"Would you have just fallen in love with any silly, stupid girl to come to this island?"

Tarzan followed Jane through the thick brush of the canopy as she stormed away from him, struggling to get past thickets of vines and bundles of overhanging branches. She was clumsy, yes, and angry, even more so, but Tarzan still couldn't help but smile an amused smile as he watched her with such a curiosity that she had always sparked in him. She was graceful- in her own way.

"I mean, honestly, what makes me so special? You say I'm beautiful, and smart, but you don't know any better because you've never met anyone else!"

Her voice dripped thick with the accent of a land he'd never visited and probably never would. After his only encounter with the ship meant to take them there, he swore he'd never board one ever again.

"I should've stayed with my father," she grumbled as her foot caught on a patch of stringy moss. Her foot kicked wildly to free itself, only entangling it more. Jane groaned.

"I belong in England. With people."

Tarzan knelt at her foot and worked his nimble fingers to untangle her from the plant. Without a word of thanks, she continued walking, pumping her fists at her sides. Although Tarzan had never seen Jane act this way before, some gut instinct told him not to speak. Instead, he observed as she fumed to herself. He wondered where she was headed.

"And you'd think, when you give up everything- your entire life, for a man, the least he could do is show his appreciation. And by the way-"

She hadn't noticed Tarzan climbing the tree as she passed it. In a flash, he had jumped down in front of her, effectively cutting her off; he grabbed her firmly by the forearms and pulled her flush to him, eliciting a single "oh" from her that was swallowed by his mouth on hers.

When he finally pulled away, Jane was speechless.

"You are beautiful," he said, and he meant it. He had seen pictures of women in the books and slides they showed him. He had seen a picture of his mother in the treehouse. Jane was as pretty- if not prettier- than her. But he would tell her that another time, maybe on a dark, starry night down by the ocean as they lay side-by-side, hands clasped.

For now, he watched her expectantly as she struggled to find her voice.

"And… um, by the way…uhh," Jane bumbled, looking away from Tarzan as if she were trying to still be angry. She failed. He kissed her again.

On the matter of where exactly Tarzan lives in Africa, almost everything I've read about the setting indicates that he does live on an island off the coast of the continent, most likely Madagascar. Lemurs ONLY reside on that island, and they are shown clearly in the film. Then again, gorillas only live in central Africa. Then again again, a South American jaguar living in the African jungle is also kind of incorrect, so... yeah. Whatever, Disney.