Chapter 3

Somewhere in Roswell New Mexico

Inside the place known as Area 51, guards are moving around. Suddenly, yet quietly, sparks are coming from the ceiling. A hole is cut out and Zim, Gaz, and Gir jump down.

"This the place?" Gaz asked.

"According to my bases scanners, with the exception of Tak's base, this is the only place with Irken technology on Earth." Zim mentioned.

"Gee Zim, you sure are acting different." Gaz said.

"HUH! How?" Zim asked dumbfounded.

"Oh nothing." Gaz smirked.

"WEEE WOOOO!" Gir cheered. Gaz and Zim tackled him to shut him up. Unfortunately a guard heard and approached them.

"Uh oh." Gaz gasped.

"You two kids! Who are you and how did you get here?" The guard ordered.

"We're . . . uh . . . the general's kids and he brought us here for a visit." Gaz said rather quickly.

"Oh, ok." The guard shrugged and walked off. Zim and Gaz sighed with relief. Suddenly the guard stopped. "Hey wait a second! The General has no kids!"

"Crap!" The two said as they grabbed Gir and ran.

"Stop right there!" The guard yelled. He activated the alarm and ran after them.

"How come he didn't fall for that?" Zim asked panicky.

"Guess they've been here for so long they have yet to become stupid." Gaz replied in the same tone.

"WEEEEEE!" Gir yelled waving his arms all over the place. Sometime waking Zim.

"GIR OW I UFF Order you to AH stop that this OMPH SECOND!" Zim yelled. Gir's eyes glowed red and saluted.

Suddenly Zim and Gaz ran into a bunch of guards and were surrounded.

"Great. No what?" Gaz moaned.

Quickly, Zim grabbed Gaz and activated his spider-legs. With them, he impaled the guard's guns and tossed them to the floor. Scarred, the guards ran off. Zim, slowly, recalled the spider-legs and put Gaz down. Gaz showed an irritated look on her face.

"If you EVER do that again I swear I'll . . ." Before Gaz could finish, more guards came with bigger guns.

"Sorry but . . ." Zim grabbed her and Gir again, activated his spider-legs again, and darted away. Soon they came to a dead end wall with a vent shaft. Thinking fast (miracles to happen huh?) Zim used to spider-legs to "spring-board" him into the vent. However, the vent was so smooth they three kept on sliding very fast as if they were on a super slide. Zim and Gaz held onto each other in fear while Gir waved his arms and cheered.


Suddenly the three popped out of a vent and into a room. Gaz collected herself and approached Zim, who was starring at something.

"I told you Zim, if you ever touch me like that again I'd . . ." Before she finished her eyes bugged out in surprise. The three had landed in the hanger bay where her mother's ship was.

IT WAS HUGE! About half the size of the massive and it looked slightly similar to the classic UFO crafts.

"This is AMAZING!" Zim screamed. "The mighty Quark! The Irkens most advanced ship next to the Massive!"

"Great, let's get this baby started before those guards show up." Gaz smirked. Suddenly there was pounding at the doors.

"Oh pretty button." Gir smiled. Zim and Gaz turned to see Gir about to press the button that opened the door the guards were behind.

"NO!" The two screamed. Too late, Gir pressed it and the doors opened quickly. The guards came in. Gir ran towards Zim and Gaz.

"Any ideas?" Gaz asked.

"I'm trying I'm trying!" Zim panicked. Suddenly something caught his eyes. A part of the ship was a slot in the shape of a skull. He turned to Gaz. "I need your necklace." Gaz gave it to him. Zim placed it into the slot and took it out. The doors to the ship opened. This panicked the guards so they opened fired. The three ran on and closed the doors.

Zim and Gaz ran to the controls station.

"Can you fly this thing?" Gaz asked.

"Uh? Let's see? Um?" Zim mumbled.

"Oh let me." Gaz pushed Zim out of the way and took hold of the controls and flew out of the hanger bay, leaving a bunch of dumbfounded guards wondering what the heck had just happened.

On the moon

"Darn you Zim! Darn you Gaz!" Tak screams. Suddenly she sees the Quark slowly fly by. "Wha . . . N . . . NOOOOOOOOOOO!" She screamed.

In the Quark

"Alright let's power up the weapons and blast Earth to smithereens." Gaz cackled as she cracked her knuckles. Suddenly the lights started to flicker. "Hey, what's going on?"

"GIR!" Zim yelled.

"What?" Zim turned to see Gir was just standing behind him.

Soon a hologram on an Irken appeared. She was rather tall and had aqua color eyes. "Hello Gaz." She said in a familiar voice.

"Mom?" Gaz asked.

The Hologram Iran smiled. "Well, yes and no. I am a hologram programmed to act exactly like her and respond to your actions and questions. Oh, and if you're wondering about the weapons, I disabled them."

"What! Why?" Gaz demanded.

