"You need to be more assertive Matthew." Hong Kong admonished Canada in monotone, shaking his head lightly as Canada looked down in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize." He immediately chastised.

"Sorry." Hong Kong sighed lightly before shaking his head yet again.

"This is what I'm speaking of; it is detrimental to what we're attempting if you keep doing it."

"Sorry." Canada mumbled again. Hong Kong glared at the Canadian in exasperation. Fortunately, he had a backup plan just in case for such an occasion.

"I heard something interesting the other day." Hong Kong began unexpectedly, prompting Canada to glance up to him curiously. It was odd for Hong Kong to bring up things like gossip.

"Really, what?"

"I heard America say that Maple Syrup from Vermont is better than the ones from Canada." Hong Kong watched stoically as Canada raced from the room, a smirk tugging his lips as he brought the glass of tea in his hand to his lips and listened to Canada shouting into the phone in the other room.

It felt good to help others self esteem and he could hear America crying over the phone.

Good times.

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