Zed's (The main character) point of view

Well here I go again, I went back down to earth, attempted to fight Darkdeath Evilman and of course, get my ass kicked. I know it's all in the same day and all, but it just seems like I've been going at this for way too long. This time was different though not only did I get my ass handed to me "again" but this time I was thrown out of the way by another hero, that Dangerama guy. I can still hear the voices of the people I've let down all this day, and they're saying that I'm no use anymore so why bother cheering for me. So you'd think since I'm such a creature of habit that I'd just go train again in Bizarro earth, right? Not this time, I was way too fed up with this whole hero thing that time! This was the day I was going to do "screw this, I'm no hero!" and walk away, since everyone doesn't want me around anyway, but what I found out was that sometimes what people want isn't what they need.


Once again Zed fought using the new skills he learned in Bizzaro Earth, but once again to no avail. This time a new hero challenged Darkdeath evilman and now the whole world is cheering on that hero, leaving zed, the new unlosing ranger, discarded like trash and felt that way. Somehow, someway, something just snapped in Zed's mind. Something that just said enough, but you already know this. Lets actually see what has happened, shall we?

Zed:*sitting in front of the house Etranger provided for him*…..

Pirohiko:*whispers to Etranger* Wow, he's really taking this one hard huh? I've never seen him like this before.

Etranger:*whispering back* Now's not the time for this though. At this rate, if he doesn't do something, Dangerama will completely steal the spotlight.

Zed: I can hear you, you know…and so what if he steals the spotlight? It's not like I can do any better than him.

Etranger: Huh? W-wait what are you saying?

Zed: I'm saying that if the people of the world want him as their hero then who am I to stop that? Besides, he looks like he knows what he's doing.

Pirohiko: Don't say that, you could still regain everyone's faith. All we'd need to do is train some more and-

Zed: That's just it! That would take too long and the fight would be long over by then any way! It doesn't matter how hard I train here, I'm still useless and I've barely gotten any better from when I started! It's too much of a long shot, it's a lost cause now, it's impossible to make the world's biggest wimp into a real hero. All I'm doing here is playing pretend!

Etranger: Calm down, all you're doing here right now is throwing a tantrum because of the many times you've lost. This is no different than any of the other times so let's go back to training and next time-

Zed: There won't be a next time, because I quit!

Pirohiko: You can't quit, who's going to be the symbol of justice?

Zed: Not me, I never wanted to be a hero anyway. You can take the stupid belt back.

Pirohiko: I can't you need to give it to a successor for someone else to use it!

Zed: Fine, then abracadabra, *points to etranger* she's the new unlosing ranger! *tries to get the belt off but it seems to be stuck* how do I get it off? *keeps trying to pull it off, getting closer and closer to the edge of the platform with each try.*

Pirohiko: Uh Zed, I think you should-

Zed: No, I've made up my mind! I'm not reconsidering!

Pirohiko: But-

Zed: If that Dagerama guy can handle this on his own, then I have no reason to get involved anymore!

Pirohiko: But that's not what I-

Zed: I know you think I could do it, but that would just be running from the truth I realize that now more than ever. I'm sorry okay? *finally gets the belt off, by doing so Zed returns to his normal look* there we go!

Pirohiko: But all I was trying to say was "Zed, don't move! You're right on the edge!"

Zed: What? *realizes how close he is and loses balance* Whoa! *falls over the edge, the belt gets left behind on the platform* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGH!

Pirohiko: Zed!

*Zed falls into Bizarro earth and disappears from sight*