At the Lair:

"I don't care Fearless, I'm sick and tired of ya restrictin' Mikey all da time! He ain't useless and ya, he may need more protection 'ight now, but he's our bro!" Raph said angrily from his bed in the infirmary, glaring at Leo.

"Look Raph, I hate this as much as you, but Mikey needs constant supervision when we are out. If we are ambushed, how can we guarantee his safety?" Leo countered with a sigh as he sat down in a nearby chair, rubbing his forehead, "Look, right now is not the time to be discussing this! You just woke up!"

Raph growled, "Ya, and I noticed Mikey ain't here. Ya guys talk ta 'im aft'a he punched me?"

Don shook his head, turning angrily, "No, of course not! He punched you Raph! Even after I told him about your injuries and that it could kill you but he didn't even listen!"

Raph shook his head, leaning back in his bed as he gazed around once more, seeing Splinter sleeping in a nearby bed, "Wha' happened ta Splinter?"

Don sighed, looking at their father, "He said he was tired and his head was pounding so I made him lie down and take some more medicine...he doesn't have much longer left...three weeks to a month at the most..."

Leo stood, starting to pace, "We need to figure out a plan or something to help Mikey deal with everything...lately...he's been so was the first time in a long time I seen him really react to being blind and everything."

"Can ya blame him Leo?" Raph muttered, closing his own eyes since the lights were starting to hurt his eyes, "We got 'im locked up in the golden cage. He ain't allowed ta fight wit us, or use his would ya feel if tha' happened ta you?"

There was silence for a few minutes as they realized they may have done stuff the wrong way. Their weapons was a part of them, a true part of them they work and mastered as they grew up. Being isolated in the lair was another factor.

"How can we let him out guys?" Leo finally asked, his voice lost.

"Maybe we can train him to be able to sense other things..." Don said slowly, "He is getting better, just...we aren't able to hone his training. We don't know how."

"Well, can't he jist be like tha' blind guy from tha' movie...wha' was tha' called again?" Raph said roughly, his voice sounding as if he was confused.

"You mean Dare Devil!?" Don asked surprised, before his eyes flashed with sudden inspiration, "Sonar! Why didn't I think of that?" he said, before he started muttering to himself, "That could work. He was having no trouble on his own, it was the problem that he couldn't detect others so close to him that was the problem...hmmmm," Don said, before he started towards the door.

"Hey Don, where are you going?" Leo asked, looking panicked for a second as he darted over, grabbing his arm, "What's going through that brain of yours?"

"Sonar...but I need to go and research this...Leo, go and make sure Mikey actually patched himself up right, and Raph, stay in bed, please!?" Don said before he shimmied free from Leo's hand and left the lair.

"Guess Donnie got inspired," Leo said, a smile growing on his face.

"'Bout time, now git Mikey in 'ere, I need ta talk ta 'im before he gets all guilted up," Raph said tiredly.

Leo smiled, "Alright, I'll be right back," and he left the room. He quickly was outside Mikey's room, knocking gently at the door. Frowning as he heard no answer, he slowly opened the door, "Mike, it's Leo," he called out, his eyes roaming the room.

Well, he cleaned it...mostly...I need to work on him getting all the blood stains out...I think we have to replace the carpet now... he thought vaguely as he glanced around. That's strange, Mikey isn't in here... where could he be?

It took a moment for him to think but seeing the blood he realized, Maybe he went to clean up in the bathroom... and quickly headed that way, but found no sign of his little brother.

His heart started to race as he hurried room to room, finding no sign of Mikey. Finally he burst into Don's lab, his heart pounding with fear as he pulled Donnie from the computer, "I can't find Mikey!" he said quickly, frazzled, his eyes wide with fear.

"What do you mean you can't find him? He's in the lair somewhere, isn't he?" Don said, eyes wide with his own fear, before he hurriedly moved the computer and started tapping on the keyboard. Suddenly the screens on all four computers changed, showing different exits of the lair.

Leo watched dry-mouthed as the time went backwards and cried out, "There he is!" he said pointing at the slightly blurred figure of his little brother hurrying through the exit of the lair.

"Why the Shell did he leave the lair!?" Leo burst out angrily, "He should know better than that!"

"He's tryin' ta escapeā€¦.Don, can ya find him in tha tunnels?" Raph asked, holding onto the edge of the computer chair, slightly exhausted from running from his bed.

Don tapped on the keyboards frantically, trying to find his little brother. They watched as Don finally found the right camera, watching in horror and feeling sick, as these Foot Ninjas mocked their brother as they fought him.

