Chapter 2:

"Dean, let it go... If she's not answering her phone maybe she was just being nice!" Sam tried to reason with Dean. They were walking down the street from a diner, just having had breakfast and were now walking to the car. Sam was ready to head to the public library to see if anything like what had happen had happened in the past. Dean was Hell bent on getting ahold of Sam from the bar two nights ago.

"Sammy... Sweet Sammy Sammy Sammy... It's been 2 more days, and we still have nothing but a body pile starting." Dean reasoned back as he stared at his phone. "The Sam girl that I met that night, her sister was the last person to see the first victim. If we can maybe talk to her then we can figure out a new lead!" Dean said as he walked.

"Are you sure you're thinking with the right head about this? Or are you just saying that because it gives you a reason to call her constantly?" Sam looked down at his brother.

"Come on man! The rest of this town is Soccer Moms! And not the good looking ones..." Dean said back as they reached his car. He smiled. The car brought him so much joy. It was his constant, just as faithful to him as his brother was... Maybe even more. He put the keys in the ignition and turned. But instead of the beautiful rumble he usually heard coming from under the hood, he heard something he had never heard before. A weird clicking noise nowhere near the rumble he loved so much. He tried again, thinking it was a fluke. He took care of this car, very good care. It should never stall on him. Low and behold, though, no rumble. Just more clicking. "What the hell..." He groaned. Trying one last time. "Third times the charm..!"


Smoke began to come from under the hood. "No No No!" Dean cried, jumping out of the car and lifting his hood. Smoke continued to pour out. He fanned it away the best he could, but the smoke kept coming.

"So... What now?" Sam asked.

Next thing the guys knew, they were in a tow truck, dragging the Impala behind him. "My baby..." he cried as they pulled into the closest shop, Sam's Auto. They got out and paid the tow truck driver in cash, thanking him and heading into the office.

"You guys got the Impala that was called in?" an older woman asked. She was a bit frump and wore glasses, her hair in a messy bun as she looked at the two of them.

"Yes Ma'am." Sam said. "And we kinda need it working soon so if you don't mind?"

"We'll do what we can.." the woman answered in a tone that showed she didn't care. She grabbed a ticket from a receipt printer and handed it to them. "Go see Sam. You'll be taken care of in the shop." Then she turned back to her computer, which had a game of spider solitaire on the screen.

"Is everyone in this town named Sam?" Sam huffed as they headed out the door towards the shop.

"Well whoever it is better do good work. If only I didn't leave my tools back in Virginia..." He growled. The only reason he wasn't fixing his car himself was because he knew it needed new parts and his tools were left after they had to empty the trunk to hold a demon. He didn't like the idea of someone else touching his Impala, but he had not other choice.

They walked up to someone underneath a car, steady working. They heard crank noises from where the person was. They stared for a moment, then looked around to see if there were any other mechanics. It looked like everyone else was gone for the day. "You Sam?" Dean asked, expecting some old fart to come out from under. He was very surprised by what saw.

First they heard the clanking of tools hitting the garage floor, then as the person came from underneath the car, they realized it wasn't a man at all, but a woman. A very familiar woman at that. "Samantha?" Dean asked.

"Oh shit..." She looked up at dean. Her work suit wasn't on all the way, tied down at her waist. For a top all she had on was her black sports bra. Her brown hair pulled into a very messy bun. A grease stain was smeared across her cheek and her hands were as dirty as any mechanics. She sat up, chuckling nervously. "Hey umm... Dean? Right?" She tried her best to pull her hair tighter, but she knew it wouldn't really help. "Sorry I haven't answered your calls... It's been umm... Pretty busy around here."

Dean smiled. Who was this girl? Shooting pool in the bar, drinking beer, and now she was a mechanic? How good of a mechanic though... "Yeah, I can see. Especially if you're the only one working.."

"Had to let go of a few people. Business isn't as great when you have a woman owning a shop." She sighed looking around.

"I'm sorry... You own this shop?" Dean asked.

"Umm... Yeah?" She chuckled, getting this sort of reaction a lot. "Got a problem with that?"

"No. I just wasn't really expecting it." Dean smiled a little.

"So you're going to be working on the car?" Sam interrupted, wanting to get out of there and back to the case as soon as possible.

"Uh.. Yeah! The Impala right?" Samantha asked. "Looks great! Are you trying to get it good for a show or something?"

"No no... It's our daily driver." Dean answered. "She's been around..."

"Well it's in great condition if you drive it everyday. You must really keep p on it." Samantha said back.

"He does." Sam interrupted the two again. "So how long will it be here?"

"Well you see the other cars ahead of you. I can probably have it done by Friday though." Samantha answered. "Is that okay?"

"Sounds great. We'll be back for it then." Sam gave her a quick smile and turned to leave, ready to walk back to the motel they were staying at, but then he saw Den approach Samantha.

"Y'know... If you need an extra hand here, I can come help you out. I know a thing or two about fixing cars." Dean offered, ignoring the glare Sam was giving him. But something about this girl intrigued him.

"Umm... You sure? I don't really have money to pay anyone extra. I have me, Sandy, the receptionist, and about 2 other guys on payroll here. You'll basically just be a grease monkey.." Samantha replied.

"That's fine. Anything I can help with." Dean said.

"Okay. Be here at 7 am tomorrow? Thats when I open. The guys usually eave around 1 for the day. I stay late til about 5 or 6." Sam replied.

"7 it is. See you then." Dean said, then turned on his heals, walking straight passed Sam, knowing all too well what was coming next.