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I couldn't wait to work on Luke and Eva to see how they would turn out. After a few studies here and there (a whole lot of work for a fanfic – I know!) I couldn't resist!

Anyway, a thought occurred to me: Bayonetta is charged with killing angels, she has to. And Selene and Michael are angels … and for all its faults and convoluted (and shaky, insubstantial) plot I enjoyed Bayonetta as a character and the game play. So I thought I would throw her into the mix.

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Ja ne!

"I told you it was a bad idea." The boy's twin sister said, her arms folded above her head.

He was covered from head to toe in demon blood after being swallowed by a disgusting toad demon and he was futily trying to shake the entrails off him.

"If it weren't for me, you'd be half digested by now." His sister reminded him, turning her blue eyes to him. She was spotless, without a scratch as usual.

"Ugh. Shut up, Eva." He brother grumbled.

"Luke!" She chided. "How are we supposed to hide the fact that we snuck out to go demon hunting when Dad said we're not allowed until we've completed out lessons when you take all those unnecessary risks. I told you to watch out for those lures. I told you there was a demon on the end of them."

"I told you." He mimicked childishly. "I don't understand why we can't go out on missions alone."

"Not until we're sixteen." His sister reminded him.

"Oh come on. We're the descendents of Sparda. Why the hell would we need to wait? I'm sick of all the text books and the training. I want to bring home a demon head and mount it to the wall."

"There's nothing wrong with a bit of preparation." His sister told him.

Luke, the fractionally younger of the two, rolled his eyes, raking a hand through his silver and red hair. "Poindexter."

"If that's what you call sensibly prepared then yes, I am." Eva grinned suddenly.

Despite being the one that looked most like her father, she was the least reckless. She was just as strong as her brother, and was faster and more agile than him, she spent a lot of time preparing, making strategies and analysing the situations, whilst her brother barrelled in without thinking and hoped for the best, which drove her insane.

He had displayed his reckless streak by convincing her that they should sneak out that night and go to an old abandoned manor house that he had heard was crawling with a demon infestation. Their father had insisted that they not be allowed on solo missions until they were sixteen, which would be next month, but it was not quick enough for Luke, who was notoriously impatient. Once there they had fought through the cannon fodder of marionettes before heading out the gardens.

Eva had taken her eyes off him for one minute and he had gone from her side. When she finally found him he had trailed further into the gardens where he seemed to be frolicking with what looked like dancing naked demon women. Eva, who listened astutely to her parents tales of demon slaying (while her brother did not), immediately knew what it was and had called after her brother, but not fast enough as a giant Bael demon leapt from the shadows, and before she had been able to stop him, it swallowed him.

Consequently, as usual, Eva had been forced to dive it, dicing the demon open and freeing her headstrong brother.

She glanced at the fountain they stood by, glancing at the carnage around them, listening to it burble.

"We'll sneak in before the notice." Luke assured her. "They won't even notice."

"That's what you said we you wanted me to sneak you out so you could sneak into that club. You got me in trouble when I tried to drag you out when I realised it was a strip club!"

Luke made a devilish grin identical to his father's that was set off with twice as much charm with the expressive eyes he had inherited from his mother. "So why did you bother to come with me tonight if you knew you'd get into trouble?"

"Because if I didn't you would've been eaten by a demon."

"Ahhh! You love your brother. How cute!" He leaned in trying to press a wet child-like kiss, dripping demon blood over her too.

Eva responded by punching him hard so he toppled into the fountain with such force that the tiers crumpled and collapsed on him, the water spraying up high into the air and she stormed off.

"Come back!" Luke shouted, laughing hard. "Don't you love me anymore ...?"

"Idiot!" She hissed, picking up pace.

Selene and Dante had finished the monstrous demon inside the church and were now going through the small fry that had come with it: a platoon of Beelzebub and Marionettes. The pews had been smashed apart, the stained glass shattered and still the demons storming around them were making a mess.

They stood back to back, guns in hand, firing relentlessly until their targets diminished in number and all fell silent.

Selene sighed deeply, drawing The Seraphim and Dante holstered Ebony and Ivory.

"I think that's it, angel." He said, turning to grin lopsided at his wife, and he grasped her suddenly to him. "You know you're getting to be like fine wine ... getting better with age."

Selene laughed hysterically. "What beer mat did you learn that one on?"

"The one I confiscated from our son." He admitted ruefully. "After I caught him smelling of booze."

Selene sighed, well aware of Luke's deviously roguish attitude. "He gets that from you, you know."

Dante raised his hands in mock surrender. "Me? Never. I'm a perfect gentleman." However, he spoiled the admission by kissed her in a very ungentleman-like way, which his wife didn't seem to mind in the least.

"We should head back before we find he's tied the bed sheets together and snuck out into another strip club, or a bar or a casino ..." She trailed off bleakly.

But Dante laughed, earning him a sharp glare. "Trish will keep an eye on them. They'll be just fine."

Luke and Eva crept into the house undetected, climbing up side of the house and into their window. When they got there, however, they realised that they had not been quite so 'undetected' as they hoped. Their father sat in a chair facing the window, arms folded over his chest waiting for them. Luke who had come through first balked at the fury in his father's eyes. When Eva finally plopped inside she paled visibly.

