Mission and Rescue

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"Naruto, Hinata" Ino called out making them both lose their concentration from surprise/ Hinata lost control of the water she was using and it splashed all over herself while Naruto lost his balance on top of the wood platform and plummeted into the water.

"Kakashi-sensei, Yamato-Taicho" Sakura greeted as all four of them walked up. Naruto resurface from the water couching and spitting water from his mouth.

"Geez Ino you surprised the hell out of us" Naruto grumbled as he wipped his hair from his eyes.

"Sorry" she giggled sheepishly. "We just stopped by to see how you were doing."

Neji walked up to Hinata as she walked out of the water area, "Hinata have you been here the past few weeks?"

Hinata nodded slightly, "I've been training in nature manipulation with Naruto for a while now."

"I see" Neji said and smiled slightly. "I hope it goes along well. I just stopped by because Lord Hiashi hasn't seen you in a while and has wondered where you were so he sent me out to look for you."

"Well you can tell father I am just fine" Hinata said quietly.

Naruto swam to the edge of the water and pulled himself out before lying on the grass and taking some deep breaths. The training has been taking a lot out of him. Ino and Sakura walked up and stood above to him and Ino stared at his rock hard muscles, "Whoa Naruto when did you get muscles?" Sakura blushed from her bluntness.

"I've always had them, you just never noticed" Naruto countered.

Ino merely shrugged as Naruto got up from the ground, "Oh yeah forehead over here…" Sakura bristled from her old nickname. "Has told me about your special abilities. Can you show me, please" she gave him the puppy dog look for extra power. Naruto looked around and saw the ones who hadn't seen it look at him.

"Okay fine" Naruto relented, "But just once. Now what to do" Naruto wondered out loud. "Ino, what's your favorite flower?"

"A purple lilac, why" she asked.

"You'll see" Naruto made a hand seal. Neji activated his Byakugan and watched in shock. "Inton: Hana" Naruto said and held his hand out. In his hand formed a perfect and beautiful purple lilac making everyone who hadn't seen it wide eyed. "Here take it" Naruto said to Ino.

Ino took the flower and it felt completely real, she took a smell of it and it smelt real, "No way, this can't be real" she said shocked.

"Oh it's real alright" Neji said deactivating his Byakugan. "There was only a miniscule amount of chakra used to create the flower, but after it was formed the chakra completely disappeared. If that flower was made of chakra then my Byakugan would detect it and I can't see an ounce of chakra in that flower. It's 100% real."

"Wow" Ino said awed, "It's beautiful. Thank you Naruto" she said and hugged him tightly. Naruto blushed, but hugged her back softly. Hinata got a dangerous aura around her making Neji back away slightly.

"Okay unless you're going to be doing elemental training then you need to leave the training grounds" Kakashi spoke up from the wood bench. "Naruto needs all the time he can get and Hinata needs to focus as well." Neji, Sai, Sakura and Ino all waved a goodbye and left the training grounds with Sakura giving one last look to Naruto as he shook his head about to rid himself of excess water.


Naruto had finally managed to cut the waterfall in half with his wind chakra, but it took him three days and nights without rest to get it just right. On the fourth day he passed out into the blissful realm of darkness to recover. Hinata was right by his side when it happened and made sure he was warm and cared for.

Then Kakashi got Naruto to work on trying to add wind to his Rasengan to make another elemental Rasengan. If this worked then Naruto could make a complete legend of himself for invented two jutsu and doing something even the Fourth Hokage couldn't do.

Naruto's Raiton: Seiteki Rasenkyouten was officially declared an S-Rank jutsu and border lined going over it, which could possibly make it the first jutsu to go beyond S-Rank. Adding wind nature chakra to the Rasengan was a lot harder then adding lightning nature chakra. Though from what Naruto was observing so far his Rasengan was expanding in size and getting a shuriken shape to it.

Hinata had actually just mastered water manipulation as well. Now Naruto was a special case when it came to mastering nature manipulation, but Hinata had gotten it done a lot quicker than a lot of ninja. Kakashi had deduced that because Hinata had been working on water jutsu and manipulation for three years made it a lot easier for her to master it, which would mean that the lightning manipulation would take her a while.

