She laughed after that.

Naku spit after the doll looked broken. She then moved over to her next doll. This one had short black hair, its eyes a bright purple. Most people would say this doll was depressing. Naku knew though. Naku saw the happy moments that the raven haired boy shared with this lavender eyed goth girl. All the memories they shared together. All the laughs they had. The hidden feelings for one another. Now that was sad. She took the dolls face in her hands making it look up at her. "Did you know the person you love has another lover. Another dark girl just like you. Isn't that cute? I bet you envy her? Want to smash her face in. I know you though, you would probably want him to move on with his life. I can't let him do that. He could break this curse if he moved on." She smirked. "Thats why I'm making you do this." She Started brushing the other dolls hair. "I wish you guys can answer, but all you guys would do is swear and yell at me."

Naku stopped brushing the dolls hair, as she felt a disturbance in her curse. She punched the doll. "Shit."

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