"We got to get 'im back," Leo said in a deadly voice, "There is no honor fighting one who cannot fight back!"

"I'm there," Raph said eagerly, about to run to his room but Don reached out, grabbing his arm to stop him from leaving the room, "No, you can't go Raph. One punch and you're dead. You cannot go!"

"But Donnie, tha' is Mikey tha' is out there! I ain't gonna jist stay behind while you guys go get 'im, you need help!" Raph said furiously.

"You have to! If you do get hit, you'd only have minutes...possible minutes that I can save you in! What if we're still fighting and you're down and out!? If I don't get to you, then you are dead!" Don said sternly, "I can't lose you too!"

Raph was astounded by Don's words, giving Don a rough hug to calm him, "Whoa, it's okay Donnie...I get it..." he paused, thinking before he stated angrily, "Okay...fine...then I'm helpin' plannin' and your gunna get a bunch of back up!"

Don nodded, "Thanks Raph...if...if things were different, I would have you by my side."

"I can handle missin' one fight as long as Mikey's home," Raph said, "but first, lets get a hold of Casey and April...maybe Leatherhead can help too..."

They each reached for their shell cell and dialled their friends...

Back to Mikey

Meanwhile, back in the cell, Mikey's body was cramping in agony. Everything hurt with having to stay upright for so long, and the cool air was making it hard to get comfortable.

Guys...please...find me...I...I want to go home...

He felt his head drooping forward as his body once again tried to collapse forward, the collar immediately tightening tightly around his throat, making his eyes snap open as he hurried back upward, tears rolling down his cheeks as he breathed deeply.

How...much longer...will...she do this... he thought tiredly, wishing he wasn't so tired, or his throat getting so sore. He yawned, cursing his body, his legs cramping painfully made him moan slightly.

He jumped as he heard the sound of metal moving, the door! and frowned as the room felt different. The air seemed to lighten for a moment before the clang of the metal thing sounded once more. That lightened feeling was gone.

Mikey shivered as he brought his hands to his arms, rubbing them slightly. He wished he could walk around. Suddenly, he could hear a skittering sound along the floor, and a hissing sound and he tensed up in sudden fear.

"W...who...w..who there?" he stuttered out, his voice barely a hoarse whisper.

The sound grew closer and he frowned as he attempted to back up but the leash no longer moved around the room. It stayed in place, limiting his movement.

Mikey felt himself starting to panic, his breathing started to get worse as he tried moving somewhere else. He gasped, inhaling sharply when he felt something suddenly fall on him, realizing it was cold water that had splashed on him from above.

"K..karai...wh...what was that?" he yelped out, his blank eyes darting everywhere as he used his hand to wipe the liquid from his eyes. He was thirsty, so he licked the water from his hand, but frowned when he tasted the sugar in the water. He winced, kneeling as he started to shiver from the cold water and exhaustion.

"W...why did put sugar into the w...water?" he stuttered out, confused and perplexed. He didn't know what to make of it and his anxiety increased more so when he heard the skittering sound come closer.

Suddenly he felt something crawl over the back part of his leg, he had been kneeling on the floor still and he yelped again, this time jumping to his feet.

His legs and the quick movement sent agony over his bruised body, and making his ribs feel like they were being stabbed.

His breathing increased and he was panting harshly as he felt something else crawl over his foot. He screamed as he felt wet fur and whiskers, kicking the thing away.

RATS! He shivered in remembrance of the Rat King when he was younger. He recalled the thousands of rats that tried to eat him and tried to yank free but the leash tightened around his throat as he tried moving, coughing weakly as he tried to move away.

He suddenly heard Karai laughing loudly all around him, the walls echoed with her laugh, and he tensed up in fear. He heard the sound of the door opening, "K...Karai?" he called out angrily, furious she was doing this, "Stop this!" he demanded.

The laughter continued but he heard the sounds of something being thrown in the air and the sound of broken glass. His throat seemed to tighten all of a sudden and he froze in place, not sure what just happened, gasping for breath. He was getting dizzy and weak, his body shaking with the effort to breathe.

He could hear a loud hissing sound, and the sounds of many little claws against the cement floor, making his heart pound in his chest.

The door clanged shut again after a few more things whistled through the air, the sound of something have been thrown seem loud to his ears. He cried out in fear as he heard it crashed and break apart against the ground.

Mikey gasped as his leash was suddenly loose and he fell to the ground with a pained cry, his legs and hands landing on broken glass.

