neva: im back!

kura: shouldn't you be working on your other fics?

neva: shut up and do the disclaimer

kura: fine, neva-chan doesnt own yugioh or any other good stories

neva: hey! ive written plenty of good stories!

kura: whatever...enjoy this little jumble of meaning less words that this crazy fangirl over here has put together

neva: HEY!


"OK malik, we're here, now why did you drag us all the way down here at this time in the morning?" a very cranky bakura had demanded, yugi and the rest of his friends and been invited to Egypt by malik for summer vacation, they where currently standing in front of the entrance to the Pharaohs tomb to do some archeology work, even though it was a vacation. yugi knew that ryou must have had to drag his yami out of bed early to meet malik.

"kura' its almost eleven!" said malik.

"exactly!" bakura had countered "i need my beauty sleep!"

yami snickered "bakura, I don't think you could ever attain any kind of beauty no matter how much you sleep" he said. Ryou had to hold the three thousand year old thief back so he didn't kill yami.

After they had settled down, malik had told them of a new chamber that was found in the Pharaohs tomb that he wanted to show them, without letting bakura complain, he led the way through the winding maze of tunnels until he found the door he was looking for. He pushed it open and stepped inside, yugi and the others followed suite.

"whoa! Now dats' a sight ta' see!" jou exclaimed.

"i swear, every time you talk, you lower your class level mutt" kaiba commented

"WHAT?" jou yelled

the rest of them ignored their bickering and explored the chamber further. the walls were covered in hieroglyphics, retelling the tales of ancient Egypt. They marveled over the inscriptions until they came across a large manuscript that showed a male Egyptian on the left side and a female on the right with a picture of a gateway with the eye of Horus between them. They pondered over this image, trying to decipher what it meant. They moved on to try and find more clues, they passed a large portion of the wall that had a large eye of Horus on it, they ignored it since it didn't help them, finally they came across an inscription telling a tale of the nameless Pharaoh and figured that the two pictures where linked somehow.

"wow! Mou hitori no boku* this is a story about you!" yugi exclaimed. Yami didn't know what to say, he remembered all of this because he got his memories back. But seeing it all on the wall blew him away.

"oh more Pharaoh stories, just what we all need" sarcasm dripping of bakura's words, yami cringed in anger. His eyes flashed fire as he suddenly slammed bakura into the wall by his collar with yugi and ryou trying to break up the fight. They ignored they're hikairis pleas and glared at each other like two wolves fighting over the same chicken.

"you wanna fight Pharaoh?" bakura challenged

"bring it on tomb robber" yami growled

"guys stop it!" yugi and ryou begged. They ignored them as bakura kneed yami in the stomach, followed by a punch to the face. Yami staggered back and regained his posture before attacking bakura. The fight raged past the others who where desperately trying to stop the two Egyptians. they were so caught up in the fight that they didn't notice the eye of Horus glowing until a frightened scream from anzu, alerted them five seconds before they where enveloped by a flash of white light and found themselves sucked into a gateway and falling.