Title: Bare Grace Misery

Author: Chronos Mephistopheles aka x_number_six_x aka cloudsgrl

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and its characters, that would be J.K. Rowling and others. I do not own The World Ends With You or its respective characters. I technically don't even own the plot, I've just changed it up for the sake of this crossover.

Author's Notes: The titles of each chapter shall be lines from the song 'Bare Grace Misery' (thus the title of the fic) by Nightwish, however to mess with you all I plan on having the titles spelt out in IPA… for something different; hopefully the symbols will all show! This story will have spoilers for WEWY & Harry Potter. Don't read if you are going to flame, cause I'll just ignore you. Because of Pottermore, I had an urge to work on this. Unfortunately I don't have my DH book with me up in Colorado, so the whole robbing Gringotts and such will be off. Luckily, this is when I deviate from the books, so this isn't such a big issue. Unluckily for all of you, because I couldn't make up my mind, it took much longer than planned to get this out. Hope you enjoy.

Bare Grace Misery

Chapter Two:

sɪnəmən bɛd, fɔr yʊər ʌn əˈʃeɪmd æp ɪtaɪt

Neku landed on a sandy beach, his (Joshua's) coat becoming caked in the fine dirt. Cringing he took off the coat and slung it over an arm, hoping these wizards had a spell for cleaning clothes. It would be most helpful.

"Dobby!" the Conductor looked about, looking for Harry Potter. He spotted Granger and the ginger, holding onto one another in some kind of comforting embrace, Potter cradling the goblin like creature as the last bits of life seemed to be leaving it, a bloody knife dropped on the sand. He sighed, scratching his neck and adjusting his headphones before wandering over, hands slipping into his pockets.

Granger stared at him with watery eyes. "Can't you do something?"

He shook his head, "All I can tell you is how close he is. This isn't my territory. My Composer might have been able to do something but…" He offered a sympathetic smile, but didn't offer any apologies. People died in war, and this goblin creature thing called 'Dobby' was probably one in the possible thousands that would.

It was a fact of life that Neku was quick to learn as Joshua's Conductor.

As the soul began to leak into the UG, Neku tentatively reached out and held onto it, clutching it tightly. He knew that if the soul remained in the RG too long after its release that it would become mutated, a Noise, but if he handled it right, he could use the purity of the creature called 'Dobby' to help Harry Potter win this war. For his mission, it was a risk he was willing to take.

He followed the group into what the ginger called 'Shell Cottage' and found himself intrigued with the older ginger and his wife, a very beautiful blonde woman. They accepted the trio's presence easily; however it was Neku's that seemed to bother them. The woman's creature senses alerted her to exactly how dangerous he could be, and didn't feel comfortable letting him enter her home.

Neku apologized for the inconvenience and told Granger he'd stay outside, after asking if they'd kindly clean his (Joshua's) fluffy coat. The woman and her husband appeared concerned that he couldn't do such a simple spell, but he just offered a grim smile and wandered up the cliffs to survey the ocean.

The smell was slightly different than the smell found in Japan, but that was based off memory a year or two old. This trip, this mission from Joshua was his first time out of Shibuya's grounds since the Game… He glanced at the palm of his left hand, where he knew a timer would be ticking down; if he listened hard enough, he could even hear it. But it was hidden from his eyes, just as it should be hidden from the wizards' eyes.

"Mr. Conductor?" It was Granger, her eyes still bloodshot. Vaguely he wondered if she would grow attached to him after sticking through such a traumatizing experience, much like how Shiki had.

"Granger," he inclined his head slightly, "retrieving me so soon? I thought you'd like to mourn the loss of your friend more."

She looked torn. "We can't let ourselves get too caught up in his death if we want to win and have You-Know-Who's horcruxes gone by the end of the school year." She gazed at his headphones and the attached mp3 player. "Does that work here?"

His hand brushed against the purple headphones with a small smile. "It's no issue, I've been forbidden from using it around you all. Something about magic and electronics not mixing well, so I have to go without my tunes." He waved it away, not caring to think about it too much. He glanced at the invisible timer, convincing himself he could even feel the time changing across his palm, "What do you wish to discuss?"


Neku stared at the inscription on the entrance to Gringotts in something of vague amusement. After having to imprint on that 'Death Eater' (such an odd name for a group, considering they weren't Reapers) to leave, everything was becoming somewhat amusing. His 'magic' and this European version of magic seemed to not mix very well, but he could still use it. The inscription sounded like something Joshua would write to warn others away from the Dead God's Pad, if only for his sheer amusement, the twisted bastard. The goblin named Griphook had made a deal with his unknowing charge, and Neku much preferred to not depend solely on the word of a creature whose inhumanity is clearly visible.