He screamed again in pain as he felt bugs crawling all around him. It feels like cockroaches! He thought with a disgusted whimper as they tried crawling over his legs. He felt himself shivering in disgust and loathing, slapping them frantically away.

He scrambled to his feet, yelping in pain as his feet came into contact with the broken shards, impaling himself on them. He felt tears building up as he scrambled backwards, only to come into contact with some type of bugs and then the rats.

Crap, now I know why Raph's so scared of these things...I can't even see them but they sound freaky!

Mikey bit his lip, trying to stop himself from screaming and praying his brothers would save him soon.

He was running slowly, his legs shaking with exertion as he jogged around the room, his head drooping forward as he tried staving off sleep. He felt a cry leave his hoarse mouth as he finally just collapse to the ground, not even reacting as the glass pierced his skin, making small oozing wounds.

Mikey curled up into a ball, whimpering as he felt the claws of a rat crawl over him, yelping as one bit his upper shoulder. He shook slightly to dislodge the rat, but he was too tired to even move. His eyes closed and his body shut down, cockroaches and rats crawling all over him, biting his skin...

Days Passed:

It's's always me...where are you? Mikey glanced around warily, the darkness seem to engulf him, almost wrapping him in the odd sense that it wasn't real. It felt unreal being in the room.

He could hear the rats hissing, screeching and the sounds of their claws seem to echo loudly in his ears. No matter how many he killed, they were constantly around him, always there.

He hated rats.

Mikey whimpered as he heard the sounds of skittering feet approaching him and he hurried backwards not wanting to feel the disgusting fur of one. One ventured too close and he grabbed it with one hand.

He heard the rat screeching in his hands, the small body wriggling. He could feel the small ribs under his palm and the whiskers. He shuddered as he remembered Father, angry and helpless tears built in his eyes and he threw it hard against the wall.

A loud THUNK was heard, and it echoed almost as it made a splat against the ground. Mikey felt queasy when he heard the sound of the breaking bones. He shuddered, scrambling into a corner as he heard the rats squeaks and the hissing of the cockroaches.

Mikey wondered how long he was in there. He heard the sounds of metal creaking upwards and he scrambled towards the sound, knowing that was the food he was given. Time was skewed to him, but he knew he had been there for weeks at least. He would scratch the wall when his bucket of filth was taken out.

He never knew when they came to empty it. It was emptied when he was asleep or passed out. They were cruel though, because after each time they emptied it, they would throw down more broken glass and he would wake up to it.

He was starving slowly and there had been no contact with anyone the whole time he was there. All he had for company were the rats and cockroaches and as much as he detested them, he grew comfortable around them most of the time.

His hands moved forward, blindly finding the bucket half filled with pellets and what felt like lettuce and carrots. It wasn't much, scraps mostly; and half rotten but he stuffed it in his mouth anyway.

Need to eat...keep strong... and as much as he despised the pellets, he ate them because the rats would eat them it if he didn't.

He smelled awful, he knew that. Karai must not care about her prisoners...I wonder where the guys are...they haven't come yet...maybe they can't find me...

Filth covered his body, and his sense of smell was skewed. He could smell the rats and cockroaches, the filth they left behind, as well as the bucket he had found in his cell, which held his own filth, and he knew Karai was planning this.

Karai wanted him to live like an animal and be dependent on her.

Mikey vowed that wouldn't happen.

He would survive.

He growled when he heard the swarm of rats and cockroaches near him. He stopped, surprised...Why did I growl? He thought as he pulled away from the food for a moment in thought.

Mikey gasped in surprise as the rats started climbing on him, used to his smell and his reactions, and tried going into the bucket.

His reaction was instantaneous.

He growled in anger, jumping to his feet, holding the bucket up and away from them, yanking the contents out before stuffing them into his mouth. This is my food!

Mikey knew Karai didn't feed him often.

Sometimes it was days before he got food, but when he did, he had to fight for it.

Fuck off, this is mine! Mine! He thought growling angrily, kicking the rats and cockroaches away as he backed up. This is mine!

Suddenly laughter poured into the room and he jumped, the bucket falling from his arms as he whirled around confused, hands covering his ears. Where is it coming from?

He was still chewing his food when he realized he dropped his bucket. Dropping to the ground to his knees, his hands reached out for the bucket frantically, the laughter that continued around him was ignored as he searched for his food.

Rats, he knew, would scavenge quickly, making a meal of vegetables or his pellets. It would be gone in seconds. Cockroaches would swarm on them as well. His hands slapped the concrete ground as he searched, "NO, where is it!?" he cried out hoarsely, frantic with fear.

