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Four Seas Academy

Four Seas Academy (FSA) was a special school/program, and unless you pass their entry test, you can't go in. Their test wasn't a test of knowledge. It was a test of skill, will, and instincts. Everyone wanted to get in, since when you get in, you have a guaranteed full-scholarship to the nearby college, Grand Line University. There were many rumors surrounding the Academy's intensions, but we'll talk more about that later. Anyways, today is the first day of FSA, and this year, or today, there were eight new students. But there could be a new classmate anytime throughout the year. Anyways, the new kids' names were: Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Ussop, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky, and Brook. Now, let's see how they're getting ready for their first day of school, shall we?

Luffy's POV

"Ace! Where's my breakfast?" Luffy yelled as he stormed down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Hey! Luffy, shut up! Unless you want to feel my fist of love…" his Grandpa, the widely known navy officer bellowed as he straightened his tie.

"N-n-o, Gramps, I'm good…" Luffy stuttered as he fast-walked past his grandpa.

"Mornin' Luffy! Breakfast's on the table, lunch is next to the door and by the way, school's going to start in 15 minutes, so you might want to hurry and change and stuff." Ace informed his brother as he tied his shoes.

Hearing this, Luffy swore and moved like a blur as he changed, ate, brushed his teeth, got his bag, and dashed out the door all in 3 minutes. During this time, Garp was just sipping his black coffee while watching the latest news until he realized that both his grandsons left without saying goodbye, and he dashed out the door as well.

"Luffy! Ace! Where are your manners! You should at least say goodbye to your grandfather before you leave!" He yelled, not caring at all about the strange stared he was getting from his neighbors.

Zoro's POV

Zzzz….Zzzz…. "Wake up!" someone yelled at the green-haired boy as he kept on snoring on. This time, the person sighed, and after checking that Zoro had no weapons near him in a 1-meter radius, gave some multiple pokes to Zoro's left cheek, who stood up quickly and glared at the person who disturbed his peaceful sleep.

"Yosaku…" he growled. "Why did you wake me up?"

"Aniki…it's 7:00…you're going to be late for the first day of your school! And Hawks-eye is going to be your homeroom teacher, right? Then you wouldn't want to be late! Zoro, get up!" Yosaku pleaded desperately as his roommate tried to crawl back under his blanket again.

"Fine. But you owe me…" Zoro said as he tried to walk through his open door and to the kitchen.

"Uh, Aniki? That's the bathroom." Yosaku said awkwardly.

"Yeah, I knew that." Zoro hurriedly said as he ran down the hallway and ended up in the broom closet.

"Why don't you just follow me, since we're rushing right now?" Yosaku asked Zoro, with a little fear in his eyes at what his roommate might say.

After some "thinking", Zoro decided that indeed, Yosaku was right, and so therefore he shold be as cooperative as he can be in the morning.

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