He knew he'd be at the minimum slapped by Granger, who was currently looking like the Mad Woman from before, if he voiced this opinion, but there wasn't much he could do. Only assist his assignments in their mission for his own. He followed dutifully behind everyone as they worked their way through the Bank, riding the roller-coaster-esque cart until they passed through a waterfall. They fell to the floor, Granger and Weasley's disguises slipping away. Griphook led them through the paths, navigating them around the large lizard (dragon, his mind supplied) that appeared to be old, withered, and tortured for an extended period of time. He calmly walked passed it, still invisible to things in the RG, and awaited the trio and goblin on the other side.

Once inside the vault, Neku slipped back into the RG, causing the goblin with the group to make a noise of disbelief. Ignoring the muttering of invisibility and how disillusionment charms are supposed to be impossible, Neku searched alongside Potter for the goblet. With what he was quickly informed about it only a few hours before, it was an object that contained a piece of a soul. If true, Neku should've been able to sense it. Souls had magic, music, imagination, and it was what he and Joshua worked with.

Spotting a goblet on a higher shelf, Neku pointed at it. "There." Weasley took the moment to lightly brush against something, the object falling to the floor and began to replicate itself exponentially. Neku cursed, Potter dashed forward, climbing the growing amount of miscellaneous valuable items, causing them to multiple more and more. Neku himself shifted, feeling himself go a bit off balance with the pressure of the items against his skin, and wondered why he never learned how to float like how the Reapers knew how.

As Harry reached for the horcrux, Neku turned his attention to the exit. The goblin was grinning menacingly. His hand brushed against his old player pin, watching as the chaos around him seemed to slow down, everything going dark except for its thoughts. It wanted the sword, and was planning on trapping them inside. The Conductor couldn't let that happen.

Neku activated one of his pins, watching the goblin squirm as it was surrounded with a large wall of fire. Even from ten feet away, the heat was tangible. Neku held the flames in place, stepping outside of the vault, staring at the goblin in disbelief. What a tricky, conniving creature. It sneered at him, the sharp teeth appearing even more sinister. It took a step closer to the fire, its beady eyes peering at him through the fire, as if ignoring its existence entirely.

The Conductor's eyes glinted, his hand clenching around the pin as the flames rose higher. The goblin reached a hand out towards the fire, eyes going wide as the flames seemed to cling to it. The goblin screeched in pain, recoiling as fast as possible. Neku couldn't help but smile smugly, an expression he had learned from Joshua early on. "Weren't expecting that, were you?"

"Mr. Conductor," Granger's voice was filled with a mixture of shock and anger, "What are you doing?" She approached the goblin, ignoring the fire, ignoring the commotion left behind in the vault. Potter and Weasley were following her, carrying the sword and the cup, the vault continuing to fill to the brim with replicated items forgotten completely.

"Don't," Neku's slightly whispery voice, using a singular psych for a longer period alongside his Conductor powers caused this small side effect, stopped her from moving any closer to the fire. "He planned on betraying you." He raised his hand toward the creature. "I cannot allow you to fail." His eyes flashed brightly, the ticking of his personal timer echoing in his head. "Destroy the cup now, and then we shall escape."

Potter nodded, placing the Hufflepuff Cup on the ground, with Weasley raising the sword high above his head. Neku could feel something stirring from inside, something recognizing the nearby danger. If it was going to be destroyed, undoubtedly it would attempt to take some of them with it. That too needed to be prevented. Hoping he had enough Imagination to pull it off, he turned his attention towards the cup, attempting to wrap it in a shield, to prevent anything from lashing out.

He felt his Imagination waver, but it held the flame steady and he could see a semi-transparent shield rise from the ground to wrap itself around the cup. The sword was practically slammed into the cup, no elegance whatsoever, an inhumane shriek of anger echoed around them. The raised shield faltered and cracked under the pressure, but remained.

When the dark smoke disappated, the shield around the mis-shapen cup and the fire preventing the goblin from stealing the sword dispersed; Neku's arms fell to his sides, panting slightly from the overwhelming feeling of overexerting himself. His muscles seemed to twitch beneath his skin, a pressure on his chest getting heavier and heavier with every breath. His eyesight darkened, shadows creeping in from the peripherals, and he had to hold his arms out slightly to maintain a balance. He shook his head, working on getting rid of the lightheadedness that came with the shadows.


