Continuing my time-honored tradition of never, ever, ever making a holiday on time, here is a Halloween edition of the Tangled stories! Halloween is the only holiday I really like, so I like to draw it out like some people draw out Christmas. And this chapter goes out to Amy, who listened to me talk about this chapter while simultaneously talking about and experiencing our own Mickey's Halloween Party :)

As always, Chuck + Disney = not mine.

"This is not fair!" Chuck Bartowski whined from the walk-in closet he shared with his wife. "Why tonight? Of all nights?"

"I'm sorry, honey," Sarah said sincerely from her place on their bed as she pulled on her boots. "You know I would go for you if I could, but the potential client wants to meet with you."

"But it's Halloween!" he sighed.

"Technically, it's not. It just is for us tonight," she reminded him. "And it was really sweet of you to offer Molly your ticket."

"Yeah, well, I thought a girls' night might be fun since I can't go," he said.

Like a petulant little kid, he had made mention of his inability to go to the party at least once every five minutes since lunch time. Chuck walked out of the closet in business attire, fidgeting with the tie around his neck. Sarah stood up as she zipped her last boot and walked over to him.

"Here, let me," she said, fixing his tie. She smiled up at him when the tie was in its proper place.

"You…" he started. He grabbed one of her hands in each of his and held them out to their sides. She took a step back and he looked her up and down. "You look…fabulous."

"It's nothing, really," she said.

Sarah was dressed in a white button-down shirt, teal vest with a corset tie-up back, form-fitting tan pants, and brown boots that came to just under her knee. Her long blonde hair was coated in glitter and fell in carefully-constructed curls around her shoulders, and her eyes were done up in smoky makeup, fitting for the Halloween festivities she'd be partaking in that night.

"You're forgetting one thing," Chuck said.

He pulled the tan shoulder bag from a hook in their closet and put it over Sarah's head. She laced one arm through and adjusted the strap across her chest, looking up at him with a grin. Before Chuck could grab the bag strap and pull her into a kiss, their newly-turned-eight year old daughter ran into the room and hopped onto their bed, bouncing on her bottom as she landed. She was still dressed in the little blue dress she had worn to school that morning.

"Mommy, can you do my hair?" Charlotte asked.

"Of course," Sarah said, letting Chuck's hands go. "Why aren't you dressed? We have to leave as soon as Molly gets here!"

"Grandma's bringing my costume!" Charlotte said. "I grew. I needed a new one."

Sarah walked over to her daughter and grabbed the black hair ties from her hands. "Where are your flowers?"

"Pigtails this year, Mommy," Charlotte said.

"Rapunzel never had pigtails," Sarah said.

"I'm not being Rapunzel," she said coyly.

"Who are you being?" Sarah asked with interest.

"It's a surprise!" Charlotte said.

Sarah glanced up at Chuck. He quickly disappeared back into the closet as soon as they made eye contact. Sarah put her daughter's blonde locks into symmetrical pigtails, keeping an eye on the closet. They were up to something, and she was pretty sure she wasn't going to like it. The doorbell rang just as she finished Charlotte's hair.

"Can I get it?" Charlotte asked.

"Only open the door if it's Grandma and Molly," Sarah told her.

Charlotte nodded and hopped off the bed, pigtails bouncing as she flew out the door. Sarah stood and crossed her arms.

"Chuck," she said firmly. "It's a surprise, but you already know?"

Chuck appeared in the closet doorway, a sheepish look on his face. "Maybe," he said.

"I hate surprises," she said.

"I know. Your daughter hasn't quite learned that yet," Chuck said.

"Am I going to hate this one?" she asked.

Chuck pondered the question for a minute and then laughed. "Probably."

"Why am I wearing this if she's not going to be Rapunzel?" Sarah asked, gesturing to her own costume.

"Because you make an awesome Flynn Rider, baby," he said. "And you would hate the companion to her costume more."

"What is it?" she snarled.

"You'll see! She's so excited," Chuck said.

"Your tie is messed up again," Sarah noticed.

She fixed it again, and Chuck placed his hand on her lower back, holding her in place against his body. The soles of her boots were flat, making their height difference apparent, and he learned down to reach her lips. She smiled into the kiss, holding onto his tie as their lips met. They continued to kiss as noise filled the hallway.

"I could've driven myself here," Molly grumbled. "I could've brought the costume. You didn't have to come just for that."

"Maybe I wanted to see my daughter," Emma said. "And I didn't want you driving all that way by yourself. You haven't been driving long enough yet."

