Not Exactly

At 25, Kurt Hummel was exactly where he wanted to be.

Okay, well maybe not exactly.

He wasn't in New York and he definitely wasn't acting on stage.

Instead he was in San Francisco , where he'd ended up going to school for clothing design and interior decorating. He was currently working at a tailor that did custom pieces, mostly period costumes and several of the customers had ordered special pieces from Kurt specifically.

When he wasn't designing clothing or decorating for too rich folks that came for custom clothing, he played a packed house at Willy's every Thursday and alternating Friday nights.

Tonight was Karaoke night at Willy's and he was meeting several of his friends from school for dinner before they made fools of themselves.

He was putting the finishing touches on his hair, when someone knocked on his door, before letting themselves in. He gave a small squeal before checking himself over and rushing to greet his guest.

'Beautiful, Princess,' Noah Puckerman stated, before pulled him into a searing kiss.

Kurt moaned and practically melted into the strong arms of his boyfriend.

'Move in,' Kurt blurted, immediately turning red.

'What?' Noah, as he now went by, stared at Kurt in shock.

'Move in with me. The rent is a steal and there's more than enough room,' Kurt babbled.

Noah cut him off with another kiss; this one was sweet and passionate, and so full of love that

Kurt actually swooned.

'I would love to,' he replied with a smile, as he brushed back a stray lock of hair.

'We should get going, the others are going to be drunk before we even get there,' Kurt grinned.

Noah entwined their fingers as he pulled Kurt from the apartment, he was just as eager for a little

karaoke that night as Kurt was Well maybe for what always came after the karaoke, but that was neither here nor there.

So yeah Kurt may not be where he thought he'd be when he was 16, but he loved designing clothing and he still got to sing, which had made him something of a local celebrity. And, while he'd never in a million years thought he'd be moving in with Noah Puckerman, he was and he couldn't be happier.

Besides last he'd heard of Rachel Berry, she'd just started studying psychology at NYU and was waiting tables at Denny's.

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