Corner Store – A Ghost's Memories

Len's point of view this time.

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I watch her enter the store. Her blond, seemingly soft, hair held back by a white ribbon. I feel my heart beat increase.

I wait for her everyday.

I follow her to the candy aisle. I shyly stand there, hoping that she'd notice me.

"Hmmm… What should I pick…?" I hear her mutter. Now's my chance!

"The Moeji chocolate is pretty good." I offer. My voice slightly wavers; I hope she doesn't notice.

"Hm? Oh does it really?" She spins around to face me. Her eyes are a clear and innocent blue.

"Yeah!" I grin widely. Maybe I overdid it though…

"Oh well, I guess I'll get the Moeji chocolate then." She smiles a pretty smile. I couldn't help but smile back.

I listen to her footsteps. Just ten more steps…

"That'll be a dollar then!" I say enthusiastically.

"Oh! You work here?" She asks, surprised.

"Yup!" I grin again. My heart falters for a moment.

"That'll be a dollar for the chocolate miss!" I continue smiling at her. She rummages through her purse.

"… I'm guessing you don't have a dollar?" I laugh a little on the inside.

"I have twenty dollars. Mind breaking it for me?" She asks while smiling.

"Here, just take it. It's on me!" I slide the bar towards her.

"Oh! Thank you…" She pauses. "Len."

"Haha, no problem." We stand there for a few minutes.

"Hi Rin…" I smile sadly. "You're back."

I see her eyes wander upward. I grew conscious of my wig.

"Ah! I see you've spot my roof!" I try joking.

"Huh?" She stares at me with a dumbstruck expression.

"My wig." I explain. She nods, finally understanding.

"Had cancer. Went through chemo. Said my hair would grow back fine, but it came back in patches and clumps. So I decided to shave it all off and get myself a roof." I grin, but my heart falters again.

"That's horrible!" She blurts out. "I'm sorry!"

"Haha, no problem! Most people are." I say, trying to laugh it off.

The silence between us is awkward until I decide to break it.

"So… What's your name?" I ask.

"Oh, my name is…"

"Yeah, of course I remember… How could I ever forget about you…?"

"Rin huh? You have a pretty name…" My cheeks heat up as I compliment her; I notice Rin is blushing too.

"T-thanks." I smile faintly.


"Uhh… My shift ends in a few minutes…" I hesitate. "Wanna hang out?"

"Uh, yeah! That sounds great!" My heartbeat increases tenfold.

"I'm fine. How are you Rin?

"Great! Just let me close up the store…" I say. "Wait for me outside."

Rin nods before heading outside.

"I miss you too Rin. I wish…" I hesitate. "I wish you could see how much I miss you."

Before heading out to meet Rin, I stand in front of one of the store's mirror. I look at my wig and carefully pluck it off my head. I set it down on a table besides the mirror.

I look at my baldhead. No matter how many times I look into the mirror, I can't help but feel so… disappointed.

"Sorry for making you wait!" I gasp.

"It's okay! I didn't wait that long." She laughs a bell-like laugh. I feel my face heat up once more.

"Hey, you're not wearing your… roof." She points out. I shift, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

"Boss makes me wear it. To be honest, it's really uncomfortable. I brought a hat, so don't worry about it." I show her the cap before slipping it on.

"Oh…" She leaves off.

"Haha, yeah…" I laugh nervously.

"So… Where do you want to go…?" I look up at the sky. It's a mix of oranges and yellows.

"…I haven't gotten that far yet… Haha… Hah. Erm, where do you want to go?" I ask, while nervously rubbing the back of my neck.

She's silent. "How about… We go to the park?" She suggests.

"Sure. Sounds great!" I nod eagerly.

"Don't cry Rin… I know you tried your best." I try reaching out for her. I fail to do so.

We've arrived at the park and sit down on one of the, many, benches.

"So… Um…" I start.

"Hm… I…" She begins.

We both look at each other and laugh out loud.

"The weather's pretty nice today, huh?"

"Yeah… it is."

"Hey Rin… Let's hang out tomorrow too."