Harry watched the Conductor's moves closely, a bit surprised at the abilities the teenager appeared to have. What else could he do other than appear out of thin air, form shields and raise fire? And were these normal abilities? But they didn't have enough time to ask questions. When the fire and shield fell, the Conductor seemed to collapse upon himself. Hermione rushed to his side, not quite touching him as she repeated his title, trying to get his attention.

Griphook took the chance and grabbed for the Gryffindor Sword, ripping it from Ron's grasp and rushing away. Ron called out after him, throwing a stunner in the goblin's direction, just barely missing him. Harry threw his own stunner, hitting Griphook and sending the sword flying. It hit a wall of solid stone before falling to the floor with a clatter. Ron ran over to Griphook, casting incarcerous to prevent the goblin from managing to escape or alert the others of their presence.

Hermione finally managed to have the Conductor come back to himself, his eyes glowing in the lantern light. "Is everyone alright?" He questioned, his hands slipping into the pockets of his shorts. After confirming everyone's status, the Conductor glanced about. "Now, how to escape without being caught."

"Honestly, I don't think we planned that part all too much." Ron said reluctantly, crossing his arms in thought. "We were so focused on getting inside we didn't think about getting out."

Hermione seemed flustered, beginning to pace back and forth, garbed still in her Bellatrix clothes. The Conductor blinked a few times before muttering to himself in his native tongue. He raised his voice, as if to get everyone's attention, before realizing he wasn't speaking English any longer. His accent was thicker after switching so quickly from Japanese to English, but not completely understandable. "I think I can get us some help. He won't be able to do much, but if he can get here, I should be able to get him to get us out of here."

The Conductor began rummaging through his pockets, pulling out an electronic device. Hermione and Harry shared a look. "I thought electronics malfunctioned in magic areas."

"They do, to an extent." The Conductor managed a smile. "However this is powered by my Composer's personal magic, and therefore isn't running on electricity. It's only my mp3 player," he gestured to the object around his neck, hanging from something that appeared like the headphones Dudley once owned, only much more decorated, "that is truly run by a form of electricity and thus malfunctions." He flipped the object open and began pressing buttons, an audible beep coming from the actions. Finally he held it to his ear, glancing at the screen briefly before seeming to perk up. A sound came from the object before he started speaking once again in his native tongue.

The trio stared at him, fidgeting as they hoped the Conductor would come up with a resolution to their issue. He closed the object, slipping it into his pocket and crossed his arms. "He said he would try to be here soon."

"Who is he?" Harry managed to ask before Hermione. "Your Composer?"

The Conductor seemed to chuckle to himself. "Oh no, my Composer is technically not supposed to leave his territory. I've asked someone else to come." There was a bright flash of light followed by the appearance of a man approximately the age Remus was, hair black and short, wearing a pair of sunglasses low on his nose.

The man began rambling off in what Harry assumed to be Japanese before the Conductor responded with, "We're in Britian, Mr. H, please speak English so my current mission can understand you."

"Ah, yes, sorry Phones." The Conductor rolled his eyes, allowing 'Mr. H' to continue. "Alright, so what we're going to do is use a Producer ability to get from one place to another in a blink of an eye." He rubbed the back of his neck, grinning at the trio. "I just need to know where you want to go. A destination makes it much easier for this ability to be successful."

"You three can choose," the Conductor managed a small smile, "but don't take too long. I don't understand how we haven't been discovered yet, and I don't know how much more time we have left. Pick something and fast. We can figure out where we need to go after we're out of here."

Harry turned toward his two best friends curiously, "Where should we go?"

"Everywhere I can think of the Death Eaters already know of." Ron sighed, shaking his head.

"We are going to have to hit Hogwarts eventually." Hermione thought aloud. "Maybe we can go to Hogsmeade, get an idea of how bad it is, and then work on sneaking inside."

"But where in Hogsmeade can we go? Snape knows about the Shrieking Shack." Harry cursed under his breath. "I doubt anyone wants to risk housing us either. They'd be more likely to turn us in than anything."

Ron practically growled, his hands flying up to grab his hair in frustration. "Why can't anything go right for once?"

Hermione punched him in the arm. "It did! We've destroyed another horcrux. That's progress, Ron!"

"A lot of bloody good it did us," he rubbed the spot that undoubtedly stung. "We're stuck."

The Conductor hissed for silence, practically yelling at them to cease. And then Harry heard the noise. Screeching wheels on the metal rails. Another cart was passing through.