"Luke Vergil Sparda!" Dante enunciated his son's full name and then his daughter. "Eva Bethany Sparda!"

The twins gulped knowing when they were addressed this way it meant only heaps and heaps of trouble.

"Did I not make myself clear when I told you to stay in the house ...?" He said slowly.

"There might have been some misconceptions ..." Luke started cockily before realising his folly when his father's eyes blazed. "None what so ever, sir."

Eva shook her head in agreement.

"As you obviously can't be trusted, I'm sending you both to Fortuna." Dante said. "There will be no cell phone, no computer, no iPod. No anything."

"What! No way!" Luke burst. "That place is boring! What am I supposed to do?"

"You can help out Nero in The Order." Dante's expression indicated any further outbursts would ensure a more severe punishment. "Are we understood on the matter ...?"

Luke begrudgingly nodded. Dante turned to Eva, who nodded as well.

"You two will stay here for the rest of the night. I don't want to see hide or hair of you until tomorrow morning where you will get up first thing and report to the training room." Dante eyed his children before leaving and locking the door behind him.

Eva passed an acidic glare to Luke. "Just great. You have us stuck on laundry duty for god knows how long at Fortuna because you can't be bothered to wait a month."

"Hey, nobody said you had to go you know." He shot back.

"I know what you're like. You could have died. I saved you, but that's okay. There's no need to thank me."

Luke shrugged and sank onto the bed. "I can handle myself."

"Oh yeah? What kind of demon was it?"

"The ugly kind."

Eva threw her arms into the air and stomped to her bed.

"At least you get to hang out with Hope and can enjoy the library in all its geeky glory." Luke shot at her.

"I had plans!"

"Pssht." Luke lay back on his bed. "Probably just going through books and studying as usual."

"I had a date!" Eva threw a pillow at him when he laughed at her admonition.

Dante was undressing in his room while Selene sat at the vanity table brushing through her hair in her night dress.

"I'm starting to feel very guilty about all the mishaps I put my father through ..." He sighed. "You'll understand when you have kids, he'd say. I hate to admit the guy was right. I wish I'd belted myself after what I did now."

Selene giggled and turned to him, instantly dispelling his bad mood. "I'm sure he'll grow out of it ... eventually." He features dropped as she doubted her own words. "Still ... did you find out what they got up to?"

"Cleared a full house of demons and one Bael." Dante tried hard not to sound impressed.

Selene peered at him through the mirror. "I saw that. You didn't encourage them ... did you ...?"

"No ... I offered them out to Nero for the help he needs." Dante grinned. "I thought military school wasn't quite going to work. So I did what I would have hated the most when I was his age." He came up behind her, nuzzling at her neck.

"You weren't too hard on Eva, were you?" Selene fought against his seduction, trying to steer the conversation. "Y-you know she only follows him to look out for him ..."

"Mmmm. I was fair on both of them ..." He continued to try and distract her.

"W-when ... did you send them away ...?"


Selene turned in his arms. "Not Eva. She ... she has ... plans ..."

"If she wanted to stop Luke she should have gotten Trish or called us, not chased after him. She only encourages him." Dante looked at her. "What plans ...?"

Selene debated whether or not to lie, and was unable to, so she was honest. "A ... date."

Dante stiffened and stood. "She's definitely going as soon as possible."

"But Dante ..."

"If a boy wants to date her, he had to ask me first. I'm her father."

Selene barely stifled a giggle. "Dante, this isn't the eighteenth century you know. Eva is old enough and smart enough to make her own decisions. She puts up with Luke."

"She's not even sixteen yet." Dante persisted, wondering at what point in his life he had suddenly become his father. "Besides, does this date know what she is or what she does?"

"Oh of course, she told him the moment they met at the seedy little bar-"

"What? !" Dante started towards the door to head for his children's room when Selene's hysterical laughter stopped him and he realised she had only been joking.

She stood and moved towards him, winding her arms around him and setting him down on the bed before sinking down behind him and rubbing the tension from his shoulders. "There now." She said. "You have to remember that our children are just as strong as we are, and we faced down Lucifer and his children."

She leaned forward and started to kiss his neck, turning the technique he had been using against her moments earlier against him. "Now come here and relax."

The castle was dark, nestled on the cliff side and all run down. Only the southernmost side was still intact. Standing atop a parapet which had mostly crumbled away was a black clad figure staring out to sea. It felt inexplicably odd to be somewhere quiet and yet calming. That wouldn't last long.

She pushed her glasses up her nose before slipping a purple lollipop into her mouth, her dark full lips curling into a smile.

"Not forgetting our mission now are we ...?" Came a voice from the shadows.

The woman turned, her blue eyes fixed behind her. "Not at all."

"You know our bargain." The voice said. "Only once you accomplish your task at hand will we let you free."

"Yes, yes. Kill the half angels, and the Son of Sparda." She waved absently. "Then you'll consider my debt paid and set me free. It's simple enough."

A low laugh. "Good, because you know your soul rightfully belongs to us, this is a boon I do not have to offer you."

"You just so generous." The woman purred.

The presence that had been behind her left and the woman sighed. "Better get this over and done with."

She glanced up, waiting for the moon to peek out from behind the clouds, and when they did, she stepped off the building and walked down the wall.