"I would've been fine," Molly insisted.

"Molly, can you help me with my costume?" Charlotte asked.

"Of course, sweetie," Molly said. "Let's go."

Sarah, who had broken the kiss as the sounds of an escalating argument reached her ears, turned back towards him as Charlotte's door slammed shut. She pressed her mouth against Chuck's again.

"Mother in the room," Emma announced only a few seconds later. Sarah pulled her lips away from her husband again and found her mom standing in her half-opened doorway.

"Hi, Mom," Sarah said, walking over for a hug.

"Hi, darling. You look amazing," she said.

"What is my daughter dressing up as for Halloween?" Sarah asked, ignoring the compliment.

"I was sworn to secrecy," Emma said. Sarah scowled at her. "Sorry, honey."

Sarah sighed. "Are you sure you don't want to come tonight? My treat."

"Oh, no, I'll just slow you down," Emma said. "And I'm sure Molly won't bother thanking you, so thank you, Chuck, for the extra ticket."

"No problem," Chuck said. "Someone should use it since I can't."

"He's a little bitter," Sarah said.

"How would you like it if you had to miss Mickey's Halloween Party for the first time ever to take a stupid meeting?" Chuck asked. "I hate being CEO."

"No, you don't," Sarah said. "And you'll get to take her trick-or-treating next week, so all is not lost."

The doorbell rang again, and Charlotte's bedroom door flew open. Chuck and Sarah looked at each other, both of them wondering who might be at their home. Charlotte ran down the hallway to reach the stairs.

"The CATs are here!" she gleefully cried, her footsteps pounding down the stairs to get to the door.

Sarah and Chuck's wondering gazes changed. Chuck looked at Sarah with surprise, while Sarah looked almost panicked.

"Did she just say…?" Sarah started.

"As in the CAT Squad?" Chuck asked.

Sarah moaned, her face falling. "Why does my family insist on springing them on me?"

Downstairs, a newly-costumed Charlotte pulled the front door open, revealing the two spies standing on the front stoop. They were dressed similarly, each wearing black high heels, tutu skirts, and sequined tops. Zondra's outfit was all in black with a long-sleeved shirt with sheer sleeves, while Carina's was black and deep green with a tank top. Zondra wore an eye patch over one eye, and both spies carried plastic swords. Charlotte jumped up and down as she opened the door, delighted by their outfits.

"Aunt Zonnie! Aunt CeCe!" she said. "You actually came!"

"We told you we would!" Zondra said as they walked inside and shut the door behind them. Carina leaned down to Charlotte's level.

"I thought I told you not to call me that anymore, huh?" Carina said.

Charlotte just giggled as Chuck, Sarah, and Emma made their way down the stairs and joined them in the front room.

"What are you guys doing here?" Sarah asked, completely stunned to see her old friends in her living room.

"Rugrat here called us up and invited us to a Halloween party," Zondra said. "Call came from your phone. I thought you knew."

"No, I didn't," Sarah said. Chuck, also unaware of the new arrivals, shot his daughter a look and she grinned.

"I watched Mommy get into her phone so I could figure out the password, and then when she was in the shower, I called them," Charlotte admitted with pride.

"Charlotte Casey Bartowski," Sarah said. "That is not okay."

"Aren't you happy to see your friends?" Charlotte asked.

Sarah sighed, then shot her friends a smile. "Yes, of course. Hi!" She gave each of them a hug and then looked at their wardrobe. "What are you guys?"

"Rugrat didn't tell us she'd be choosing our costumes until after we agreed to come," Zondra said. "So we're the Scabbington Sisters."

"Brothers," Charlotte said.

"Uh, hello, boobs…" Zondra said, gesturing to her and Carina's chests. "Sisters."

"From Tangled," Sarah said with an "of course" tone of voice.

"Uh huh. Little Sarah told us we had to watch that movie and dress up like them because they're us, whatever that means," Carina explained. She got down to Charlotte's level again and twisted her head in front of Charlotte's face. "Though I don't like how they basically end up being the bad guys."

Charlotte responded by shooting Carina a wide, toothy grin. Carina shuddered and jumped away.

"Are you making faces at her?" Sarah asked.

"No, she did that thing that I hate," Carina said. "That big, toothy smile. I hate that."

"Why? I love that smile," Sarah said.

"Of course you do. You're her mother. But when she does that, it's like your face on this little person, and…ugh, it's just creepy! Especially when she's dressed like that!" Carina said.

