A/N: Some discussion about the children of hosts getting DNA from the symbiote as well. It's canon that they do get some - that's what genetic memory is. However, after watching the episode with Shifu again I can't help but notice the child looks nothing like either Sha're or Apophis's host, so he must have gotten some of his traits from the symbiotes. If DNA for genetic memeory can get into the semen etc. then why not DNA for other things, like eye colour, size, personality...? Maybe it just manifests differently in humans?


I have had a visit from my team-mates, who seems to be more accepting suddenly. Even O'Neill is surprisingly nice when he saw the child - he likes children. I have eaten and slept a little after nursing the child. Martouf and Lantash are looking after him.

When I wake up I feel much better.

"You are more rested?" Martouf asks.

"Yes." I smile at him, then smile at our son, sleeping in the small bed beside mine.

He nods. "Good." He seems to consider something. "The healer - Jukhra - was here, together with your doctor Fraiser. Juhkra scanned our son."

"Yes...?" I ask, feeling worried.

"He has inherited Lantash's genetic memory - among other things. Approximately 10% of his code of life...I believe Doctor Fraiser called it DNA? is from Lantash."

I look to our son, to see if I can spot fins or something. "10%? Isn't that - um - unusual? I mean, how did that even happen?"

"According to the healer, it was to be expected. Neither Lantash nor I knew about this, though. Do you mind?"

I think for a moment. "No. No I guess...I kinda like that. I love both of you. It's only right the child should have both of you as fathers."

Martouf smiles widely. "I am glad - and I agree. Lantash is very pleased."

"Has the Council said anything?"

"No. Do not expect anything from them so quickly. They have decided to focus on the alliance with your people first. That seems to be going well."

I nod. Then think of other more pleasant things. "Do you have any suggestions for a name for the child?"

"My people do not name children until they are 3 months old - the Tok'ra pick their names themselves."

"I take that to be a 'no'." I grin.

Martouf dips his head and Lantash looks up. "I would like to suggest the name Sajan. It means 'loved one'...it is also the name of a man who provided the code of life...DNA for several of Egeria's youngest clutches. Mine included."

"So...your dad?"

"In a manner of speaking. Yes."

I think it over for a moment. "It's a good name. I like it." I gently caress our son. "Sajan."

It's almost a week later. The Tok'ra Council have finished their negotiations with Earth, and a tentative alliance treaty have been signed. My dad will be liasion to the Tok'ra and live there with them, of course.

Martouf and Lantash are currently talking with the Council, trying to convince them he should be allowed to be the Tok'ra representative to Earth, and stay there, at least some of the time. I'm not sure they're happy about the idea, but it would also be to their advantage to have someone living with us, and working with us.

Another issue is our son. The Council was not happy. To put it mildly. However, there isn't anything they can do - they are not Goa'uld and will not harm him, of course.

If we are allowed to go to Earth, the NID might be a problem. All depending on how the treaty with the Tok'ra turns out, I guess. As much as I want to go live on Earth, I also don't want the NID to poke and prod at my child.

I am sitting in Martouf's quarters right now, waiting for him. Sajan is fussing a little, but is otherwise calm. I wonder when the Tok'ra genetic memories will awaken? Lantash says it happens gradually in symbiotes, with things like the knowledge of Goa'uld and such coming almost immediately, with most of the actual memories not being accessible until what would amount to their early teens. He says it gives very bad nightmares when it happens - making him happy he grew up in a lake with siblings and older Tok'ra to look after him, instead of alone in a Jaffa.

I hope the timescale will be the same in a - mostly - human. The healers don't think the memories can be blocked safely - it is an actual part of Sajan's DNA, so unless extreme care is taken it could harm him in other ways. They have tried - and failed - to block the memories in Goa'uld, in order to see if they could be turned Tok'ra. Apparently only the queens have that kind of control, and can control the memories of their offspring.

I think the healers also find the idea of blocking Tok'ra genetic memory to be abhorrent. It's their legacy from Egeria, one of the things that guarantees they are who they are, even if some of it is unpleasant and gave them bad dreams when they were children.

I lift my head as Martouf enters. He looks happy, so it must have gone well.

"Samantha...Sajan..." He smiles. "We will be allowed to live on the Tau'ri, at least for a period of time. For now, we will be stationed there most of the time, for a period of 5 years. We will report to them once a month."

