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Outtake #1

Emmett and Jasper versus Jake Black.

Emmett's POV

It's hard to watch my little brother losing his junk in the waiting room. I've never seen him like this, like he's lost. He's usually the organised one.

When Rosie had Angus it was Edward that kept me calm through it all. Rosie still doesn't know, but every now and then I'd tell her I needed a drink, or a pee, or to make a call, or whatever. But I'd really go find Ed. He'd talk me down off my ledge and I'd be able to go back to Rosie with a straight face.

He has no idea but he's my best friend. He was the best man at my wedding and by the look on his face he'll be needing one himself soon. He kind of got the best bits of our parents. Mom's colouring and quietness, dad's brains and loyalty.

Thinking about myself I wonder if Ed's got some info I don't have. He's always said I am the product of mom's indiscretion with a pro wrestler and maybe he's right. I'm loud where he's quiet, I'm wide where he's narrow, I'm the steak to his gravy I guess. He's got that pretty kind of face chicks love and I've got the dimples. It was a good deal, no matter which way you look at it.

But looking at him now I don't see the confident, over achieving quiet guy I know him to be. I see a broken heart sick boy who's just been sucker punched in his gut.

I was slowly forming the idea that Jake Black, whoever the fuck that punk is, needs to meet me and my brother in law, and soon, when the brother in law in question nudges me and tells Ed that we've gotta run out for a bit.

I'm hoping he's on the same page as me and is planning on a little visit. I follow him out of the waiting room and the instant we are out of Edward's earshot I'm on him. "Where are we going?" I ask.

He throws me his car keys, "I want at least two good, clear hits. One for the list and one for the mattress on the floor." He tells me as we slide into his car.

I turn the ignition on and buckle my seatbelt. "Deal. I'll hold him while you get yours, then we switch, right?" I ask him as I back out of the parking space.

"Deal." He tells me. We're quiet for a bit, both probably lost in what we've just seen and heard, but eventually it's Jaz who breaks the silence. "Ed's fucked." He sniggers.

"Totally. You see the stupid look on his bonce when I took the baby from him? Oh man, he's gone, totally gone." I laugh.

"Totally." He agrees. "Never seen it before, you?"

"Nope. I thought for a while he had a serious thing for that strawberry blonde, Tanya, remember her?" I ask.

He's nodding but he doesn't look happy. "Oh I hated that bitch. Every time he left the room she was a totally different person." Jasper says.

"I know!" I yell. "I tried to tell Rosie that but she said I didn't know what I was talking about. But she totally did that, didn't she? At your engagement party she was dancing with dad all nice and shit, then when the oldies went home she dragged Edward out of there like we weren't good enough for her anymore." I complain.

"I know, I saw that. Alice was so pissed. Ed didn't want to leave but she made him." Jasper agrees. "What do you know about this Bella?" He asks.

"Not a lot. I kinda remember what she looks like, she spent a lot of time with Alice, but I don't really know anything about her now. She's the same age as Alice, hasn't she ever told you about her?" I ask as I pull the car to a stop on the curb outside the apartment building we'd visited earlier.

"Alice said she was Bella's best friend way back when and she talks about her all the time, but I've never met her. I assumed she moved away, we never saw her even though Alice talks about her like a sister." He takes his seatbelt off and turns to face me over the console. "So, how do you want to do this? Good cop, bad cop or just flog fuck out of him?" he asks.

"I think flog fuck out of him. But I want him to know why we're hitting him dude, I need the chance to explain that it's on Bella's behalf. Oh, and Elizabeth's." I tell him and he nods. "Right, how about we go introduce ourselves and see what he's got to say?" I snigger and unfold myself from the tiny car.

I toss the keys to Jaz and he pockets them while we make our way up the stairs to the front door. I crack my neck and lace my fingers together and crack my knuckles. Jaz squares his shoulders and pushes the doorbell. We hear it ring and then hear footsteps as the punk comes to the door.

"Hello?" He says, stupid blank look on his face. "Can I help you?"

He's a big fucker, I'll give him that. But, the bigger they are the louder they cry. I smile. "Good evening, I'm Emmett Cullen and this here is my brother in law Jasper Whitlock. We'd like to talk to you about your wife and child." I tell him calmly.