"Okay." Len you are one lucky bastard.

I watch her hold the two items tightly, as if her life depended on it.

"Hey Rin!" I notice her upset expression. "What's with the long face?"

"Ugh…" She groans. "I failed my math test today."

"Oh. So that's it." I wave it off.

"Oh? What do you mean by that? It was a big math test! And I got such a horrible grade on it!" She complains.

"What did you get?" Must have been a pretty bad grade.

"A B minus. Can you believe it?" I laugh. Was that all?

"Wah? What's so funny?" She huffs angrily.

"Come on Rin! A B minus isn't that bad. You'll survive!" She punches my arm playfully.

"Shut up Len." Oh, owww. I snicker despite her attempts.

"Silly Rin… I don't want you to think about me. Don't you see how much it hurts you?"

An immense pain fills my chest. I feel as if I'm suffocating. The world is blurring, images are colliding, and colors are starting to fade. Memories invade my mind.

"Hey Len! Watch this!" Rin twirls around in her pearl white dress.

"You look beautiful…" I feel shy, as if this were my first time meeting her.

"Come here silly! I want to dance!" I glance at her, surprised.

"But I don't know how to dance!"

"Neither do I! But I'm sure we can manage." She grins widely. I can't help but give in.

Together we dance, quite clumsily, in the moonlight.


"Rin! What's wrong?" I panic as I see tears cascade down her face.

"I-" Sniff. "I-" Sniff. "The heel of my shoe broke!"

"… That's it?" Déjà vu moment much?

"Yes!" She huffs.

"Rin, it's just a shoe…" I try calming her.

"These shoes are from overseas!" She snaps.

I hold my hands up in defense. Note to self: Never underestimate a girl and her pair of shoes.

And another.

"Make a wish Len." Eighteen burning candles illuminate Rin's face.

"Gosh Rin, you didn't really have to get me a cake." I chuckle. She pouts.

"Oh be quiet you." I chuckle again.

"Alright, alright. If it'll make the princess happy, then I shall do it."

"Well hurry up dear knight." I smirk inwardly.

I close my eyes, thinking of the many things I could wish for.

Like, my hair growing back, my teeth to come back, or for my sister who's dead.

But as I open one eye, Rin's smiling face fills my vision. I know my wish.

I wish that Rin would smile forever.

All of these memories… Why am I remembering them now? Maybe… Maybe it's time to say goodbye.

"Hey Rin… I'm really tired… Would you mind if I sleep for a little while?"

"Take as long as you need…" I rest my head on her shoulder. My breathing starts slowing.

"Thank you… for everything…" Thank you for loving me Rin. Thank you for giving me light. I'm really grateful.

"No problem… Len." Soon, my world turns black. But I'm not scared this time.

"Bye Rin… See you tomorrow." I whisper.

From the corner of my eye, I see the cemetery's care keeper. He's a good man.

"Quite a faithful young'un…" He chuckles quietly to himself. I watch him pick up the bouquet and bar of chocolate.

"I'm going to take these and put them somewhere safe." I nod. I trust him.

I look back at my grave.

Len Kagamine

1990 – 2011

"Len! It's time to go home." I laugh softly.

"Coming Lenka." I scoop the little girl up into my arms.

"Hey big brother, I like that girl. Is she coming back tomorrow too?"

"Of course!" She giggles before asking another question.

"Don't you miss her?" She asks curiously.

"Of course." I answer softly.

"Then why don't you ask her to come visit?" I shake my head at her.

"I don't want to see her on this side for a long, long time."

From far away, the cemetery's care keeper tucks the bouquet and chocolate bar away into a special safe. Amongst the many items inside, are two engagement rings.

And that is the end of the Corner Store. Sorry if the second chapter copies a bit of the first chapter. I tried making as many changes as I could without changing the whole thing.

The bolded italics in the italics are flashbacks in flashbacks. Yes, confusing I know… But I hope you get it.

And yes Len still had cancer. It came back even though he went through chemotherapy.

I guess that the message here is that, you can be loved no matter what.