After the time travel,Henry was not wear saw a young felt very scar because he would have felt embarrassed if the young girl had seen was lucky that Henry was behind the the young girl sat to picnic,she listened some sound.
"Help!Help!"Henry shouted loudly.
"Who are you?"Clare saw Henry's head and said.
"I am get me a clothe and a trouser."Henry said.
Henry wore the clothe and trouser behind the grove quickly and talked with Clare.
"Where do you come from?"Clare asked.
"I come from the future."Henry said.
"You are lying!It is not time I am not belive time travel."Clare said angrily.
"It is true!What do you know that it is not time travel?"Henry asked.
"I never need time ,I am not belive time travel."Clare said.
"NoNoNo!"Henry said.

Henry was disappear and the clothes fell down on the thought it was true.
When Henry needed Clare,Henry was 16 and he was relationship was fine because their age was was fast to be a pair of good friends.
One day,Henry needed Clare by time found and wore the clothe in the back he saw Clare on the street.
Henry and Clare were went to shopping long night,Henry could not time travel because he was not drink alcoholic.
Clare's home had not Henry slept at Clare's then,they started their love story.
When Clare grew up,she needed Henry was very ate dinner in a wanted to marry.