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"The Great Revelation II" – by AudiRox

A couple of days have passed since Uther sentenced Merlin to be executed. But there he was in his cell in the dark... sleeping. With his eyes shut, he moves his head from one side to the other. He is clearly in a dream. In this dream he is in the cave where the Great Dragon once spent his days. With his torch held high, Merlin looks around. Kilgharrah was nowhere to be found, but the sound of flapping wings makes Merlin look to his left. There he was, the Great Dragon.

As the large creature takes comfort on one of the boulders, Merlin inquires, "Why are you back in the cave?"

"Because you've summoned me, young warlock," says the mighty dragon.

"But this is a dream," says Merlin in confusion. "How have I summoned you in my dream?"

"Your powers have grown, Merlin. Powers you, yourself, aren't aware of." After observing Merlin closely, the dragon asks, "Now, tell me why you have called for me."

"I am to die," says the young man. "Morgana has returned and has somehow fooled Uther into believing that I am responsible for enchanting her."

"Morgana? Enchanted?" the dragon laughs.

Merlin nods.

"Uther is a fool. A fool blinded by guilt. And Morgana is using it to her advantage."

"Why they haven't killed me yet, I don't know," says a worried Merlin.

"You have to get out of there. Morgana is not to be trusted, Emrys."

Merlin looks up at the dragon and rolls his eyes, "You do realize you're stating the obvious?"

"But she is the least of your worries."

"What do you mean?" asks the man curiously.

"That is all I can tell you," the dragon starts to flap his wings. "Soon you will face a greater force, young Emrys." With these words, the dragon flies away.

A confused Merlin wakes up in his cell. "A greater force?" he whispers to himself. "More questions," he shakes his head.

The next morning, Arthur, Gaius, Elyan and Percival meet in Gwen's home. Gaius sits at the table across from Percival as Elyan leans against the wall. Arthur stands at the head of the table with his foot resting on the edge of the bench.

"We need to be careful where we meet," says the prince. "I don't want Morgana to have any reason to suspect us."

Elyan speaks up, "Shouldn't Gwen, Leon and Gwaine be here?"

Arthur nods, "I will let them know what we decide here. But I've asked Leon and Gwaine to keep an eye on the king, and Guinevere is keeping Morgana company at the king's request."

"I don't think Gwen is safe anywhere near Morgana," says her protective brother.

Arthur nods.

"Morgana won't dare do anything to make Uther suspect her," Gaius says. "I think Gwen will be fine."

Meanwhile in the courtyard, Morgana and Gwen walk side by side.

"Isn't it a lovely morning?" asks the pale woman.

Gwen fakes a smile, "Yes indeed, milady."

Morgana turns, "Please Gwen, stop calling me that!" She takes her hand, "We are equals."

Gwen is amused that the woman in front of her actually believes that they are equals. "No, Morgana. We are not." With these words, Gwen takes a few steps further.

Morgana isn't happy with Gwen's attitude towards her, but she fakes a smile. "Of course. After everything I've done, I don't deserve to be alive. Or given a second chance."

Gwen takes a deep breath. Knowing very well that she is there for the purpose of keeping Morgana busy while Arthur met with other men of the court, she turns around to face Morgana and to humor her ramblings.

"But I have been given a second chance, Gwen. With all of you and I should be thankful."

Gwen forces a smile.

"I'll do whatever it takes to show everyone that I'm back in peace. All I want is to be with my family. With my father, brother... and you."

Gwen is curious, "What about Morgause? Your sister."

Morgana finds herself speechless for a few moments before she responds, "I thought she was protecting me. But all along she was using me. She had been lying to me this whole time."

As much as she wants to believe her once good friend, Gwen can't help but see right through Morgana's lies.

"I feel betrayed by her, as I'm sure Arthur feels betrayed by Merlin."

Gwen tries really hard not to respond.

To distract them from the topic, Morgana looks around. "Where is Arthur?"

"I believe he's training with his knights," lies Gwen.

Just as Morgana turns to face her companion, Gwen sees Gwaine a few feet away quickly hiding behind the corner of a wall with a disguised person. Gwen can't make out who it is, but sees Gwaine clearly gesturing at Gwen to distract Morgana.

"Oh, umm..." says Gwen as she looks down at her hands.

Morgana curiously observes the woman in front of her, "What is it Gwen?"

"I don't know what has just come over me. I'm not feeling well, Morgana. It must be the sun."

Morgana is curiously concerned.

"Do you mind if we went back inside?" asks Gwen.

"Of course not," Morgana offers her friend assistance as they both walk back.

Gwen subtly looks behind her, acknowledging Gwaine's request.

Back in Gwen's home, Gaius is curious as to how Arthur managed to convince the king to postpone the hanging.

"How did you manage it, Arthur?" asks the old physician.

"I didn't. Geoffrey convinced father that hanging Merlin so publicly will only make the people of Camelot distrust Morgana even more."

Gaius is impressed.

"Let's just say that Geoffrey, like us, has a difficult time believing Morgana."

"He isn't an old fool after all," says Gaius.

Arthur starts to pace. "We need to come up with a way to make Uther see that Morgana is still evil."

"And how do we go about doing that?" asks Gaius. "So far she has shown great restraint, yet I'm sure she won't rest until Camelot is hers."

Percival speaks up, "What about Merlin's special... abilities?" Everyone looks at the knight. "Maybe he is our only hope."

Arthur isn't entirely sure about his opinion on Merlin, but he responds. "He is heavily guarded and they are under strict orders by the King. It will be a challenge to get him out of there without causing a raucous."

Just then, Gwaine enters in haste - making everyone look in his direction. "Sire!" he says out loud as he keeps the door open.

"What is it, Sir Gwaine?" asks Arthur wondering if anything had happened back in the castle.

"A visitor for the king, but I saw her before she made it through." He looks out the door and gestures, "Figured she would be in danger if she was caught."

Everyone looks at the doorway in confusion as to who it might be.

"Hunith," says a surprised Gaius as she enters - making him stand up.

Having heard of Merlin's misfortune, Hunith had traveled with no rest to get to Camelot.

Arthur sighs as Gaius walks around the table to assist Hunith to the bench.

Gwaine closes the door behind him as woman looks at Gaius. "Where is my son?" she asks.

"He is fine, Hunith," the old man assures her.

"For how long?" asks an emotional and exhausted mother. "How long until they hang him?"

Arthur feels the need to respond, "We don't know yet. All we know is that he is still alive."

Hunith catches Arthur's eyes, gets on her feet and walks up to him. "Please do not let him die."

"We're going to do everything we can," says the old physician from behind her.

Hunith points at Arthur, "You, sire," she continues, "you need to make sure nothing happens to my son."

Arthur tries to respond, but the woman in front of him continues with tears in her eyes.

"Merlin has been by your side for a long time, making sure no harm came to you. Please, sire... this is your chance to save my son for a change."

Arthur is left speechless as the rest of the men look at each other. The prince sighs as he realizes that it is his responsibility to make sure no harm came Merlin.

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