Naruto panted as he once again failed to properly add the wind nature chakra to it since he was so use to adding Lightning chakra into it he accidently kept on putting some lightning chakra into it. Kakashi looked at his panting student, "Take a break Naruto, you've been working on this for over ten hours now. You need to rest."

Naruto grunted and groaned from his position on the ground, "No I can still go" he panted. Kakashi sighed at his students stubbornness, but he stopped when he felt Naruto's chakra rising. He looked right back at him as did the other two at the field. A black and white aura was surrounding Naruto as he slowly stood up, "I'll get this down if it's the last thing I do." He lifted his head up and gave a confident smirk.

Kakashi, Yamato and Hinata stared in shock as his chakra levels kept on increasing and his eyes changed again. His entire left eye was black except for the pupil, which was white and his right eye was completely white except for his pupil, which was black.

'Unbelievable' Kakashi thought. 'He was completely exhausted a few seconds ago, but now his chakra is getting stronger and stronger by the second.' Then Naruto looked to be in pain as he grunted loudly and reared his head back and let lose a loud scream. His hair shot into the air and the aura around him sky rocketed along with his chakra. Then it all dispersed and his eyes turned back to normal and he drifted into unconsciousness.

Hinata immediately ran up and held Naruto in her arms while Kakashi and Yamato could only stare/ it seems that Naruto kept on shocking and surprising him lately. He seemed to have quite that effect on people.

"He's okay" Hinata said, "He just used too much chakra and passed out."

"He's always overexerting himself" Yamato said "Sometimes he's too reckless."

"So are we" Kakashi said to him. "When we were his age we weren't much better." Yamato was silent after that, but still nodded.

A couple hours later Naruto had woken up and by the look of the sun it was about 4 in the afternoon. He looked to his side and saw Hinata resting beside him propping herself on her elbow. "Good afternoon sleepy head" she giggled.

Naruto smiled, "Hey Hina-chan" he grinned making her flush slightly. "How long was I out?"

"About 5 hours" Hinata said "You exhausted all of your chakra. It was no surprise that you'd pass out."

"Sorry" Naruto said sheepishly, "It's just that I'm so close to mastering this stuff."

"I know" Hinata said softly, "I just wish you wouldn't push yourself so hard. I don't like seeing you hurt yourself so much." Naruto's eyes softened as he sat up and pulled Hinata into his arms.

"Sorry for making you worry" he whispered into her ear. "I'll try take it easier next time."

"That's all I ask for" Hinata said and gripped him tighter.

"Hate to break up this tender moment guys" Kakashi said making them jump apart blushing, "But Tsunade-sama would like to see you in her office. Not you Hinata just Naruto."

"Alright" Naruto said. He got up and put his shirt and cloak back on and then bent down close to Hinata's ear, "Here's a secret to the Lightning manipulation. Imagine the feeling of a static shock and focus it into a single point. Trust me it makes it much easier to control." Hinata nodded and Naruto ran back towards the Leaf Village. He got to the Hokage Tower quickly and entered Tsunade's office. "Kakashi-sensei said wanted to see me" Naruto said.

"Yes" Tsunade said, "I have a mission for you simply because I don't have any more ninja to spare."

Naruto's eye twitched, "Glad to know I'm wanted."

"I'm sorry that came out wrong" Tsunade said waving her hands around with a sheepish grin and Naruto just gave her a flat look. "Anyway this mission is an A-Rank, borderline S-Rank Mission."

"What do I have to do" Naruto asked monotonously surprising Tsunade slightly since she never heard Naruto speak like that before.

"Uh, well" she cleared her throat. "We're trying to secure better relationships with Kumogakure no Sato and in this folder" she pulled a folder out from her robes, "Are documents that could very well make Kumogakure our allies or at least make them neutral towards us."

"Why are they even against us in the first place" Naruto asked.

"It was about 13 years ago, you were only about three at the time" Tsunade said. "Kumo ninja came to the village to secure an alliance with us, but it was a ploy for them to steal the Byakugan from the village and the result was the death of one of their ninja and the death of a Hyuga."

