Zed: *continuing to walk through the tropical island's surroundings* Okay don't panic, don't panic. I'm just lost in another Bizzarro earth location…..probably crawling with monsters and villains…with out my power belt….okay maybe I should panic…..*shadowy figures watch zed from the bushes* maybe if Pirohiko and Etranger find me and I ask nicely they'll bring me back home or something. *He suddenly feels a sharp sting in the back of his neck.* ow…..*pulls a dart that was in his neck* whoa….I feel….reeeeaaaaally goooooood….*out cold*

~sometime later (after many weird hallucinations) ~

Zed….oh….man…..now that was trippy…..especially that green gopher giraffe thing….and the giant baby head….wait where am I now?*looks around to see he's now in some kind of hut*

?: Ah you're finally awake. *an old looking seal-like monster walks through the door way*

Zed: monster! Got to morph to- *realizes he still doesn't have the belt* oh right…..

?: No need to be alarmed I will not harm you young one. Where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself I am Shin. Welcome to my humble paradise, or as we call it the Utopia.

Zed: Utopia?

Shin: Yes, the Utopia is a place where everyone can be happy. There is no violence, no war, and no worries. Here everyone can relax and enjoy their lives in this tropical heaven.

Zed: That…..that sounds kind of too good to be true.

Shin: But it is you see come look *shows zed all the happy citizens of the Utopia*

Zed: So they just relax all day? Not a care in the world?

Shin: Exactly. They don't even have to work all their desires are free and go directly to them too. Because of that we have no currency since it isn't needed and because of that no crime.

Zed: I don't know if that makes complete sense the way you said it. But it looks like it works though.

Shin: You know I can tell you've been under a lot of mental stress recently. Maybe you could stay here.

Zed: You mean live here, forever?

Shin: if you wish. If not I could teleport you back to where ever you want me to send you.

Zed: hmmmm…..*takes another look at the utopia.* Maybe I'll stay for a bit.

Shin: Splendid, I'll go get a room for you set up. In the meantime enjoy yourself. *leaves, and goes into the supply closet*

?: How's it going Shin?

Shin: He bought it Narako he's going to stay with us.

Narako: Then the plan can go forward?

Shin: Indeed.

Narako: And if the hero gets in the way.

Shin: Then you know what to do.

Narako: I was hoping you'd say that.


Pirohiko: Zed! Zed, are you there?

Etranger: You better come out of whatever rock you're hiding right now!

Pirohiko: Don't say it like that or he'll never come back. Zed!

*the two continue to search the tropics to find zed*

Well things are starting to heat up :D It might be a while though before I can upload more. Well happy summer everyone.