Just a little bit of Keff I wrote in a moment of boredom. I'm still a Klainer at heart though! I wrote this quite a while ago, before Klaine were canon, and completely forgot about it until I went to use word on my blackberry yesterday.

Kurt grinned to himself as he saw a flash of blonde hair disappear around the corner towards the dorm room he shared with said blonde haired boy. Kurt knew the other boy would take his time finding his key in his messy bag, he always did, so he snuck around the corner as quietly as possible and slipped his hands over the blonde's eyes,

"Guess who?"

"Hey gorgeous!" Jeff turned around to face Kurt and pulled him close, briefly pressing his lips to the counter-tenor's before pulling back, a huge smile on his face,

"Hey yourself" Kurt had his key in his hand and lent past Jeff to open the door before pushing the other warbler in and smashing their lips together, kicking the door closed as he did so.

"Miss me did you?" Jeff asked with a smirk as he broke the kiss,

"Just a little" was Kurt's reply.