Naruto suddenly remembered what Neji said back when he fought him at the Chunin exams, "I get it. I remember Neji talking about that back during the Chunin exams three years ago."

Tsunade nodded, "Anyway this mission is very important. You are to head north to the Land of Lightning and then make your way to the village and deliver this to the Raikage. Don't give this to anyone else, just the Raikage."

"I understand" Naruto said taking the letter and putting it in his pocket. Then Naruto burst into lightning and dispersed into nothing.

Tsunade's eyes were slightly wide, "Raiton: Kage Bunshin" she whispered. Then she smiled, "He's progressing well."

Naruto appeared at the gates with a small pack slung over his shoulder and set off towards the north. He had never been to the Land of Lightning before so this would be quite an adventure for him. On the way there he conversed with Kyuubi, 'Aibou do you think there is another way I could possibly increase my fighting experience?'

"My suggestion would be to take up Kenjutsu" Kyuubi said. "That way if you need to save up chakra or Taijutsu doesn't work then you could have hunks of steel to fall back on."

'That sounds like a good idea' Naruto thought. 'Hold on a second,' Naruto went through two hand seals and then he slammed his hand on the ground. "Inton: Ken" he said and then two swords appeared. They were each a little bit longer than a katana and they were perfectly straight. Both handles were gray colored' one handle had black wrappings around it and the other had white wrappings around it.

Naruto picked them up, "I am loving this bloodline" he said making Kyuubi chuckle. Naruto strapped them both onto his waist, with one on each side and continued his journey. Towards the end of the day Naruto was at the border and if he continued at the same pace he was at now it would take about another day for him to get there.

Just as Naruto was about to stop and take a break he sensed something. A chakra that was very strong, demonic and familiar. 'That chakra, aibou, do you sense that' Naruto thought.

"Yes I do" Kyuubi said completely serious. "That's the Nibi no Bakaneko's chakra and it's getting weaker and weaker by the second."

"Akatsuki" Naruto said out loud. Dropping all his stuff Naruto raced towards the area where he felt the chakra. After five minutes he came across a destroyed landscape. Looking from the trees he could barely see anything so he jumped down and tried to get closer. "Inton Genjutsu: Meimei" Naruto said quietly. Naruto's body turned invisible and he moved in closer and masked his chakra as best as he could.

When he got close enough he barely suppressed a gasp. There was one large Akatsuki guy sitting there on the rubble with a bored and annoyed look on his masked face. The other Akatsuki guy was laying on the ground in the center of some kind of diagram and a pipe was shoved through his gut, but what nearly made him gasp was the status of the Jinchuuriki.

He could tell it was a girl from her figure. She was beaten, bruised and bloody and was pinned to the wall by a pipe being smashed through her hands. She was barely breathing and her long blond hair was all ragged against her face. Naruto simply stared at her, it looked like she was dead and all alone in this world with no one there for her.

Naruto turned and glared at the Akatsuki. The Jinchuuriki's lives were already bad enough without their interference. The big one spoke up, "It's been thirty minutes already. Are you done yet Hidan?"

"Shut the fuck up Kakuzu" Hidan cursed at him while sitting up. "Ow damn it that hurts" he grunted while pulling the pipe from his gut. Naruto stared wide eyed, was this guy immortal? "Anyway yeah I'm done so let's get this damn bitch and get out of here." The one called Kakuzu got up and walked over to the Jinchuuriki and pulled the pipe from her hands allowing her to fall unceremoniously to the ground and Naruto could hear her whimper slightly.

"Finally" Kakuzu said and picked her up as Hidan got up from the ground, "Let's go."

"Not so fast" Naruto yelled and jumped out surprising them by landing three kicks each to their chests knocking them back and making Kakuzu lose his grip on the Jinchuuriki. Naruto caught her gently and was relieved to still hear her breathing.

"Oi, who's this cock sucker" Hidan asked/cursed.

Kakuzu stood up as though nothing happened and looked at Naruto closely, "I recognize him. That's Itachi's target, the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki."

