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Ussop's POV

(A/N: I decided to skip classes, because I finally realized that this story was moving way too slow. So now, it is Lunch time, with Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Ussop, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brook.)

"Here, Chopper. Follow the Great Ussop-sama if you want to hear another story." Ussop said proudly as he took long strides to the lunch line, a big, slightly sly smile plastered on his face.

"Oh, Okay!" Chopper said happily as he trotted over to Ussop's side.

"Well, lemme tell you about this one time when I was 9 and fought this great sea king. You should've seen the size of it! It was the king of the sea kings, and so it was also very powerful. I wouldn't have chosen to fight it, but you see, the sea king was attacking my ship with its 200,000 crew members. Even my right-hand man was beaten, and everyone on the ship said: 'Save us, O Great Captain Ussop!' I got out my treasured kabuto and got some multiple Himawari Stars and shot them, one by one…" And Ussop would've kept on rambling on if it hasn't been for Daz Bones, who has been quietly waiting behind the two chattering first-years for the past 5 minutes. (He was waiting this long, because during lunch, there are always 'patrollers', and they would beat up anyone who disturbed the lunch line or gave damage to the school, etc…and he didn't want to take a chance.)

"If you don't shut up and move forward, I would slice your heads off." He threatened.

"Hiiee! I'm so sorry, we'll move right away." Ussop spoke really fast as he walked quickly forward, dragging the petrified Chopper behind him.

After the two got their lunch, they wandered around the cafeteria looking for an open seat, when everything went dark. After a second or two, a lone spotlight shone on the center of the stage, where a guy in a red cardigan and black shorts was waving his hands around to get everyone's attention. Soon after, one of the patrollers stormed up to the stage, his face red from anger. He was yelling at him, and so the boy got out a slip from one of the pockets in his shorts and while he showed the patroller the slip, he grinned hugely. Seeing the slip, the patroller scowled while he stomped off the stage. The boy in the red cardigan suddenly cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled.


Everyone went quiet, and then the other Captains burst out laughing. However, some of the other Captains, such as Trafalgar Law, simply smirked and went back to whatever they were doing a moment before, like…knitting! Just kidding, they just went back to eating. Anyways, back to Ussop. He was simply horrified at what just happened, even more after he found out that he was one of the new kids, like him. He pretended not to notice Luffy's existence, and keep on looking around for a seat, when Chopper suddenly raised his hand.

"I will, oh, I'm Chopper by the way!" He said with a happy smile on his face, and then he turned toward Ussop. "Ussop, you should, too! I could tell with my animal intuition that he's a very good person!" The said person snatched Chopper and dragged him out of the cafeteria, where he scolded him about how he shouldn't suddenly drag him into conversations and such. But he could tell that Chopper was genuinely sorry about what he did, and sure that the strange rubber kid didn't hear Chopper, he heaved a large sigh of relief and went back into the cafeteria, when he found Luffy dangling from one of the lights in the center of the cafeteria, calling out their name.

Shit…that kid heard Chopper, and now he's looking for us, what should we do, what should we do, what should he do…? Ussop thought desperately when suddenly, him and his little furry friend was hoisted up. Afraid, Ussop squirmed around to face one of his classmates, Urouge. He was grinning widely, from ear to ear, similar to the one Luffy usually has.

"Hey Luffy, I think I found who you were looking for!" He said loudly, swinging the two to show Luffy.

"Oh, thanks, Urouge! That was a big help. So now, I have…1…and since Nami said we have two new crewmates, 2…3….um…what comes after that? Shishishishishishishi" Luffy asked Urouge while laughing his signature laugh.

"You have 5 crew members, Luffy…" Urouge didn't look so happy anymore, having to deal with Sir Stupidity. However, the sight of the obviously terrified two fellow students in his grasp was certainly improved his mood a little. "Hey Luffy, catch." Urouge called as he tossed the two students high up. They were quickly grabbed by a long, rubbery arm, and were dropped on the stage, following with a dull thunk. And a medium sized hole in the middle of the stage.

"Ow, handle with care! I am the Great Captain Ussop, and if you harm me, my 600,000 underlings will come and murder you!" Ussop screamed, trying to make the not-bright-at-all rubber kid fall for one of his lies so that he'll lie to an advantage.

"Really?" Luffy asked, his eyes forming into stars.

"No, you moron." Someone said, pissed, and threw a water bottle at Luffy's head, causing him to blink in confusion.

"Really? Why would he lie about that? But if Nami said so, then she's probably right. Why are you lying to me?" Luffy asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Um…err…I didn't." Ussop said, determined that his lie's going to get through. Unfortunately for Ussop, Luffy wasn't even listening, because he diverted his stare to the furriness next to the long-nosed student, who was quivering from the attention that he was getting.