Sarah finally took a moment to look at her daughter. Charlotte was dressed in a little red and white polka dot skirt, made of glittery fabric, a white peasant shirt, and a thick black belt around her undefined waist. A princess crown sat atop her pigtailed head.

"Why are you dressed like a Wienerlicious girl?" Sarah asked in horror.

"I'm you, Mommy!" Charlotte said. "See?"

She ran over the bag Emma had left by the front door and pulled out a plastic toy gun, painted hot pink and covered in pink glitter, and a plastic badge with "CIA" painted on it in black letters.

"You're a spy?" Carina asked.

"I'm a spy princess! Just like Mommy!" Charlotte said, twirling around.

"Oh…my god…" Sarah muttered. She turned to her husband. "Chuck."

"She found some old pictures," Chuck said, widening his eyes at Sarah as if to tell her not to freak out. Sarah turned to Emma.

"And you…you made that for her?" she asked.

"I thought it'd be cute, and she was so excited," Emma said. "But when did you work at a Wienerlicious?"

"It was a cover when Chuck and I first met. It wasn't for real, and I got fired pretty quickly," Sarah told her.

"What do you think, Mommy?" Charlotte asked. She twirled again and struck a pose with the gun. Sarah smiled and laughed nervously, not quite sure what to say.

"I, uh…I thought you were going to be Rapunzel again," she finally said.

"That would be me this year," Molly said, finally making her entrance. Molly, now sixteen years old, was dressed in a replica of Rapunzel's purple dress and wore sparkly flower pins in her short blonde hair.

Carina, who had never met Molly before, did some quick math in her head and blurted out, "Whoa, Walker, did you and Larkin have a kid I didn't know about?"

"I'm her sister, dumbass," Molly said as both Chuck and Sarah looked horrified by the proposition.

"Molly!" Emma scolded.

"Stupid questions deserve answers like that," Molly said.

"Don't mind her, dear," Emma said to Carina. "She's 16. She's only nice to people named Bartowski these days."

"Okay, so there's definite Tangled theme going on here, and I was wondering if someone would like to explain it," Zondra said.

"You saw the movie, right?" Charlotte asked. Carina and Zondra nodded.

Charlotte walked over to Chuck. "Daddy's Rapunzel."

"Aww, Chuck's a princess," Carina taunted.

"But Daddy's not going to the party, so Molly's playing Rapunzel tonight. I normally play Baby Rapunzel, but I wanted to be a spy like you guys!" Charlotte said.

"You're not going?" Zondra asked.

"Meeting," Chuck grumbled.

"Oh, I thought you were just dressed up like a corporate dork," Carina said.

Charlotte stood by her mom, ignoring the taunting from the CATs. "And Mommy's Flynn, which would make you guys the Scabbington Brothers. Colonel Casey is Maximus, but he's sworn on some guy named Reagan's honor that he will never step foot in Disneyland, so he's not coming, either. Oh, and Pascal, he's…"

As if on cue, Morgan Grimes used his key and walked into the Bartowski home. Almost everyone in the room did a double-take. He wore an entirely green outfit, sparkly scales painted onto the shirt and pants, and all of his exposed skin was painted green with bodypaint. Charlotte giggled.

"Morgan!" she squealed.

"Pascal is ready for the party!" Morgan said.

Carina noticed Zondra staring at her. "What?" Carina asked.

Zondra nodded towards Sarah and said, "We give her shit for Chuck, and you slept with that?"

Carina glareed at her as Chuck and Sarah shared an amused glance and Charlotte's mouth dropped open.

"Morgan and Aunt CeCe?" she cried.

"Okay!" Sarah said, stepping in before the conversation could go any further. "Morgan, umm…as…great as you look…"

"We're not going, buddy," Chuck said.

"What do you mean we're not going?" Morgan asked.

"You know that new client we're trying to get? Yeah, he's in LA, and the only time he could meet was tonight, so the party is now a girls-only event."

Morgan pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. "But I already bought my ticket!"

Carina skipped over to him and took the e-ticket out of his hands. "Thanks, Martin!"

"It's Mor…Chuck, is this for real?" he asked.

"Yeah, sorry. We'll take 'em trick-or-treating next week," Chuck said.

"Not cool, man," Morgan said. Without another word, he headed back outside.

"Time to go, right, Mommy?" Charlotte asked.

"Can I drive?" Molly asked.

"No!" Emma said. She walked over to her daughter for a hug that was only half-heartedly returned. "Have fun. Behave for your sister. Call me tomorrow when you're ready to come home."