"Wow are we fucking lucky or what" Hidan cheered. "We get two Jinchuuriki for the price of one. Jashin-sama will be so pleased with this."

"Remember Hidan we need him alive or leader will be most upset" Kakuzu said.

"Yeah, yeah I know" Hidan said and then charged at Naruto. Naruto simply let him charge at him and when he was close enough Naruto simply made a hand seal and then Hidan collapsed the ground swearing in pain, "What did you do to me you bastard?"

"I used my Yōton jutsu on you" Naruto said coldly. "I focused it on your legs and killed the muscle cells and nerve endings in there. You'll be lucky to ever walk again." Naruto then pulled out one of his new swords, "But right now that'll be the least of your worries with no head." Naruto raised the sword up high and glared down with his now slit red eyes making Hidan feel fear for the first time in his life, "Die" he hissed.

Naruto brought his sword down and Hidan's head was no longer connected to his body. Naruto brought his sword up and flicked it to wipe of the excess blood before looking over to Kakuzu who stared impassively.

"That's some impressive jutsu you have there, boy" Kakuzu complimented and got into a fighting stance, "But I'm not as easy to defeat as Hidan is."

"We'll find out… another day" Naruto said before he turned to lightning and dissolved leaving a shocked Kakuzu.

"A Raiton Kage Bunshin" he said shocked, "When did he do that?" Kakuzu then looked around and saw that he was gone along with the Two tailed Jinchuuriki, "Boy will leader be pissed."

"Kakuzu… would you please be so kind as to… SOW MY FUCKING HEAD BACK ONTO MY FUCKING BODY" Hidan's head yelled.

"Even as a head you're annoying" Kakuzu said, but complied and began sowing Hidan's head back on.

"I don't know who that blond bastard was, but next time I see him I'll kill him Jinchuuriki or not" Hidan said and cursed when he felt his legs throb, "But first got to get my legs healed. That bastard's got a strong jutsu in his arsenal."

"You can't take him alone Hidan" Kakuzu said to his partner. "He took you down so easily for two reasons. Reason number 1 is that once again you charged in recklessly without knowing your opponents moves and paid the price."

"Again with the dam lecture" Hidan groaned.

"And Reason number 2 is because of his jutsu" Kakuzu said getting Hidan's attention. "I recognized the name of the jutsu when he said it. That was the legendary Yōton Yang Style Jutsu, which has the ability to give life or take it. You were lucky all he did was kill your legs because with his power he could have erased you from existence."

"I finally found someone able to kill me" Hidan said excited making Kakuzu groan.

"C'mon we need to report to leader" Kakuzu said and had no choice, but to support Hidan as they walked because Hidan's legs were useless. Meanwhile the original Naruto was racing through the trees with a defeated Jinchuuriki in his arms. He briefly stopped by his stuff, had a clone get it and then set off again. After about 15 minutes of jumping through trees he came to a mountainous area. He found a small cave. He quickly went inside and set her down gently. Then he made three hand seals and put his hand out at the entrance, "Inton: Kyomon." There was a bright light and soon it faded leaving a barrier around the entrance so no one could get in.

Naruto in the mean time went over to the girl and took a look at her wounds. They were pretty bad, but healing slowly thanks to her Bijuu, but nowhere near as fast as Naruto could heal.

With that in mind Naruto went through more hand seals and then his hands glowed a very dark green color; darker green than the forests and placed them over the girl, "Onmyoton: Kyouzetsuhannou" he said. Immediately the green chakra went into her body and all of her wounds completely healed.

Immediately her eyes snapped open and she sat up quickly, "What happened, where am I?"

"Whoa calm down" Naruto said quickly since she looked like about ready to have a panic attack "You're okay now."

"Who are you, where are the Akatsuki" she asked calming herself down a bit.

"In order I'm Naruto Uzumaki from the Leaf and the Akatsuki aren't here anymore. I killed one of them and escaped with you before the other one could attack" Naruto said.

The girl was silent for a moment as she stared at him, "I believe my thanks are required" she said sticking her hand out. Naruto stuck his hand out and clasped it with hers.

