"Did anyone ever tell you your shoulders are like rocks?"

"Yess," Leonard hissed, wincing at the fingers digging into the knots in his shoulders. It was both pleasurable and painful, working the knots loose and pinching the skin.

"You really should learn to relax more," Gaila tsked from her position behind Leonard, working out the tension in his shoulders.

"I'll relax the same day the idiots on this ship learn to take care of themselves, Jim at the top of that list."

"You could at least get regular massages to help," she replied, ignoring his comment and digging her knuckle into a particularly hard part of the knot. Leonard gasped when he felt the knot come loose, and groaned when Gaila eased the pressure on that shoulder, moving her hands to work on the knot in his other shoulder.

"Don't have the time," he grunted in response.

"Mmm." Gaila hummed in response, grinning triumphantly when the knot in his other shoulder came loose.

"Shiiitttt," Leonard groaned, rolling his shoulders and melting back into Gaila, eyes closed as he enjoyed the feeling of his newly loosened shoulders.

"I'm not through with you yet," she said playfully, pushing him back up. "Get on your stomach. I'll work on your back."

"Yes ma'am," he muttered, obeying and rolling onto his stomach, tucking his arms up underneath his head. Nodding, Gaila straddled his hips and set to work, pressing down on his shoulder blades and slowly working her way down to the small of his back. Leonard had a horrible habit of carrying his tension in his shoulders and lower back, to the point that it managed to radiate throughout his body, and everything was tense and hard on him.

"You really do need to learn how to relax, Lenny. I can't always come by and help you out."

Leonard growled a little at her nickname for him, but didn't respond otherwise.

The massage continued on for another twenty minutes, until Gaila was satisfied every muscle in Leonard's upper body was loose and knot free.

"There. Much better," she said, shifting so she could sit next to the man and study her handiwork. He lazily opened an eye and gazed up at her over his arm when she did so.

"Thanks," he muttered, slowly uncurling one arm and reaching out to rest his hand on her thigh. Gaila felt her heart skip a beat at the small gesture; for a person who didn't believe in love, or at least, monogamous love, she was finding herself increasingly drawn to the doctor, and becoming jealous whenever another person took up more of his attention than she did.

"Anytime," she replied, uncharacteristically at a loss for a flirtatious response. Reaching down, she took Leonard's hand between her own, and began to gently massage the joints, working down to his palm, and then the wrist.

When she looked up next, Leonard was staring at her intently, his eyes warm and burning through her. She bit her lower lip and continued to work on his hand, heart beginning to pound.

Maybe she was going to get a chance to show the good doctor another way to relax tonight.

God, did she hope so.