"A monster!" Luffy shouted, much to the amusement of the other students in the cafeteria. They looked around, but since Chopper was staying down in the hole, only Luffy could see the small reindeer. (A/N: Hooray for Chopper! He finally figured out how to hide effectively!) Luffy shot down while calling out "Gum-Gum No Rocket!" and shooting straight towards the hole. When he got in, he realized that the 'monster' was running away, in his "Walking Point" And so the great chase began.

Chopper's POV

Chopper was running, running. He knew that the scary rubber kid can catch up any second with his rocket thingy attack. So the solution? Turn as many corners as possible, or maybe lock himself in a room. (A/N: The author would like to remind the reader about the following sentence after this note. Remember that this is a special academy, and so these things are normal in this school.) Chopper suddenly stopped when he found a sign that said "Weaponry Room" He dashed into the room, and locked himself up. The room had several fluorescent light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, so the room was bright. It also showed more about how the light reflected off the swords, and some even had small red splatters on it.

Oh my Oda…this place is scary! Calm yourself, Chopper. Calm yourself. You are a man, and man does not get scared from weaponry. That Luffy person might come again any second now, so I should hide behind that big shield with the cobras on it. Do it quickly, Chopper. Chopper thought as he scrambled behind the shield and hugged his knees.

Suddenly, a large CRASH! rang through the halls. And what do you know, Luffy busts the door open, calling out Chopper's name while in the process. With every call Luffy yelled, Chopper made himself smaller. Then he stopped abruptly and looked at the huge shield decorated with pictures of cobras. He picked it up not because he thought Chopper was there, but because he thought that the shield is one of the most amazing things he had ever seen. But Chopper didn't know that. So he scurried out of the room, and the chase was on. Again. But fortunately for Chopper, and the readers who are probably getting bored of the chase, Crocodile obscured their path. He was the head of the patrollers, and had taken an immediate disliking of Luffy ever since he saw him on the center of the stage, so he'd been following them. He put Luffy into some kind of cage made entirely out of sand, and let Chopper go. With this, Chopper ran away faster than Kizaru when he was in his speed-of-light form.

Now, since this is Chopper's POV, let's leave Luffy and Crocodile alone, and you, the reader(s) can think about how Luffy got tortured from Crocodile for the remainder of lunch. Sorry!

Once Chopper neared the hole, he took a big jump and grabbed onto the edge of the hole. He peeked outside to see if there was any chance of him getting noticed. The other students, however just kept on having lunch as though this happened every day. With this happy discover, Chopper hauled himself out of the hall and ran around tap-tap-tap, looking for his long nosed friend. After about a minute or so, he finally found him. He was also hanging around with a big cyborg with no hair and speedos. They were talking about something intensely, and as Chopper neared them, he saw that they were talking about the weapons that were on sale at the Student Store. Chopper jumped onto the seat next to Ussop, and finally noticing his friend's presence, he patted his head and gave him his lunch that Chopper abandoned when he ran away from Luffy.

After Chopper finished his hamburger, he turned toward the bald speedo cyborg. "Hi, My name is TonyTony Chopper, and I am a reindeer who ate the Hito Hito No Mi and so now I'm a reindeer/human hybrid. I'm also a doctor. What about you?" He asked with curiosity.

"Hey, I am Franky, and I am…SUPAAA! I like cola, and I refuse to wear anything that's not a speedo, and a Hawaiian shirt, so as soon as this lunch period started, I changed out of my uniform. I'm a cyborg, and I'm also a shipwright. By the way, are you three in any pirate crews at all? Because I'm looking for a good captain, but most of the captains here and their crews are all made up of bastards, bastards, and even more bastards. All they want is money, and blood, so I don't want to be a shipwright for someone who is possibly the descendant for Count Dracula." Franky said the last part with a frown.

"W-w-well," Ussop stuttered "We're kind of in one, but we're not exactly sure. You see, Chopper here volunteered us into joining the Strawhat Crew. However, we didn't shake on it, and I don't really agree, and Chopper's having his doubts. So not really, but yes. Besides, I wanted my own crew with me being the Captain. The Great Captain Ussop-Sama and his Ussop Crew." Ussop said first shakily, then proudly.

"Wait. Strawhat as in the one who was on the stage about 15 minutes ago?" Franky asked, ignoring Ussop's lie as he gave a small chuckle while chugging his 4th bottle of gallon-sized Cola.

"…..yes…." Chopper replied instead of Ussop, who was still ranting about his 'many past achievements' and also about his something thousand crew members.

"Wow, so what are you going to do now?" Franky asked in between gulps.

"I have no idea." Chopper replied again, with a tired expression on his face.


The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch, so the trio went to their respective classes.

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