As soon as she touched his hand she could feel the Youkai inside him and it was slightly overwhelming, 'What is this?'

Inside her mind a giant cat purred loudly, "I recognize this power. That's the Kyuubi. This boy must be his Jinchuuriki."

'The Jinchuuriki for the nine tails' she thought shocked that she was staring at the Jinchuuriki for the strongest of the Bijuu. She honestly thought he would be a lot older and not so young looking. "Anyway thank you for helping me escape from the Akatsuki. I'm Yugito Nii, Jinchuuriki to the Nibi no Bakaneko."

Naruto stared for a few seconds before giving off a true gentle smile making her blush slightly, "It's nice to meet you I'm Naruto Uzumaki, Jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi no Yoko."

The two of them now felt a sort of kinship with each other after finding out they each held a Bijuu. "So what are you doing all the way out here in the Land of Lightning? Konoha and Kumo have never been the best of allies."

"Tsunade-baa chan sent me here to give a diplomatic letter to him to hopefully get an alliance with them or at least get complete neutrality" Naruto said.

Yugito stared at him with her eyes wide, "You call Tsunade of the Densettsu no Sannin Baa chan" she said disbelieving.

Naruto grinned and chuckled, "Trust me she may look young, but in reality she's over fifty. She hides her true appearance behind a Genjutsu." Back in the Leaf Village Tsunade just got a sudden urge to punch Naruto for no reason.

Yugito had a thought going through her head, 'Maybe I should try to learn that Genjutsu. I wouldn't mind looking young when I hit fifty.' Nibi giggle loudly in Yugito's mind. 'Oh hush Nibi' Yugito hissed making Nibi giggle more.

Naruto looked outside and saw the sun rising, "Wow, we've been up all night talking. The sun's coming up." Yugito looked outside and indeed the sun was slowly rising over the horizon. "Are you good enough to walk?" Yugito nodded, "Good, then we should get going."

"We" she questioned as Naruto dropped the barrier.

"Well it's obvious you come from Kumo since you wear the headband and I have to give a letter to the Raikage so we might as well travel together since we're going in the same direction" Naruto grinned. "Besides it's more fun travelling with a friend then travelling alone."

Yugito's eyes widened before softening, "Yeah it is" she grabbed his offered hand and got up and they began travelling through the mountain sides. While they jumped from rock to rock Yugito striked up a conversation, "Naruto, how exactly did you defeat that one Akatsuki guy?"

"Well most of it revolves around the element of surprise, but what really got him was when I unleashed my Yōton jutsu" Naruto said.

"Yōton… jutsu" Yugito said slowly confused.

"You know about the Yin and Yang part of chakra right?" he asked, she nodded. "Well it's also the Sixth Chakra Nature and it turns out I have a natural affinity towards it so I can use Yin and Yang jutsu and combine them together to form Yin-Yang Jutsu. It's like a Kekkei Genkai since only I can perform them. As a matter of fact when using the Yin-Yang jutsu on you helped you heal so quickly."

"Wow" Yugito said, "Sounds like very impressive jutsu."

"Oh yeah it is" Naruto said and then looked over the mountain, "Looks like we're coming up on Kumogakure." True enough as they hopped over the last mountain they saw the gates to Kumo and part of the inside as well. It looked like a nice village, but nowhere near as much population as Konoha.

They walked down to the gates and Naruto was immediately surrounded by Kumo ninja, who all had their kunai drawn and pointed at him, "What's a Konoha Dog doing here" the leader said rudely.

"I'd be happy to answer if you Kumo swine took your weapons out of my face" Naruto countered back flatly. His response was the weapons being pressed tighter against him and the leader grabbed him by the collar.

"Stand down" Yugito said forcefully. "I've already checked him. He's here on a diplomatic mission to the see the Raikage." The ninja lowered their weapons and backed away. Naruto gave the leader a flat stare and shrugged his hand off before straightening his shirt and walkibng by following Yugito through the village on the way to the Raikage tower.

"The ninja seem pretty hostile towards Konoha" Naruto noted.