His hands suddenly hit something hard and knew it was his bucket and he pulled it closer to him, heart beating. He quickly pulled it up, hands diving within where the food was and nearly cried in frustration as it was empty.

"KARAI! GIVE ME SOME FOOD!" he screamed suddenly, anger and frustration building. He was sick of this cage where he lived with the rats and cockroaches, now at ease with them crawling on him. He knew the rats chewed parts of his flesh off and he attacked most of them. They now avoided biting him.

Mikey knew he had to dress the wounds to prevent himself getting sick. He used the water he was given, or his own saliva to clean the wounds. He hated having to act like an animal but he had no other choice. He needed to clean them.

"I want to go home..." Mikey whispered, he was feeling lost in this cage, feeling like a caged animal that once was wild. I'm losing...I'm losing who I was...

The sound of the door screeching open made his heart beat faster and faster and he crouched down low, legs back as he posed to strike the one in front of him. He knew he was right there! Right in front of him... he smells clean...and he was drinking coffee...just like Donnie.

Hope filled him for just a brief second, thinking it was his brother who finally came to rescue him.

"Bad turtle...sit," the man spoke sternly, a slight Japanese accent.

His heart sank painfully, shattering into pieces as he backed up. Tears built in his eyes as he turned his head towards the man, feeling hollow. Then his mind registered the man's words.

I am not a dog! Mikey thought bristling as a growl escaped his notice. He tensed up, his legs coiling as he heard the man step into the room.

He's dead!

Mikey continued to growl menacingly as he advanced on the man, using his sense of smell to find him. His hands moving rapidly as he ran forward, grasping the man's outfit tightly. He could feel the smooth material of cotton and tugged hard, tossing him backwards. He heard the sound of the body hitting the wall and the man groaning.


Mikey ran through the open door, he could smell cleaner air. His hands felt the walls as he ran down the hallway, wondering what way to go.

Crap...what way do I go?

He hit a door, his hand grasping wildly for the doorknob before he found it, and he yanked it open. He grinned when he smelled salt water.

That's outside! He thought eagerly as he darted out.

He could feel the difference beneath his feet as he touched dirt and rocks. He felt this immense pride that he had escaped.

See I knew it! I could do it! He thought as he walked forward slowly, pride in his heart.

Suddenly he heard laughter behind him and he whirled around, his fists trying to hit whoever was behind him. But his hands hit air and he stumbled slightly. His heart sank when he realized he hadn't escaped.

He cringed at the mocking laughter that followed and backed up, hoping to find something to help him. He yelped as the back of his foot his something sharp and fell down hard. Angry tears filled his clouded eyes as he heard the laughter that had burst out at his fall.

Mocking, insulting laughter that stung his ears and made his heart throb with hurt.


Landing on his shell, he scrambled to his side, half crawling, half scrambling as he got to his feet, wincing as he tore open several cuts and scratches.

His fear flared as he realized there was more than one person around. "What's going on?" he asked roughly, trying to control the fear that was apparent in his voice.

He heard someone step forward and wondered who it was. He was worried when he realized he didn't know how many people were around him. He wasn't on wooden floor or even concrete where he could sense how many people were around by the vibrations.

Here...he was on sand...and couldn't pick up any vibrations or anything...and realized in an instance that he was out of his element.

"Useless...what are you doing out of your home?" Karai said mockingly, "your friends miss you."

"That's not my home Karai, or my name, and you know that!" Mikey snarled angrily, a glare on his face. He hoped he was staring where he thought she was.

"I'm over here Useless..." she said mockingly, a laughing lilt to her voice as she continued to speak, "but if you didn't like that home, then I shall find you another if you wish," she said. Mikey could smell her Jasmine and Lavender perfume and felt sick inside. He hated that smell now.

"I want to be let go!" he demanded, fists clenched.

Suddenly he heard something whistling through the air and suddenly he could feel scratchy rope that wrapped around his arms, pulling tight on his arms, pinning them to his sides.

He started to struggle and a smooth nylon cord brushed over his head, wrapping around his throat and pulled tightly.

He tried to scream as the nylon cord tightened around his throat, making him gasp for air. He struggled to pull it off, choking gasps were heard as he yanked his head side to side, trying to dislodge it.

Mikey struggled to get free, choking in gasps as he was subdued to the ground. What the hell do they have on me? He thought frantically as he was being choked.

He couldn't get free and as darkness overcame him, he felt his eyes slowly close. Thank God...maybe they finally killed me...and he knew no more.