"Yeah, okay," Molly mumbled.

"Bye, Grandma! Thanks for the costume!" Charlotte said, jumping into her arms for a hug. Emma hugged her back and, with a squeeze to Sarah's arm, headed home.

"Alright, you better go," Chuck sighed. "Disney fun awaits. I'll try not to die of boredom in the office."

Sarah turned to give him a sympathetic look and noticed his tie was messed up again. She chuckled, straightened it for the third time that evening, and pulled him into a goodbye kiss. The kiss was met with exaggerated noises of disgust from both grown-up spies and a groan from Molly. Chuck let Sarah go with another sigh.

"Later," she promised him with a wink.

"Okay, let's go!" Zondra said. She and Carina scrambled for the door.

"Wait!" Sarah cried.

Her friends stopped before they reached the front door. Sarah walked over to Carina and smoothed her hand over Carina's back and leg, checking for weapons. Feeling a gun strapped to her thigh, she reached under the spy's skirt.

"Jeez, Walker, buy a girl dinner first!" Carina snapped.

Sarah unstrapped Carina's gun and held her hand out in front of Zondra. Zondra pretended to be unarmed before sighing and pulling the gun from under her skirt and the knife from her heeled shoe. Charlotte watched with wide eyes as her mother passed the weapons to her father before leading the now unarmed squad out the front door.

After glittering everyone's hair, a short drive to Disneyland, and one more ticket purchase for Zondra, the group finally arrived at Mickey's Halloween Party. They were heading down Main Street when Snow White called out Happy Halloween as she headed backstage. Carina, startled by the unexpected greeting, nearly jumped a foot into the air and reached for the gun that was no longer strapped to her leg.

"Jumpy, much?" Molly asked.

"I don't like being unarmed," Carina said. "Walker, you said this wasn't supposed to be a scary event! I get enough of that in real life."

"I think you're the only one scared of a princess, Carina," Zondra said.

"Hey, look, it's Woody!" Charlotte squealed. She pulled the glittery pink gun out of her trick-or-treat bag and ran up to the Toy Story character. "Hey, Woody! Reach for the sky!"

The cast member escorting Woody laughed as the little girl aimed her gun at Woody and mimicked one of his famous lines. Woody held his hands up and then clutched his chest, playing the little girl's game, and Sarah looked mortified as a crowd began to draw.

"That kid's got a pretty good stance," Carina noted, checking out the way Charlotte was holding the toy.

Sarah shot her friend an uneasy look before snapping a photo of Molly and Charlotte with the cowboy. The girls ran back over to Sarah.

"I wish Daddy were here," Charlotte said. "He would've loved that!"

"Yeah, he would've," Sarah agreed. "Well…trick-or-treating doesn't start for another hour or so. Do you want to ride something after we get some pictures with the castle?"

"Star Tours, Mommy! Star Tours. Star Tours, please?" Charlotte begged, knowing her mom was not a big fan of that ride. Sarah was about to try and talk her into something else when an idea sparked in her mind and she agreed.

They headed into the Star Tours car and buckled their seatbelts. Molly and Charlotte sat on the end of the row, followed by Sarah, Zondra, and Carina towards the middle. The ride began, and Sarah tried hard to contain her smile. The computer magically selected Zondra as the rebel spy. Both spies' faces fell as they began frantically searching the pod for an enemy. Sarah covered her mouth with her hand, quietly laughing beside her friends. They finally noticed her laughing and sunk down into their chairs, shooting an evil eye towards Sarah.

"You did that," Zondra accused.

"I might've suggested to a cast member that one of you really wanted to be the rebel spy," Sarah said.

"You did that on purpose," Zondra said.

"Yeah," Sarah admitted. Her laughter subsided and she added, "But only because I fell for it, too."

"We're not going on this again," Carina declared.

"You guys are no fun!" Charlotte sighed.

They took advantage of the short lines and rode a few more rides. The squad hit several trick-or-treat stands and then sat down to wait for the Halloween fireworks and following parade. When the fireworks had ended, Charlotte sat between the spies on the Main Street sidewalk, picking through all three trick-or-treat bags for her favorite candies.

"Have you been to…Russia?" Charlotte asked.

"Yup," Zondra said.


"Yes," Carina said.

"South America?" Charlotte asked.

"Yes," Carina said. "Why all the location questions?"

"They're doing a geography unit in her social studies class," Sarah said.