"Because that would completely destroy the plan your mother had set in motion." Iran sighed. She turned to Zim. "You must be Zim." She smiled. Gaz and Zim were dumbfounded. Iran lightly laughed. "'How do I know you?' you're probably wondering. Well, Zim, I've known about you for a very long time. You see I left Irk just when Operation Impending Doom started."

The scene from The Nightmare Begins is shown of Zim, in the giant Robot Suit, destroying everything.

Iran continued. "I knew you would be stopped and sent away, but I could also tell that you had the type of attitude to want to return should there be an Operation Impending Doom 2 or something. Since Green, the former Tallest, told me how much Purple and Red already despised you for whatever reasons, I figured they'd try to get rid of you if you did return."

"You said about a plan? What do you mean? I thought the original Iran . . ." Zim started.

Iran laughed. "Didn't want Earth destroyed. Well I knew that kids always disobeyed their parents, so if Gaz were told not to invade Earth . . ."

"I'd do it anyway, man I hate reverse psychology." Gaz grumbled.

"But what is this plan, oh great Iran?" Zim asked a little harsher this time.

"Well, the plan is a simple one, the only thing I had to worry about was wither or not you'd be sent here or not." Iran smiled.

"But what IS the plan!" Gaz said a little loudly.

"Well, first of all you'll have to wait a while preparing and such for it." Iran continued.

"How long?" The two asked in a demanding tone.

"About . . ."

8 years later

It is the middle of fall and the leaves are falling. A tall building can be seen near by. This is the High Skool.

Inside a bunch of students are walking around, talking, and drooling (no joke). One girl is standing in a corner playing a Gameslave 4. A young, rather handsome guy sees her and grins. He grabs out some mint spray and sprays his mouth. He walks up to her.

"Hey babe, want to go have some fun?" He asks happily. The girl ignores him.

Nearby a group of girls are watching. "Who's that guy?" One of them asked.

"Must be new." Another mentioned.

"He's in trouble." The third said.

"Come on baby, but down that came and let's really play." He asked as he put his hand on her shoulder.

The girl turned off the game and put it into her coat pocket. Then she placed her hand on top of his. The guy is eccentric and the nearby girls cover their eyes. The girl grabbed his hand and tossed him into a bunch of lockers. The guy is terrified as he notices his arm had been, noticeably, broken in three places.

The girl walked up to him. She was rather tall, about 6'0" and had dark brown hair. She wore a blue shirt with thin black horizontal strips. She had on brown pants and tall black boots. She also wore a long black sleeveless coat that went from her shoulder blade are all the way to the top of her boots and she wore a skull necklace. She walked up to him and started straight at him, even though her eyes were closed.

"Listen bub, first off my name is Gaz, and secondly, unless you want my to break the rest of your limbs and send you into a world of endless pain don't you dare touch me again." She growled at him, opening one of her eyes in a glare near the end. The guy nodded franticly. "Good, now scram." The guy got up and ran out the door and into a pole. Gaz took her game out and started a new game.

The girls surrounded her. "Geez Gaz, why are you always like that around guys? This one was cute too?"

"Men are all the same, they're nice first until they get you in a room alone." Gaz mumbled.

"What's wrong with that?" The three girls asked confused.

"Morons." Gaz grumbled under her breathe.

"Hey Gaz, what happened to that one guy you were seeing . . . um . . . you know that guy who messed with your crazy brother." One of the girls wondered.

"Zim, oh he's around." Gaz sighed.

At a mental institute

A person is seen walking out; only his legs, boots, and a hint of his coat are seen so far.

"Well #102331 are you really prepared to re-enter this world without any problems?" The doctor asked.

"Yes sir I am." The person said.

"Then go #102331." The doctor replied as he stepped aside.

"Please sir." The person said. It is soon shown that the person is very tall, about 6'2". He is wearing a large coat that is closed up, he is wearing black sunglasses and a good chunk of his black hair hangs in front of him. "Call me Dib now."


Dib walks to where Zim's house was. It is no longer there, only an empty lot. "That's strange, I hope Zim didn't leave Earth while I was gone. I want to be the one who personally sends him away." He snickered as he moves his hands together. He walks off towards his house. Soon he bumps into someone. "Hey watch it!" He yelled, shaking his fist in the air.

"Sorry man." The guy said. He is tall (6'3") with black hair, a long sleeve red shirt with thin black horizontal stripes on it. He also wore black pants and black shoes. With him was what looked like a golden lab pup. This guy looked pretty normal to Dib.

"Sorry I yelled." Dib apologized as he turned around and walked off.

Soon the guy laughed. His face changed, nothing but a hologram. The guy was really Zim! "Enjoy your freedom Dib. When Gaz and I are done, you'll wish you were still in that padded room HA HA HA HA HA!" Dib turned around. Zim quickly reactivated his hologram and turned around. Dib looked strangely at him, shrugged, and walked off. As soon as he was gone, Zim finished his maniacal laughing.

What? Zim TALL? How? What is this plan of his (Iran's actually)? Will Dib figure it out and stop it? What about Tak? Is she taller too? Find out next time after a lot of reviews.