I fell in love with a demigod, so shoot me.

A little preview of my Dean/Percy crossover.

I'm not sure if I like it but if you think it's worth it then let me know.

Ta. ;D

Percy was sitting on Dean's baby, A.K.A the impala. For some reason Dean did not mind him sitting or even standing for that matter. It's been two months now since Percy was attacked by Medusa and Sam and Dean came to help him. They both did not know that, of all supernatural beings the snake haired lady was real. There had been some sightings about some people who were missing and it did not add up. Percy was with Annabeth and Grover at the time but lost them and got stuck with the two Winchesters. Percy didn't mind it thou, well with the whole things that are after them all the time was not but it was funny watching them tow biker like a old married couple.

Percy was having this feelings, strong feelings about Dean. He was trying hard to figure them out. He's only seventeen so his head his all confused right now. He brought his keg's up to his chin and look up at the stars because he and his mum use to it when he was little. And the only time he can think.

" Me and Sam use to do this, we still do "

Percy smiled at his voice. He needs to tell him or otherwise he will stay in the dark and just will be a pussy. Dean parked his ass next to him. Percy moved closer to him, without him noticing.

" I never do this. Well let's say I use to this. It helps me think "

" I know what you mean. Me and Sammy still do this now.."

He smiled at Percy, gesturing to smile back. He did but not for that reason. They stayed silent for a minute until Percy's hand brushed pass Dean's, He was warm. Dean was.

" I'm sorry I didn't mean to.. "

He put his head down in shame and not at him. Dean took his hand and held his hand. Percy went wide eyed and glared at him.

" Your hand is cold "

" So is my lip's.. "

Dean looked at Percy giving him a what-did-you-just-say-look. Percy was still staring, waiting to get a punch or ' your sick '. They both shared a moment for a second, but Percy broke it off.

" I'm sorry, again forget I said anything.. "

He was about to get off until Dean grabbed him by the shoulder's.

" Dean I said I was sorry forget about, please "

Dean leaned in and placed his lip's on to his.

It was suppose to be like, three paragraphs but I got carried away. :D review is always nice.