"And you got to go to all of those cool places because you're spies? That's so cool! How many languages do you know? Mommy knows a bunch," Charlotte said. Zondra told her she looked very cute tonight in French, while Carina told her to keep her little hands out of her candy bag in Swedish. Charlotte gasped at the foreign sounds filling her ears, and Sarah shot Carina a look.

"Oh my god, Gaston," Molly whispered from her place next to Sarah.

"What?" Sarah asked.

"Gaston is right behind us," Molly said.

Charlotte and the CATs turned to look behind Molly. Sure enough, the face character from Beauty and the Beast was standing right behind her, ready to watch the parade. The parade began, and Molly watched Gaston flex his muscles and interact with the characters in the parade while Charlotte waved to everyone walking by. When the parade was over, Gaston and his handler walked away, and Molly chased after them.

"Gaston!" Molly cried.

Sarah sighed and chased after her sister, the rest of the party following them. Charlotte caught up to Molly and yelled for Gaston, too. He finally turned around.

"I thought I heard the sounds of beautiful women chasing after me," Gaston said. "Looks like I was right. Of course I was. I'm always right."

Molly girlishly sighed, and Sarah rolled her eyes. The cast member gathered everyone together for a photo, and Molly giggled as Gaston offered her his arm. She thanked him for the picture and, with a wink, he bid the group goodnight and walked away.

"He's so cute," Molly sighed.

"Okay, that's nice," Sarah said. "Let me know if you want to run off, please."

"You sound like Mom," Molly grumbled.

"Sorry," Sarah smiled. "Think you can muster up a grin for your little niece to meet Mickey and Minnie?"

Molly nodded, and the group headed to the Halloween Mickey and Minnie greeting. When it was their turn, Charlotte ran up to Mickey. He noticed the sparkly toy gun in her hand and put his fingers up, ready for a mock shootout. Charlotte giggled and raised her gun. Carina and Zondra laughed as the little girl yelled "Bang!" and ran around the room. The shootout finally ended with Mickey face-down on the floor, pretending to be dead as Charlotte blew imaginary smoke from the barrel of her gun. Sarah noticed the parents in line behind them shooting her a dirty look as their own child asked if Mickey was okay. Sarah gave her daughter a half-hearted smile when Charlotte looked to her for approval. A couple photos later, the group was on their way.

They stopped next in one of the dance parties. A group dance song was playing when they walked in, and Charlotte convinced everyone to join in. Carina jumped when a costumed Stitch walked up behind her, and Zondra made another joke about her being scared of the Disney characters.

"They are stalking us, I swear…" Carina mumbled. "And Walker took away my protection!"

Charlotte hugged Stitch. "He's nice, Aunt CeCe. I promise!"

Carina scowled at the nickname again. "Stop that."

Charlotte grabbed Sarah's hands as the group song ended and another upbeat song began. "Mommy, dance with me," she asked.

Carina and Zondra grabbed some popcorn and water from the nearby stand as they watched Sarah dance with her little girl. A few songs later, they found Molly dancing with a college-aged boy dressed like Indiana Jones. Zondra caught Sarah's attention and pointed out the situation. Sarah rolled her eyes again and told Charlotte to go ask her Aunt Molly to dance with her.

"What if she says no and wants to keep dancing with that boy?" Charlotte asked.

"Then ask harder," Sarah smiled.

Molly begrudgingly said goodbye to Indiana Jones and began dancing with her little niece. Sarah joined her friends, standing between them to steal some snacks, and Charlotte kept looking over to make sure her mother was watching.

"She worships you," Zondra said. "I'll admit I was skeptical when you said you and Chuck wanted children, but…it's really sweet."

Sarah smiled. "Does she make you want one?" she teased.

Zondra laughed. "No! No. I'll stick to borrowing yours, thanks."

The women were silent for a while as they watched the girls dance. Carina slurped up the remnants of her soda and pulled Charlotte's pink gun out. She looked it over.

"Do you ever worry that she's going to grow up and be like us?" Carina asked.

Sarah stilled, her body stiffened, and her face changed, the proud smile on her face fading. Both spies glanced at Sarah when she didn't respond and saw the fear and worry on her face.

"All the time," Sarah whispered. Her voice broke as if she was trying to hold back tears. "That's…all the time."

Carina realized she had hit a pretty big nerve and felt bad for upsetting her friend, so she skipped behind Sarah and wrapped her arms around her from behind. She rested her chin on Sarah's shoulder.

