Plotline: What if Fitch didn't kill Stram that afternoon in Canada, however he was unaware of his archnemisis' survival and a year and a half later, with a new family he has let his guard down. However this will prove a mistake when Stram returns to Detroit. Fitch/Sanchez pairing of course.

Inspiration: I read a fan speculation on the ABC website that maybe Stram didn't die, I actually kind of like the idea.

Warning: Violence, maybe some language.

Disclaimer: I don't own Detroit 187, which I believe I have said many times before.

For Louis Fitch, life had been beyond perfect within the past few months especially. That night after he killed Stram, when he'd asked his coworker on a date he'd never imagined how quickly their relationship would go. Within a couple of months, they'd been living together, and within six months of that day they'd been married. Then, as if by miracle, one week after the wedding, she'd took a pregnancy test and it tested positive.

Now their daughter, Ella Marie Fitch, was three months old. Tonight he'd found himself unable to sleep and had ended up in the nursery just watching her.

He didn't hear Ariana's footsteps until she was right behind him.

"I was looking for you." she chuckled, wrapping her arms around his waist from behind.

He turned around to face her, "I was having trouble sleeping again."

She reached up to kiss him quickly, "I think I might have something for that."


Meanwhile, not two blocks away, an old "friend of the family" had set up headquarters.

Albert Stram wasn't too fond of the middle class neighborhood he'd been forced to set up in, but it paid to be close to your target. Especially when the said target was under the impression you were dead and would have his guard down.

He had been shocked to find his old enemy married. It was the same Latina from the diner over a year ago, Stram had noticed. He still had a copy of that photo as a reminder that both Louis Fitch and his bride would be dead, preferrably by Christmas, which left him only two weeks to complete his mission.

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