"She's not here." He hisses.

Jasper chuckles darkly. "We know, that's why we're here, can we come in?" He asks like he's there to sell bibles or some shit.

The stupid fucker actually steps aside and invites us in. He'll fucking regret that in about ten seconds I think as I go past him into the living room.

I spare a glance for the wall in the kitchen where Bella's list of rules is pinned and then I turn around so I'm facing him as he comes into the room with us. "Where is she?" He asks casually, like his dogs gone missing, not his wife and kid.

Jaz takes the lead, "She's in the hospital." No reaction from the punk. "She's been beaten pretty badly, any idea how that happened?" He asks more calmly than I would have. I would've beaten him first, maybe stopped to ask the odd question later.

The fucker actually has the balls to snigger before he answers. "Dunno." Is the mighty intelligent comeback. "She's pretty clumsy."

"Clumsy?" I hiss. I can see him squaring off now, he's twigged that this isn't a social call. "You think she beat herself up, is that what you're gonna go with?" I ask as I take a small step toward him.

He backs up a little, but doesn't back down. He hits women and I'm betting he doesn't mind throwing the odd punch at guys either. Suits me fine. "Why do I have to tell you what goes on in my own home?" He asks, head tipped to the side like he's only just worked out that he's actually invited the trouble into the place.

I look at Jaz and he takes this one. "Well, you see, our brother, that would be Edward Cullen, he's patched your wife up a couple of times now and he's kind of come around to the idea that someone is hurting her, that someone would be you." Jaz says quite calmly for a guy who's flexing his fists and wants to punch.

Jake sneers at us in turn and then smiles. He's a native so he's got these big, white teeth and when he smiles it's like someone's flicked the lights on. I aint buying the bullshit he's selling though. "Well, then, your brother is full of shit. He's been calling my wife for months and I wouldn't mind betting he's the prick who's been fucking her." He spits at Jaz's feet.

BAM! Jasper lets fly with a right hook that Rocky Balboa would be proud of. Hits the clown right in the kisser and sends him to the canvas. Jaz stands over him and spits right back at him. "He aint fucking her." Jasper says rather ineloquently for a high school teacher. "He wouldn't do that and she's a nice girl. But I tell you one thing for free, you won't be fucking with her again."

Jake gets up when Jasper retreats and he aint happy. He looks from me to Jaz then back again, assessing which of us he wants a piece of first. "What's it got to do with you two?" He asks finally. "You two next on her list? I gotta tell ya, she's a crap root. Just lies there." He sneers.

I can't resist and land my first punch to his jaw while he's still speaking. He hits the ground like the steaming pile of human excrement that he is. I'll give him credit though, he's on his feet and swinging again in seconds. He actually lands one to my side, but it's hardly hard and I don't even flinch. He's circling me now, he's not happy, but no matter, I'm heaps bigger and I'm heaps more pissed than he is.

I punctuate – big word, I know, but it's on my word for the day calendar – each of my next punches with the details of what I know. "I'm – punch – not – punch – on – punch – any – punch – list – punch – because – punch – she's – punch – not – punch – like – punch - that."

His nose is busted for sure now. It's pissing out blood and I can see that Jasper is dying to have a turn, so I hold the punk by his collar and let Jaz have a go. I need to catch my breath anyway.

Jaz is smaller than me but he's pissed too, really pissed by the force he uses to hit Jake. He clocks him right in the side of the head and I can't hold the asshole up and he crumples to the floor. "She was sleeping on the floor while you lived in pristine luxury you dirty cunt." He screams into the now blood covered face of Bella's husband. I smirk at the c-bomb and find I have a new respect for my brother in law. Under his nice white button down and brown leather school satchel lurks the soul of a man who can not only hit, but can hit and drop the c-bomb without flinching. I watch, with some admiration, as Jasper kicks him in the gut with some serious force. There is a loud crack as his ribs break and another when Jaz pulls him up so he's half sitting against the wall while he punches him in the jaw once more. "The ribs are for the mattress, the jaw is for the rules list." He spits as Jake slumps back down the wall and hits the floor with a thud.

