"So, what did you want to show us Gupta?" Matthew asked. He and Hong Kong were standing outside the conference building, directly across from them being Gupta with his flacon Osiris perched on his arm.

The Egyptian raised a finger for silence, and then tossed the bird into the air. With a screech the falcon pumped its wings, rising into the sky before doing a series of flips and rolls for the awed audience below.

"Wow," Matthew murmured in amazement. Hong Kong on the other hand merely shrugged dismissively, watching as the bird squawked about with disinterest

Suddenly the bird dived and, with a final flip landed gently on a startled Hong Kong's shoulder.

"Nice catch!" Matthew exclaimed in delight. Hong Kong said nothing, glaring at Gupta instead and the sheer smugness the older nation's posture radiated. Though he would not ruin the illusion for Matthew, the Asian boy knew what had truly just happened.

Gupta had just flipped him the bird.


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