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"A flower among the ruins."

"You must be talking about Namine."

"But I think it describes you more."

Suprised, the woman with beautiful green eyes replied cautiously, "You think I'm beautiful."

"If that is the way it should be perceived."

This is how it all started. From a simple compliment to near certain death. I was begging to be forgiven for the sin I had committed. I had promised to never hurt her in any way.

While I saw her stab me about a thousand times, I could see the love in her eyes. The love she felt for me. I heard my skin shred and felt the blood flowing around me.

"Darling, don't cry. It'll be all right." She reassured me. We were in a place where the dead lived. A place where you feel like dying but never can. A place where nobodies bleed. A place where we feel pain, remorse, and everything an Other would feel.

Strangely enough, I felt safe within the pain. Like nothing could ever go wrong. In such a dreamy state. Feeling hazy with desire.

She was beside me, looking at me. Holding the blood stained knife in her hand. I wondered if she was delirious or truly in love with me. I had betrayed her, burned in water, and drowned in flames, yet in the end she still wanted to be with me. Love me. Care for me. I could not understand why.

"Out of all the people you'll meet, only I will love you the most." She smiled at me.

I nodded, too weak to answer.

"Die with me. Stay with me please." She whispered in my ear. "You have my heart. Without you, I feel so cold."

I did not know what to think. Or to feel. The silence grew louder.

She lifted my hand and placed it where her heart would have been. "If you try hard enough, you can feel my heart beating only for you."

And yes, I could. Neither one of us was delirious. She truly was in love with me.

I gathered my strength and spoke. "I wanted to be loved for the longest time. Please take me as I am. I can love no other."

I looked closely and saw tears forming at the corner of her eyes.

"You are the flower among the ruins. The only one I'll ever love." I whispered.

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