Puck's Mechanic

Kurt was bopping along to the radio, belting out the Bob Seger tune that was blaring from the radio, which was totally ancient and only got the one classic rock station, namely because the dial was broken. It didn't even have a tape deck, but that was okay, because Kurt would rather listen to Bob Seger and Led Zepplin and Blue Oyster Cult as he worked on whatever car his dad had brought home for them to fix. He could have easily set up his ipod dock but, there was just something about the old radio that kept him from doing it.

He was bent over the engine of a Mazda RX8 that had lost to a tree, his faded jeans stretched across his arse, when he felt hands on his hips. He squawked in surprise and almost head butted his boyfriend, who was now melded to his back.

'Fuck, do you have any idea how hot you are?'

Kurt moaned as a large hand cupped his cock through his jeans, and a talented mouth sucked and nipped his neck.

'Noah,' he moaned, thrusting into the hand at his crotch.

Puck spun Kurt around and devoured his mouth before pushing him away. Kurt stumbled back, catching himself on the bumper of the car.

'Don't move,' Puck demanded a he fumbled with his phone. He wanted to capture the moment, because Kurt had never looked hotter than he did at that moment.

His hair was completely dishevelled, but that might have been because of Puck, and he smudges of grease on his cheeks. His hands and arms were dirty as was the faded, almost too tight Slash t-shirt that had ridden up to reveal a pale strip of flesh over the faded jeans that were smeared with more grease.

He was barefoot, and his toes were painted a dark royal blue.

Puck was harder than steel.

He took several half focused shots of Kurt before he shoved his phone back into his pocket as he moved in on Kurt again.

Kurt moaned into the kiss, 'please.' He fumbled with Puck's belt.

And then Puck was ripping off Kurt's jeans, and pushing the other boy down onto the engine and, fuck, Kurt was wearing a butt plug.

Puck slowly pulled the toy out of Kurt, and tossed it into the sink that was in the garage and coated his own cock with the lube he carried around whenever he went to see the other boy before lining up and pushing into Kurt. Both boys moaned in bliss before Puck grabbed Kurt's hips hard enough to leave bruises and pounded into him.

Kurt started his sex babble, 'fuck me like you mean it,' as he pushed back onto the hard shaft in him and soon enough, as Puck battered his prostate, he exploded over himself and the bumper as he felt Puck coat his channel.

The pair stumbled back, and Puck collapsed into the old chair that was in the garage.

'Are you boys done?' Carole called into garage, causing Kurt to go beat red.

'Not yet,' Puck called back.

'Well I just finished making soup, if you want some lunch.'

'Thanks, Mrs H. We'll be in, in a second,' Puck called back, grinning like a fool.

Kurt, who was mortified beyond words, pulled himself away from Puck and pull his jeans back up, glaring at Puck.

'Jerk!' was all Kurt blurted before he left a laughing Puck in the garage.

So Mechanic!Kurt wouldn't leave me the hell alone so I wrote this to get him out of my system... I think it worked... I don't know much about cars so be thankful I didn't say Kurt was working on an old blue car. ;-) Let me know what you think and requests are always welcome!