Lust, Betrayal and Belonging

Chapter One

Katherine looked at the half empty bottle of vervaine that Damon had given her, knowing it would only last a few more if she didn't find a loophole within that time she would once again be a puppet in Klaus's twisted game.

It had been just over two hours since he had regained his own body and sent Alaric scampering off to the safety of the Salvatore's with Klaus's message that the ritual would be tonight. Leaving her alone at the mercy of Klaus.

Before he had left to go pay a visit to Damon and Stefan he had compelled her to shoot herself repeatedly with wooden bullets into the same leg she'd stabbed, and just in case she ran out he ordered her to reload with the small box full he'd left by the chair. Thankfully once he'd gone she'd stopped and dug the wood out of her painful wounds.

Sending a silent thanks to Damon for giving her the vial, she couldn't help but be surprised that he was still willing to help her after everything she'd inflicted on him. She now paced her prison cell that was Alaric's apartment, she had no way to escape Klaus, and because he had compelled her not to kill herself before she'd begun taking the vervaine she was trapped without a means to an end.

Everything she had done to escape his clutches seemed a waste now, all the regrets she had for the way she had to achieve success in staying out of his grasp kept haunting her.

Because of that Stefan would never love her, never believe that she loved him.

Bitterness darkened her heart as she thought of her doppelganger human double Elena, she didn't bother denying the feelings of jealousy she had for her.

Sure, if she hadn't gone through all she had she would be just as innocent and sweet as Elena; just the kind of girl Stefan wanted.

She knew how they all viewed her, Cold. Cruel. Manipulative…Evil. Being alone for so long, and having to look over your shoulder everyday not knowing whom to trust did that to a person. Being hunted for five hundred years, having your family killed, your child taken away without even being able to hold her once; all of that took part in who she was now.

What they didn't know was that she hated herself as much as they did. But mostly she just hated the hollow empty feeling knowing she would be alone for however long Klaus let her live, with no one that truly cared for her.

When Klaus entered Alaric's a short time later he found Katerina sitting in the chair where he'd left her, gun pointed at her leg, blood trailing down to pool around her feet on the floor. "You may stop for now," he told her as he walked past her.

Katherine gaze followed his as he walked towards the closet; "Remind me to go clothes shopping," he said casually as he looked through Alaric's shirts.

Katherine remained quiet while she dug the bullet from her leg; thankful he still remained oblivious to the fact she was on vervaine.

"I want to wear something fitting for the ritual," he continued as he grabbed shirts and threw them on the bed.

Striding over to where she sat he put a light blue shirt up to in front of his body, "Do you think this matches my eyes" he drawled with a smile.

Katherine resisted the urge to roll her eyes at his fake attempt to be friendly, "Shame it isn't silk" she replied.

Klaus smirked at her words, "Why my dear Katherina" he purred as he leant closer to her, "I do believe that was a compliment".

Katherine tried to keep calm the fear that was rising inside of her; he was leaning far to close to her; his lips dangerously close to hers.

After what seemed like forever he pulled back and chuckled lightly at her, "A shame I don't have my brothers taste in woman" he said as he walked back to the bed, "You and I would make a attractive couple".

Katherine couldn't contain her shock at his words…'brothers taste?' But his brother was…Elijah.

Klaus looked at her over his shoulder, "Are you saying you didn't know he fancied you? Come, come Katerina," he murmured, "There must have been something between you two for him to plead for your life".

Katherine shook her head slightly as she looked away confused, Elijah had cared for her? He pleaded for her life? But wasn't he the one who tried to find her to take her back to Klaus when she'd been in the forest before she killed herself? Wasn't he the one who trapped her in the crypt so she would be there when Klaus came? This didn't make sense; it couldn't be true.

"I can see you find it hard believing me, but it is of no consequence now" after he dressed he returned and pulled her up to stand in front of him, I have something for you to do" he told her.

Katherine stood in front of the Salvatore's front door. She had tried to enter but found that she could not. Confused, as it was a vampires house knowing she should be allowed entry.

She felt weak from the loss of blood from her wounds and the fact Klaus had not given her any blood for the days she'd been his prisoner.

And now she was where he wanted her to be, but not for the reason he wanted her there. He had tried to compel her to pretend to be Elena and get close enough to kill both the Salvatore brothers. But her hope was they would try to kill her before Klaus got to her again.

She sighed knowing the drama likely to follow but she refused to run from him, she was don't running. She lifted her hand and knocked loudly enough for them to hear.

Within seconds the door was swung open to show Stefan and Elena standing there as if ready to battle, both their faces showing shock at her appearance.

Whether it was her being covered in her own blood looking like she'd been tortured or just the fact that it was her, she didn't know; nor did she care.

"Katherine" Stefan hissed as if waiting for her to attack him.

Elena looked confused as she looked at her vampire doppelganger.

"Klaus let me go," she told them not knowing what else to say. "He tried to compel me to come here and kill you and Damon," she told Stefan knowing he wouldn't believe her.

"He tried? You mean he failed to compel you?" Elena asked her.

Katherine sighed, "Damon gave me vervaine so it didn't work" she replied.

"Wait" Stefan growled, "Damon? He knew you were alive? He saw you? What did he say?" Stefan obviously hadn't been informed of Damon's visit.

"Look I'll tell you whatever you want to know but can you invite me in first?" Katherine said as she resisted the urge to collapse. "I haven't fed in days"

Elena grabbed Stefan's arm to get him attention, "She can tell us about Klaus" she whispered for some reason trusting Katherine.

After a few seconds Stefan stopped scowling and sighed as he stepped back from the door, "Fine, but if you try anything I wont hesitate to kill you" he threatened her.

"You can come in" Elena invited her, and after a hesitant step Katherine walked into the house, walking past Elena she gave her a sideways look, "You own this house now?" she commented as she made her way to the living room.

"So where is Damon?" Katherine asked when Stefan came to where she resided on the couch and handed her some blood bags.

"He's not here" he replied as he went to sit beside a cautious Elena.

Katherine was about to bite into one of the bags to quench her thirst when she heard someone new speak, "No he's not, but I am".

Katherine stood up in shock dropping the bags to the floor as she found herself staring at none other than Elijah.

"Hello Katerina" he said as he gave her a cold smile.

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