"Most are still bitter about the Third Shinobi War and the Hyuga conflict years ago" Yugito said. "We know it was our fault to begin with, but a lot of the ninja think it was Konoha's fault. It's one of the reasons we oust our last Raikage and put in a new one."

"Not to be mean or anything, but the more you steal the quicker you pay the price" Naruto said. Yugito nodded at that. She knew a lot of people in her village were greedy and wanted people with special abilities and would do almost anything to have them. They had tried stealing from Konoha twice now. One of them was the Hyuga conflict and the other was when they tried kidnapping a young girl named Kushina Uzumaki for her special chakra; both ended in failure.

Naruto looked around and saw a lot of the people giving him either dirty or suspicious looks. As a Jinchuuriki he was used to these kinds of looks, but as he looked at them he noticed looks being sent to Yugito. They were looks of admiration and respect.

"Yugito" Naruto said getting her attention. "What was life like for you as a Jinchuuriki?"

"Life wasn't that bad actually" Yugito said. "I got special training at a young age, made a few friends and the entire village came to respect me for my skills. What about you? Since your so strong I bet your village respects you."

Naruto gave a bitter smile and chuckled coldly making her look at him strangely. "My life was the exact opposite of yours. All my life I was shunned by the villagers and children. I was kicked out of the orphanage at the age of three and was living on the streets until I was six. All the students at the Academy hated me and I didn't get my first friend until I was thirteen. Even right now only a select few in the village actually respect me for being a Jinchuuriki. Others just view me as a monster that they wish would just die."

Yugito's eyes were wide and horrified as he said that. Here in Kumogakure she was respected for being a Jinchuuriki and always praised and to find out another Jinchuuriki had the exact opposite life as hers was horrifying.

"I had no idea" Yugito said and immediately pulled him into a tight hug, which surprised him, but he hugged her back tightly as well. "The pain of loneliness I can relate to, but not nearly on the level you must have" she whispered to him and then pulled back. "If they're so horrible to you then why do you continue to be a ninja there?"

"Because I'm going to prove them wrong" Naruto said shocking her. "My dream is to become the Greatest Hokage of the Leaf village so everyone will stop treating me like a nobody and start treating me like I'm somebody. Somebody important to them. It's not just about acknowledgement thought; I want to protect them and protect the next generation. As the First Hokage once said, 'All these villagers are a part of me just as I am a part of them. Being Hokage means believing in your people just as much as they believe in you.'"

Yugito looked at Naruto in a new light as the wind picked up and tossed his long hair about. She felt a warm feeling inside her body and felt her face heating up before she willed it down, "We should be getting to the Raikage" Yugito said. Naruto nodded and followed her into the tower and soon they got to the top, "Raikage-sama" Yugito called as they walked in.

Naruto's eyes widened as he laid eyes on the massive, hulking form that was known as the Raikage. He was easily almost 7 feet tall and extremely muscular wearing blue pants and the Raikage robe with the Raikage hat on his head. He wasn't wearing any undershirt so it further showed off his hulking frame.

"Yugito" he said, "Welcome back. And who is this" he asked looked directly at Naruto.

"Pardon me Raikage-sama" Naruto began. "I'm from the Leaf Village and I have this letter to give you from Tsunade-sama" he said in a monotone voice and walked up to the Raikage's desk and set the envelope down in front of him. The Raikage merely snatched it, ripped the envelope open and began reading the letter.

After he finished the letter he looked at Naruto, "I have to discuss this with the council first. You are welcome to stay here until we are done discussing."

"Thank you Lord Raikage" Naruto said bowing.

"Yugito" the Raikage said. "Show him around the village. We're already filled up so he'll have to stay with you until I get the final verdict with the council."

"I understand Lord Raikage" Yugito said and both of them bowed one last time before leaving the office.

Inton: Hana-Yin Style: Flower

Raiton: Kage Bunshin- Lightning Style: Shadow Clone

Inton: Ken-Yin Style: Sword

Inton Genjutsu: Meimei-Yin Style Genjutsu: Invisible

Inton: Kyomon-Yin style: Mirror Door

Onmyoton: Kyouzetsuhannou-Yin-Yang Style: Rejection

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