Jasper's chest is heaving as he turns to me and asks if there's anything more I want to tell the boy.

"Oh yeah, I got plenty." I say thank you for the opportunity – good calendar word that one, very useful – and pull Jake up onto his feet. He's pretty fucking impressive because he doesn't ask us to stop or anything. He just squares up and gets ready for the next blow. I oblige by giving in a little love tap to his broken ribs. He squeaks a bit and then starts whining about us having made our point and we should get the fuck out. "Not quite done." I tell him. "That's one from me for the rules list." I punch him in the thigh as hard as I can with the point of my knuckles and Jasper laughs. "You like that one bro? Old football trick, nice corked thigh for you fucker." I punch the other thigh and he hits the ground like the bag of shit that he is. "You can call that one for the baby." I tell him.

Stupid mother fucker gets up smiling and laughing! I take a step back and wonder if he's man or machine because with two corked thighs a broken nose, god knows how many broken ribs and I'm thinking about a hundred bruises and cuts he comes up fucking laughing! "Oh yeah, the bastard kid." He laughs as he slumps against the kitchen wall.

I've had it by this stage. Laugh at me if you want, but don't call kids bastards. I pull him using the scruff of his neck so he's laying spread out on the floor between the kitchen and the living room. I give him a little nudge with the toe of my boot, which makes him yell because my aim is impeccable – another good calendar word, I'll have to thank Alice for it again and ask for another one this year – and I just so happen to connect with his already broken ribs. When he's good and down, like literally down on the floor under my boot, I kick him again so he rolls over. I push down on my boot on the back of his neck, "Elizabeth is not a bastard, you are. You beat her mother, starved her and you call yourself a man, let alone a father." I yell down at him. "You come near her or her mother again and I'll kill you myself. We clear bro?" I hiss.

Fucker gurgles a bit and some blood trickles out the corner of his mouth. I don't really give a shit but Jaz says I should roll him over. I do but he's okay, just beat up, which is what I was there for. "I won't be coming for the kid, she's not even mine." He mumbles through his split lips.

"What do you mean?" Jaz asks.

"She was already knocked up when I agreed to take her off Charlie's hands. You can fucking have the kid, it's no good to me." He mumbles and passes out cold.

Jaz kicks him in the ribs once more for good measure and spits on his chest. He pulls out his cell phone and starts dialling. I know he's a pussy and is dialling 911, but I let him anyway. I don't want the fucker to die, not really. I want the chance to hit him again one day, can't do that if he's dead. "I heard some screaming and a loud bang in apartment number 12 at 421 Camas Street. Send an ambulance I think the young man who lives up there is hurt." He says in a pissy, whiny voice then hangs up. "It's time to go dude." He tells me. "Not good for your mojo to hit a man while he's out to it." He says.

I look down at the useless piece of dog turd lying on the floor and decide my mojo can take the hit. I give him a good, swift kick to his meat and two veg. Jasper winces but I don't give a shit. "I know its bad form to hit a man where he plays, but he's been playing hard, let's see if he ever gets hard again." I laugh.

Jasper pulls me out of the place by the collar. We get into his car just as the first peal of the sirens floats in through the windows. He drives like a man possessed and we are well clear by the time the cops show up. The ambulance won't be too far behind so we pull up in the parking lot two blocks down and watch from there. Sure enough, one minute behind Charlie Swan's cruiser is an ambulance.

"You need the vet?" I ask Jaz who's looking down at his knuckles bleakly.

"Yeah, reckon this one needs a stitch." He says.

"I've fucking told you a hundred times, accuracy over force." I shake my head and laugh. "Go round to Ed's clinic, Kate'll still be there, she won't grass on us." I tell him.

"I have no idea how I'm going to explain my hands but Christ that felt good." He laughs as he takes a right and then a left and heads to Ed's clinic.

"Yeah, it did." I agree. "Reckon we let him heal then go do it again." I laugh.

A/N: I am not actually very proud of this outtake. After consultation with some friends who've read it I've decided I don't like that Emmett and Jasper hit him and kick him while he's down. He might deserve it, but they are better than that.

I will revise and rewrite, at some point.