"Wow! That's much better than I would have expected!"

He nods. "Yes, apparently they agreed it would be useful to have someone work with the Tau'ri, and learn about them - and to speak our side of things to your people. Of course, it doesn't harm having Selmak on the Council - she spoke in my favour."

"I'm glad. Hopefully it will mean our peoples will work together better in the future, after the somewhat bumpy beginning to the relationship."

That could describe not just the start of the relationship between Earth and the Tok'ra, but also between Martouf/Lantash and myself. Well, all seems to be turning out for the best.

"I hope so as well. I believe the Council also finds Earth is a safer place for Sajan while he is small. They have made it very clear that they consider Sajan to be 'Tok'ra by birth' and a grandchild of Egeria - which means that they will consider it a direct attack on the Tok'ra if the NID or other factions on Earth attempts to capture him, experiment on him, or harm him in any way. He should be safe."

I feel very relieved. "That is wonderful! I would have always worried about that otherwise. I need to thank the Council!" I smile, happy.

Martouf nods. "Lantash and I are relieved as well. We would not have been able to feel safe on Earth - and certainly not leaving our son there while going on missions - if we did not have that assurance." He looks at me, seriously. "Samantha...while we will be allowed to stay on Earth for 5 years, I do not believe we should be expected to be allowed to be away from the tunnels for more than that - and we will likely be expected to go on some missions for the Tok'ra even during that time. The Tok'ra need all their people."

"I understand - and I may consider living with the Tok'ra at some point - so perhaps moving there in 5 years would not be so bad. You do have a lot of interesting technology I can work on - and some of your scientists became good friends of mine." I put our now sleeping son down in his small bed which we have brought here.

"Good. I am glad." Martouf smiles a little, then bows his head.

"Lantash?" I ask.

"Yes...Samantha...there is something else." He looks very unsure.

"What is it?"

"I know you said you never would become a host again, after...after Jolinar..."

"You want to know if I have, uh, changed my mind? If I think I may one day agree to it?"

"Yes. Please understand that we in no wish to pressure you - and the Tok'ra will also agree to let you live here unblended...however, Martouf and I love you very much, and while we realise it is selfish, we would like to keep you for longer than the short time a Tau'ri lives."

My first thought is to tell him I will never be a host again, but then I think again. I do not answer immediately. I can see how it must feel for them. If I do not blend, I will die from old age while Martouf is as young as he is today. Lantash, of course, will be young for many thousands years yet.

I suddenly think about how it must be to see your loved one age and die, while to you, only a small fraction of your life has passed. It must be very painful. I feel sorry for Lantash - I can see why he would want me to take a symbiote. Even if it only adds centuries to my life, it is something. Better. And the symbiote would love as I, and so that love would continue - like I carry Jolinar's feelings.

A symbiote would also carry her emotions on, so I can certainly see there are many reasons for them to want me to blend.

But how do I feel about it? Can I tolerate it? To be honest, I am not angry at Jolinar anymore - and I must admit I am sometimes jealous of the deep, close friendship I see between Martouf and Lantash - and between many of the other Tok'ra. My dad seems to be getting along well with Selmak now as well.

So, to be honest, I guess my answer will have to be - maybe.

"I cannot say for certain. Perhaps. I promise I will think about it. Maybe - when we move to the tunnels? If we are still together in 5 years."

"Thank you for considering it, at least." Lantash looks concerned. "Why would we not be together in 5 years?"

"I...guess it's because I have never believed in true love and happily ever after. I am a scientist - I do love you, and I believe I will continue to do so..." I shrug, helplessly.

"The Tau'ri do not love for life?" Lantash looks both concerned and uncomprehending.

I look at him. Honestly I cannot imagine a day where I will not love him and Martouf. I throw my arms around him and hug him to me tightly.

"It's not as common as I suspect it is among the Tok'ra - but I am certain I will always love you, my sweeties." I mumble against his ear, kissing it. "And to be honest, I think I will want to be a host, then. I'm not going to want to leave you before I absolutely have to."

He nods, happily and reciprocates. "Thank you, my Samantha." He looks very relieved.

We sit beside each other, holding each other close and looking at our son. I suddenly feel certain it will all be well. Together we will get through any problems.

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