Running Away


Getting past the guards was easy. Most of them were either sleeping or not paying attention to a ten-year-old girl wearing a black cloak that covered her face. She half expected trouble at the gate, but no, she made it past without as much as a second glance her way.

She had been planning to run away for a while. Ever since she looked into her mother's cold, lifeless eyes she knew she couldn't stand living with the monster that killed her. Just thinking about her father made her clench her teeth and curl her fingers into a fist. She imagined her father's laugh as he saw his daughter hanging over his wife's body. "Remember something, Idril. Those you love will always leave you. Don't think for a second they won't. It's better that you make sure they can't leave." She remembered his boots making a clicking noise as he turned away and walked off into the darkness, but not before uttering, "But let's face it. You're my daughter, who could ever love you?"

His voice echoed in her thoughts. She breathed in deeply, pulled the cloak closer to her face, and started running. When she was out of breath, she just ran harder. I will get away.