Ariana awoke to find Louis watching her sleepily. "See, you didn't hurt me." she smiled at him.

He responded with a small smile of his own. He tried to form some sort of compliment, but his thinking was cut off by a crash downstairs.

"Is that what I think it is?" Ariana asked.

Louis however was already out of bed putting on a pair of pants and looking for his pistol. "Stay," he instructed, wanting to keep her out of harm.

"Not going to happen," she grabbed his tee-shirt off of the floor and quickly found her own weapon in the drawer of the bedside table.

"Fine," he didn't have time to argue, he could hear footsteps on the stairs now. Catiously he cracked the door after noting that she was in position.

Stram noticed them, well with the hallway's layout a surprise attack upstairs was pretty much impossible. With a laugh he took in their clothing, "Hope I didn't interrupt a good f*ck."

"Get out of my house." Louis wasn't about to be as calm as he had been last time and the command came out in a almost animal like snarl.

"What, and let you two live? What kind of mobster would that make me. I'm not going to let you shoot me again, and I doubt she's a good shot." Coolly he reached into his pocket for his own weapon not breaking eye contact with his nemisis.

Suddenly a bullet ripped right through his skull, sending him tumbling down the stairs, "I'm an excellent shot." Ariana snapped the safety back on the gun shuddering slightly at the sound of a human body falling down the stairs. Fairly certain that Stram was dead she held back when Louis walked to the stairs to check.

"You okay?" she hadn't noticed him returning to hug her.

"Our family is safe." it wasn't quite an answer to his question, but he understood her completely. "I guess we need to call the Lieutenant."

Short I know, but if a mobster was in your with intent to kill you house how long would you let him live?