"We'll take care of her if she does, you know," Carina promised. "I mean, we'll help you try to stop her, but if she does…Zondra and me…we've got her. Either one of them."

"Absolutely," Zondra agreed.

Sarah nodded and covered Carina's hands with one of her own. "Thank you," she smiled.

"What does Chuck think?" Zondra asked.

"Chuck wants her to do something nice and boring behind a desk," Sarah laughed. "Or work for us in some non-field capacity. I think he likes the idea of the business going on after us, and she's apparently got some hacking skills. I'm kind of hoping she has a talent for writing."

"Really?" Carina asked.

"Oh, you've heard all of this Tangled nonsense. That child has entire worlds in her head," Sarah said. She laughed, looked down at herself and her friends' outfits and said, "Just look at us tonight. We wore some crazy outfits in our day, but did you ever think we'd be dressing up like male characters for a little girl?"

Zondra laughed. "No! But I didn't think any of us would ever have a little girl, either."

"Or be such a good mom," Carina said, shooting her friend a smile.

"Okay, okay," Sarah sighed. "I am sufficiently cheered up. Want to dance?"

"For old time's sake?" Carina asked, unwrapping herself from Sarah.

Zondra grabbed Sarah's hand as Carina spun out onto the dance floor. "Let's go!"

A couple hours later, the girls returned to the dark Bartowski house. It was just after one in the morning when Molly opened the door and Sarah walked in carrying a sleeping Charlotte in her arms. Carina kissed Sarah's cheek and followed Zondra into the guest room. Molly headed into Charlotte's room, and Sarah carried her little girl into her bedroom. Chuck was on his side of the bed, reading a book in the dim light of the bedside lamp.

"What are you doing up?" Sarah whispered.

"Waiting for you," Chuck smiled. "Do you need help with…"

"Get her shoes," Sarah said. "And the belt."

Chuck sat up and pulled his daughter's shoes and socks off, tossing them onto the floor beside the bed. He reached between Charlotte and Sarah to undo the belt around Charlotte's waist, tossing it onto the floor as well. Sarah gently lay her down on her side of the bed. The little girl sunk into the pillow, never waking.

"Why is she…" Chuck started.

"CATs are in the guest room, so Molly's in her bed tonight," Sarah explained. "I didn't want to put my sister on the couch. Is that okay?"

"I was promised kissing, but I suppose that can wait," Chuck said.

Sarah walked back around to his side of the bed, grabbed his face in one hand, and kissed him firmly on the lips.

"How was the meeting?" she asked.

"We got 'em," he smiled. She kissed him again. "How was the party?"

Sarah sighed. "I think I made a parenting mistake tonight."

"What did you do?" Chuck asked with concern.

"I let my eight-year-old have a princess gun instead of a princess wand," Sarah said. "For the record, your daughter killed Mickey, Woody, Jack Sparrow and seriously injured Merida tonight."

Chuck laughed quietly and pulled Sarah onto his lap. "You got some looks."

"Oh yeah," Sarah nodded. "And she looks exactly like me, so it's not like I could claim her as Carina's."

Chuck laughed again and pulled a photo out of the nightstand drawer. Chuck handed it to her and said, "This is what she found that made her want to dress like you."

Sarah took the photo from his hands and smiled. It was taken shortly after they met, Chuck in his Nerd Herd outfit and her in her Wienerlicious getup. She was laughing as Chuck pretending to enjoy corn dogs she had burned. He handed her a couple more pictures of them in the Wienerlicious, including one of her looking devious atop the counter, armed with a couple of sharp corn dog sticks.

"Do you remember?" Chuck whispered. She nodded.

"No wonder I got fired," she laughed. She grew solemn again and said, "I love that she looks up to me, and I know she was just playing tonight, but I don't want her to be like me. I don't want her to ever kill anybody. Or forget who I am. I want her to be that imaginative, whimsical little girl forever."

"She's going to be a spy over my dead body, okay?" Chuck said. "That is not happening. How was the party otherwise?"

Sarah quietly told him about the party as she slipped into the closet to exchange her Flynn Rider costume for pajamas. She walked back into the room, promising to show him all the pictures after he made the girls pancakes in the morning, and slipped into bed between her husband and their little girl. Chuck pulled her into his arms and looked down at her sparkly hair.

"There is going to be glitter all over this bed for months," he said.

Sarah smiled. "That's what happens when you raise a Disney girl." She kissed him one more time and said, "Goodnight Rapunzel."

He chuckled and whispered, "Goodnight Flynn."

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